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Celine Dion

Sued for Screwing

Employees Out of Overtime

6/28/2012 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0627_celine_dion_reneCeline Dion and her husband are a couple o' tight wads when it comes to compensating employees at their massive Florida compound ... according to a new federal lawsuit filed by their ex-handyman.

TMZ obtained a copy of the suit filed by Keith Sturtevant Wednesday -- and in it he claims he was hired in March 2009 as a "warehouse manager" ... but says he also regularly worked at Celine and Rene Angelil's giant home in Hobe Sound, Florida.

According to the suit, Sturtevant fixed ice makers, cleaned house shutters, built stages, and ran miscellaneous errands for Celine and Rene -- and although he had a "manager" title ... Sturtevant claims he "did not have the power to hire or fire employees."

The suit alleges Celine and Rene "improperly and illegally designated [Sturtevant] as an exempt employee" -- allowing them to avoid paying the overtime ... which Sturtevant claims he's owed since he regularly worked more than 40 hours per week.

Sturtevant's suit claims Celine and Rene improperly slapped the "exempt employee" label on several other employees too. He's suing for all his back overtime wages.

We've reached out to Celine's reps for comment, but so far ... no reply.


Celine Dion

Disgruntled Ex-Employee

Turned Down $10k Severance


Celine Dion
says the ex-employee who's suing her got more than enough cash to cover his alleged overtime -- and she says he turned down a $10,000 payout when he was fired.

TMZ broke the story, Keith Sturtevant -- a former "warehouse manager" for Celine and her husband -- filed a federal lawsuit ... claiming he was never paid overtime even though he regularly worked more than 40 hours per week during his 3 plus years of service.

But a rep for Celine tells TMZ, Sturtevant was "paid a handsome yearly salary that covered overtime for his services for three years."

In his lawsuit, Sturtevant says he originally made about $50,000 per year -- but eventually got a raise to $63,000 per year.

The rep also claims Sturtevant turned down a very handsome severance package -- vacation pay plus $10k -- when he was fired last month.

We're told Sturtevant got the boot due to poor performance.

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The Bootyful Bikini Bottom

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No Avatar


all her money and she has to cheat people

794 days ago


it just amazes me how people will do anything for money. Celine and Renee are the nicest people you could ever meet AND are very generous people. have a friend who is a air line stewardess for them when they rent a private jet and they tip every employee 300.00 each, every time. said they are really nice people.

794 days ago


really, with all their money to be such tight wads! so disappointed. really thought that when you get you give in life and God knows they have been blessed with many rewards in life.

794 days ago


wow I am shocked being that she was poor when she started.... Hope this is not true.... It would be very disappointing

794 days ago


I always knew her skeletons would slime out of her gold encrusted closet sooner or lata! This smells reminiscent of Imelda Marcos & her millions & the cruel treatment of her employees. How do you think they stay SOOO RICH??!! "Grey Poupon??! But, of Course!!!"

794 days ago

Mark P    

Is that not what Leona Helmesly Said in a word of sorts ?! Only the Little People pay taxes ,and Rene and Celine Recently put the Huge Mega Mansion for sale that is on an Island Near Quebec?I have head they are Very Hospitable and Polite but are Very Very Cheap in many other ways so Cheap they Squeeze that Buffalo Nickle so Hard so that the Buffalo ****s??!! EnglishFrenchItalianGermanPortugueseSpanish--------------ArabicCatalanCastilianCzechChinese (s)Chinese (t)DanishGreekHebrewHindiHungarianPersianJapaneseKoreanDutchNorwegianPolishRomanianRussianSwedishTurkishThaiUkrainianUrdu To: EnglishFrenchItalianGermanPortugueseSpanish--------------ArabicCatalanCastilianCzechChinese (s)Chinese (t)DanishGreekHebrewHindiHungarianPersianJapaneseKoreanDutchNorwegianPolishRomanianRussianSwedishTurkishThaiUkrainianUrdu
TranslateHuman TranslationN'est-ce pas ce que Leona Helmesly dit en un mot des sortes ?! Seules les petites gens paient des impôts ,et René et Céline ont récemment mis l'énorme Mega Mansion pour la vente c'est sur une île près de Québec? J'ai tête, ils sont très accueillants et courtois, mais sont vraiment très bon marché dans de nombreuses autres façons pour pas cher ils Squeeze que Buffalo Nickle pour que les Buffalo chie??!!

794 days ago


She should move back to Canada. I threw her records out long ago. Too snooty, said American's were stupid.

794 days ago

Steve A    

If you really want to make punish them and make them suffer,send them back to Canada!

794 days ago



794 days ago


Celine and her hubby are Satan worshipers so, this doesn't surprise me a bit. I was a great fan of Celine until I found out she worships Satan. I destroyed all her CD's that I owned.

794 days ago


Jessica Biel looks terrific in her bikini -- until you see her from the back. She has a flabby backside.

793 days ago


There is more to this story than is written above. According to other employees Celine and her husband are very, very generous and a pleasure to work with. It sounds as if someone lost their job for poor performance and now they are seeking a large sum of money and their 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately, the other side of the story will not be as interesting to many readers so TMZ will likely not seek it out. But as we all know, there are two sides to every story and there is something fishy smelling about this guys claims.

793 days ago


I don't know about the rest of you, but I could certainly be QUITE content w/ $63.000 year!!!!! I had to raise 2 kids on 15.000 and WE survived! I think HE is the one who is greedy!!!!!!!!!!

793 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Canadians are known to be cheap!

793 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Do you know the difference between Canoes and Canadians?...Canoes tip!

793 days ago
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