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'Pick the Immigrant' Game

Cameron Diaz Doesn't

Make the Cut

6/28/2012 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sorry Cameron Diaz ... you're NOT the next contestant in Rep. Luis Gutierrez's hot new game show, "Pick the Immigrant."

The Congressman was out in D.C. moments ago ... when we tried to get him to play a bonus round of the game he brought to the House floor yesterday ... you know, where he shows you two people and you try to guess which one is a foreigner. It's modeled after Arizona's controversial "Show Me Your Papers" law.

Gutierrez featured Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in Round 1 yesterday ... in an effort to prove you can't judge U.S. citizenship based on physical appearance.

But when Gutierrez was asked to "Pick the Immigrant" between Cameron Diaz and Drake ... he refused to play ... warning, "It's a very dangerous game."

He added, "This is why you should never try ... because Americans look and sound [different], are tall, are short, are every color and every ethnic group. Don't try to judge people."

Game over?


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It's obvious that the very IDEA of borders is racist. We are all Citizens of the World. Burn your passports. Pay your taxes to the U.N. The United States must be disbanded as a so called "Sovereign Country" since it's evil to continue as is. Oh, and could you drop me and Cheryl at the mall?

843 days ago


Well let's see now. I'm from Arizona. Gutierrez is from Chicago. I don't know that Chicago has a lot of illegals crossing their borders on a daily basis. Screw you Congressman. You have no clue.

843 days ago


5 reasons why... you're wrong
#1: Nothing against United State citizens, (bc America is a continent, not a country) But there are a large group of you who might have to be the biggest hypocrites on this earth. The one group who "complains" about illegal immigrants invading their country is the one group who has no problem sending their troops for oil (terrorism, please) to invade other nations, and suck up their resources. (Reason why the United States is poor, not because of immigration)
#2 if you for once think that an illegal immigrant can go to college for free, work better jobs than you and live of your taxes, you are very WRONG. No illegal immigrant can apply for scholarships without a green card. No illegal immigrant can collect welfare without a citizenship. Do your research.
#3 unless your last name is Apache or Chippewa you better move your immigrant butt back to your country of origin. Just because your generation decided to put a stop hundreds of years of traditions it doesn't make you a real "American"
#4 It isn't news that just now a state is deciding to arrest a criminal, check their immigration status and deport them if they are illegal... this has been enforced for many years. What is new and racist is that based on your appearance they can ask you for papers even if you are only speeding over 5 mph. I guarantee you did just that on your way to work this morning, so remember you are not any better.
#5 This Country would fall apart without immigrants. This country became this country thanks to immigrants. So thank your ancestors for taking the risk of a lifetime to move here to provide a better life for YOUR family and get you to where you are today and make you a citizen!

843 days ago



843 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

If you think thinly veiled racism and random harassment of Latinos is going to help with the immigration problem in any way, you're in for a rude awakening. Now get your dirty feet of the natives' property, you Euro-punks!

843 days ago


and these are the people we elect to uphold the law, f*ck you Luis Gutierrez

843 days ago


The TMZ guy was simply doing what the Congressman did with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, but in a joking manner and prob to see if he would give in and "play along". But the Congressman stood his ground and restated his point. We are all from some kind of different backgrounds, therefore racial profiling can be tricky. Anyone who didn't know any of those celebs wouldve prob said Drake and Justin are Americans and Selena and Cameron are immigrants bc of looks, their names, etc. But thats the point. That would be totally false bc Drake and Justin are Canadians. Congressmans point made. Its all in fun guys. And this is a site that pokes fun at all topics. Even touchy ones. Insert humor---

843 days ago


I am from the 'burbs of Chicago...this man is a pain in the arse who clearly doesn't know the difference between ILLEGAL and LEGAL

843 days ago


People enter this country legally all the time...every ****ing body else can too

843 days ago


ALL immigrants should come to the US the proper way!!!!!SEND all illegals back and have them go through the PROCESS LEGALLY!!!!

843 days ago
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