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Alec Baldwin


on Another Photog

6/29/2012 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

062912_alec_baldwin_splash_launchAlec Baldwin
got physical with ANOTHER photog in New York City moments ago ... verbally blasting the guy in the middle of the street, squeezing his arm and ordering him to scram.

It's unclear what touched off the aggressive confrontation ... but we do know the paps have been following Alec all over the place since the infamous shoving incident at the court house last week.

It seems Alec finally had enough ...  

This time, Alec -- clutching a pink stuffed animal -- approached one of the photogs who was hanging out in front of his apartment building and lashed out, "I want you to shut the f**k up ... leave my neighbor alone ... get outta here."

At one point, at the beginning of the confrontation, It sounds like Alec says to the photog, "I know you got raped by a priest or something."

Then, in an effort to assert his dominance, Alec got right in the pap's face ... and in a menacing tone said, "You little girl."

The pap tried to explain himself, but Alec wasn't having it ... and walked back into his building.

Even though he might have been baited, the confrontation may not have been the smartest move for Alec ... since the NYPD is still investigating the actor for assault over the court incident.

8:39 AM PT -- A source connected with Alec Baldwin tells TMZ ... the photog had confrontations with other residents in the building before the incident with Alec.

The source also says ... when one resident asked the photog to stop "harassing everyone," the photog told the person, "f**k you."


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These photogs are raging aholes. They have no business harassing and cursing at people that live in the same bldg as Baldwin. They are not celebrities, but private citizens.

810 days ago


"... It sounds like Alec says to the photog, "I know you got raped by a priest or something..."

'Tolerant', liberal Alec Baldwin attempted to shame and degrade an adversary by accusing him of being a molestation/rape victim. Projection? Where are feminists' and victim advocates' cries of horror about such conduct and about his sick, twisted attitudes that fuel it?

TMZ, DO NOT make excuses for Baldwin. Enabler. No one forced fame and all of its accompanying rewards and privileges upon him. By doing so, you enable a serial abuser, who clearly is deeply disturbed and in dire need of intensive intervention, or at very least, much closer discerning management and evaluation by law enforcement. Perhaps you won't acknowledge that until he attacks a member of your organization.

810 days ago

There's a problem here    

I noticed something in this video. The NY paps speak good old American English whereas the paps in Hollywood speak Mexican English. Why is that?

810 days ago


I agree with the photog...f**K you Alec. He is such a bully! He needs a battery charge for touching the guy to teach him a lesson. I think he has small weiner syndrome.

810 days ago

Lady Ga Ga    


810 days ago


he hardly attacked him & this time baldwin has a good point. "leave my neighbor alone". i'm no fan of his behavior but from me on this one, he gets a pass

810 days ago


Celebs need to hire a security "subcontractor" who then hires goons from Eastern Europe origin (NYC, LA are chock-full of such Cossak and Caucus trash) who all have 5 different aliases w/ fake ID's - Thus, creating a legal firewall when they crack some photog heads open...Dudes get arrested under an alias and they are no liability to the celeb.

810 days ago


If only Alec would explode. Then it would be over. Octo-turd too.

810 days ago


So how much did TMZ pay for this video?

Then Harvey acts as if he's doing nothing to instigate this stuff. Baldwin goes after the Paps but not those who buy their pics and videos. Baldwin should take on Harvey the next time he is in NYC. I'd like to see that confrontation.

810 days ago


as much as I like Alec Baldwin, at this point this dude really needs to go live on an island by himself. You live in NYC...what do you expect?

810 days ago


how come its ALWAYS somebody smaller then him

810 days ago


"You're breaking my arm" ROFL

I guess it's true..every paparazzi is a huge poossy.

810 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Alec if you're reading this, you ever cross my path it'll be the worst day of your freaking life buddy.

810 days ago


Seriously, this guy should be locked up or medicated! He is a danger to society.

810 days ago


Are these photographer real , Why don't you mace this porn stroking drunk, A wipe his ass already. i would be happy to.

810 days ago
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