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Ann Curry

Hard Feelings

Toward Matt

6/28/2012 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Ann Curry said when she said her goodbyes on "Today" ... she wears her heart on her sleeve, so she made it pretty clear there's no love lost between her and Matt Lauer.

TMZ broke the story ... when Matt renegotiated his contract recently with NBC ... he made it clear he did not want Ann as his co-anchor.

So watch the video as Matt says the obligatory nice things about Ann at the end of today's show -- she does everything she can to not look at him. Compare that to her reaction to Al Roker and Natalie Morales, both of whom she looks squarely in the eye with affection.

And then Matt goes in for the kiss and Ann refuses to turn toward him. She embraces Al -- her good friend -- and Natalie, whom she calls a sister.

No doubt Ann has hard feelings, especially since NBC strung this out for months, making her a joke.

And, by the way, it was also telling that NBC didn't have Ann pass the torch to Savannah Guthrie, who was sitting off camera. 

The folks at GMA have gotta be loving this.


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Why is everyone so mad with Matt, he didn't make the decision to get rid of Ann. Ann Curry was never anchor material! She did not have the confidence nor was she commanding like Matt, Al, Meredith or Katie Couric. She had terrible TV habits like pulling her hair behind her ear while interviewing and she was a weak interviewer! I immediately became disappointed when they announced that she would be the new anchor and knew it was because of her exotic and attractive looks! Who wants a timid and average anchor? Give that job to someone who is deserving and have been working hard to get to the next level. This has nothing to do with Matt. He does a fantastic job and arrogance is sometimes a great quality....maybe Ann should have been a little more arrogant! Walk with your timid ten million and cry all the way to the bank! Sue

821 days ago


My parents has watched NBC for he past 40 years, now views channel 7. Everyone in the family has changed because of how Anne was treated.

821 days ago

my feeling    

she was to pushy and we need some one warm and freandly to make you have the feeling the show is good.but she made me chance to watch channel 5 sorry but that feeling i used to have was gone

820 days ago


The show was fine with Ann, it's Matt Lauer that needs to leave.

820 days ago


Very disappointed with NBC and shocked that even though it is apparent that Savannah Guthrie has a guardian angel inside NBC she is by far not close to the best choice to replace Ann Curry. She talks like she has bubble gum in her mouth and just doesn't have the WOW factor. Shameful how they did Ann Curry a loyal outstanding journalist. I as well as members of my family will not be watching Today any longer no matter who they have on the show. Good Luck CBS This Morning and Good Morning America. Maryland 210

820 days ago

Isabel Piazza    

Dear Ann,

I will miss you dearly. You have done a great job and you were the reason I would watch. One door closes but another will open. Good Luck!

819 days ago


Matt LIAR Lauer should be ashamed of himself - he and he entire Today Show team revealed their calous nature by not having a proper send off for Ann Curry. Ms. Curry deserved far more than that from NBC.

There are multiple morning show options, from now on, the Today show will not be watched in our home. And we will be watching the Olympics online as active boycott against NBC. Shame on all of you!

818 days ago

Jean Harvell    

I will not ever watch Matt Lauer again. Where was Ann @ the Olympics. She and Al Roper made that show watchable.

807 days ago

Caroline Dudley    

Ann, just be thankful that you won't have to sit next to Matt anymore! Matt should have been replaced years ago, what happened to him, he looks horrendous, scrawny body, no hair, and where was his socks in London! He absolutely didn't pull that look off! The best is yet to come for you Ann, and, 14 years of watching the Today show is over for me, hello GMA!

805 days ago


I really like Ann Curry. I prefer watching George and Robin in the morning.

799 days ago

ma parsley    

matt is na jerk. he has cheated on his wife with other co/hosts. ann wouldn,t stoop to his level so he had her thrown off the show. he is not worth 25 mil. he is a sorry ass dick. no longer watch today. hope your ratings drop. can,t believe you let matt dicate what is to be done. bad move . hate matt, he thinks he is better than anyone else. sorry he should try living like us real people. will natalie & savannah stoop to his screwing around

798 days ago


I don't watch Today anymore. I find GMA much better. But I still want to know what's happening to that program and happily receive news that it's continuously fading away.... I hope GMA finds a way to get Ann Curry and just let Today vanish in thin air...

798 days ago


Why is Matt even kissing her in the first place?! Creepy... what a jerk. The man is in love with himself!

796 days ago


when Ann left ,i left nbc i'm with abc she had the intelligents,matt the womma be best to you ,b/c theres something better out there for you

When Ann left, i left nbc and won't be going back,she had just got promoted and they turn and do something under hand like that,maybe he wanted a blonde ,and Matt what goes around comes around.Ann you are the best in my book ,i looked forward to seeing you in the morning to help wake me up.they didn;t deserve you but theres something better out there for you ,the best to you maybe i'll see you in another venue.

793 days ago


M. Lauer is an ass. I will not watch "his" egomaniac show again. No class. I liked Ann but the way Matt Lauer supported Savannah (the gal that looks like a complete mess and cannot interview), and had no compassion for Ann's situation. KARMA is what I believe in...yep, KARMA you outdated dribble of a human. Wow, I hope Natalie Morales gets Matt Lauer's job. At least she has credibility. Matt sucks

791 days ago
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