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Kanye & Kim Kardashian

The Couple that Lasers

Together, Stays Together!

6/29/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez


Kanye West
and Kim Kardashian are one smooth couple ... so smooth that they even went to a laser hair removal clinic together.

With Kim in the drivers seat of a Rolls, the slick power couple showed up to zap some pesky hairs away at a L.A. area clinic on Thursday.

Their love goes from Nair to eternity.


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Kanye is SO UGLY I can't understand how Kim can look at him. At least Kris was kind of cute.

849 days ago


Tombstones in their eyes, Both will crash and burn as they got nothing to offer "Rap ain't nothing" unless your a poor blacks, and those are who are paying there bills.

849 days ago


This was such an interesting story! I am so glad TMZ informed us that Kanye and Kim get laser hair removal. Can you tell us the next time they go to the bathroom? Seriously TMZ? Can your story lines be anymore boring then this?!?!

849 days ago


EWWWWW hoodie really? pants down to his knees? ewwww....Well there must be SOMETHING he has that KK likes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he makes all that money and this is how he gets dressed.......Oh GAWD......YUK

849 days ago


Another Kardashian non story. These people are so overexposed and hopefully, as A result,will soon fade away.

849 days ago


They look like a Yin and Yang symbol.....[collective "ahh"]

849 days ago


Damn she's so fake! She doesnt even look like she did when she started her fame whoring. She looks more and more asian. Can they put anymore fillers in her face?

849 days ago

Who Knew    

what's more out of proportion his cheeks or her wide lumpy ass.

849 days ago


Kim is f'n hot! I'd hit it.

TMZ, I'd like to get a notification for every reply to my comments. Implement the change in the system. Morons on this site make ignorant comments and have no idea that people hate them. Do it.

849 days ago

It's Dave    

Laser hair removal, Kanye? Yeah, that is really gangster.

849 days ago

No comment    

Ahhhh, she had to have one of his pubs plucked out of her arse.

He looks dumb and she looks vacant.

849 days ago


he looks so much like a chipmunk, and that is not a compliment...who would advertise how naturally hair they are by going out together to get de-fuzzed, stupid, Kim is looking faker by the day, and why on earth does KMZ thing this S**t is newsworthy, what's next a story on their bowel movements, KMZ STOP!!!!

849 days ago

charlei harper    

I can't believe that I am about ready to say this but here goes...I'D RATHER SEE STORIES ABOUT OCTOMOM THAN THESE TWO OR ANY OF THE KARDASHIANS...God help us all

849 days ago


That's it. I'm done with TMZ. Told myself that the next Kartrashian story on this site would be the last for me. Guess I'll stick with, thesuperficial and dlisted - sites that don't have Kardashian crap all over their noses from kissing their pathetic a%ses

849 days ago


Yeah, when she's not dreaming up some way to scam her husband, here she is.

849 days ago
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