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Ann Curry

Hard Feelings

Toward Matt

6/28/2012 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Ann Curry said when she said her goodbyes on "Today" ... she wears her heart on her sleeve, so she made it pretty clear there's no love lost between her and Matt Lauer.

TMZ broke the story ... when Matt renegotiated his contract recently with NBC ... he made it clear he did not want Ann as his co-anchor.

So watch the video as Matt says the obligatory nice things about Ann at the end of today's show -- she does everything she can to not look at him. Compare that to her reaction to Al Roker and Natalie Morales, both of whom she looks squarely in the eye with affection.

And then Matt goes in for the kiss and Ann refuses to turn toward him. She embraces Al -- her good friend -- and Natalie, whom she calls a sister.

No doubt Ann has hard feelings, especially since NBC strung this out for months, making her a joke.

And, by the way, it was also telling that NBC didn't have Ann pass the torch to Savannah Guthrie, who was sitting off camera. 

The folks at GMA have gotta be loving this.


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794 days ago

Hawaiian cutie    

The last laugh will be on NBC. Ann stick to your guns and demand your $20M as you limp to the bank. Don't let these big networks take advantage of you without making them pay for it. Don't forget to apply for your unemployment.

794 days ago


MATT IS AN OVERPAID RAT!!!!! The Today Show SUCKS with or without Ann. Typical NBC producers. They are blaming a woman and rewarding a man for failure that is the entire casts and the choices of subjects and guests on the show by the network.

794 days ago


This was a business decision made by NBC. The people who made it had a reason for doing so. That's what they're paid to do. That's called: “Managing a business.” Ms. Curry had a great run, and made a lot of money. More money than most people could ever imagine making in a lifetime. And she still has a job at NBC. And will still make a whole lot of money. Good for her! Good for NBC! This is not a government decision. This is called free enterprise in United States of America. And thank God for that!

794 days ago


I agree that Matt Lauer has really big ego. I would not be surprised that, say in 16 months, he is forced out of his contract with NBC because people behind the scenes hate him, the shows suffers, and that causes a ratings drop. Or, NBC will realize they let the wrong person go.

794 days ago


He has a big ego but she is boring

794 days ago


Ann was with the Today show for years, and they get rid of her after rumors have been floating around for months. Classy work, NBC. I never knew Matt Lauer was such an ass until recently. Ann can continue to hold her head high, which is something that fool Matt doesn't seem to care about.

794 days ago


Matt is the problem. He and Natalie have been having a fling on the side. Matt thinks he's a gift to the world.

794 days ago


They fired the wrong newscaster. GMA's cast is easier to watch because of their camaraderie. How much power does Matt Lauer have over the studio heads?

794 days ago


I've watched the Today Show for decades, but no more. The execs at NBC are thoughtless pricks and Matt Lauer is boring anyway

794 days ago


The TODAY group seems very stiff and uncomfortable with each other on camera-especially when they are outside. Their set is boring and so are both Matt Lauer and Al Roker. They all appear that they are doing us a favor by being on tv.

794 days ago


It was obvious from the beginning that Matt hated working with Ann. He was hardly there with Ann or when he was Ann was "on assignment". Never seen so many weekend ppl filling in during weekday just to please Matt. Good Luck Ann. You're free!

794 days ago


i cant stand matt they should get rid of him i dint watch him at all because he isnt any good he has no personality he sits there with his legs crossed gets paid for nothing you people get rid of ann she has more personality in her big toe then matt does now keep ann on and get rid of matt the jerk

794 days ago


'good riddance', i say!
she was an annoying interviewer, always cutting people off from answering HER questions! always had that fake concerned look on her face. And no, Lauer is not worth the bucks NBC paid this guy - no one is!
But Good Riddance!

794 days ago


Ann isnt the problem on the Today show anyway. I cant stand Matt Laurer! Been watching GMA and CBS for some time now.

I really like the dynamics with the hosts on GMA and I love Charlie Rose on CBS. Depending on my mood in the morning CBS and ABC have all the Bases covered.

794 days ago
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