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Katie Holmes

Has East Coast Advantage

In Custody War with Tom

6/29/2012 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes had a VERY good reason for filing for divorce from Tom Cruise in New York ... because unlike California ... NY is a state that doesn't like giving waring parents joint power to make decisions for their kid.

As TMZ first reported, Katie filed the papers in New York ... and we know she's gunning for sole legal custody of 6-year-old Suri primarily because she doesn't want Tom to drag their daughter into the Church of Scientology.

Despite the fact Tom and Katie filed their marriage certificate in California, Katie went all the way to the East Coast to file the divorce docs because she knows she has a MUCH better chance of getting sole legal custody there ...  New York family law judges typically don't like giving two parents who don't get along the power to make child-rearing decisions because they believe the kids will suffer from endless conflicts.

But ... our sources say Tom may mount a fight to bring the case to California ... which favors joint legal custody.

Stay tuned.


No Avatar


Irreconcilable differences aka tired of being his beard! Now if Travolta can just get rid of his beard, he and Tommy boy would be free to be together and practice their Scientology to the "Galactic Confederacy" and back!

813 days ago


Dear TMZ,
Tom and Katie are not "waring". They are warring. Waring is a blender.

813 days ago


Tom should fold and let Katie & Suri go,Katie is pissed off and serious about this She will spill and he does not want that.He has been running from the truth for so long-he probably thinks hes straight!!

813 days ago

girl unimpressed    

maybe they'll be able to make the case that scientology is a cult, and that no child should grow up in one. there's mountains of proof that it's a cult, so here's hoping the courts of NYC take that into consideration. too bad she couldn't have filed for divorce in France where it's officially considered a cult and has basically been banned.

813 days ago


1-If this is not something they both planned then Katie and her father are in for a rude awakening when it comes to have extensively connected that cult is

2-If this is Katie and parents planning her escape, they must have been at it for months on end. Collecting evidence and setting him up so they can mount a war against the church

3-In this case Katie must know how horrible he was with custody of the older two so planned well

4- In order for her to get away she must have been deprogrammed wonder why we never saw pictures of her and any of her family in the last few years...the Holmes were probably planning secret meeting with a deprogrammer

5-The only way she will get away with this is if she has serious dirt, but Scientology will go through her family ,her life..any thing she ever did will be front page news...

6-Nicole kidman did not WALK AWAY..katie knows this quite well since she was all part of the process to alienate Nicoles Children from her

7-She has a lifetime of a war by getting anywhere close to this man

8-Does she really think she can plead the "i hate scientology crap' now..she had a ball with it..enjoy it all the way up your anus biatch..till ODESSACASTLE do us part...

9-Are they even married..they fakes a birth certificate for that crazy spawn and no one ever saw the certificate of marriage

813 days ago

BB not bb    

I guess this is what happens when you marry someone outside of your religion. You end up in a fight over what happens to the kids. Scientology demands alot from people. It is pretty much a cult where you have to do what the leaders tell you or be kicked out.

812 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

This is great news.

812 days ago

el polacko    

i thought that the 'defense of marriage' act prevented gay marriages from one state being recognized in another state....?

812 days ago


WOW. What's really weird was came upon a post from 2007 mind you that said Cruise has a boyfriend in Chicago & was afraid it was going to be revealed & so got Katie in a contract that was for 5 years! That is pretty freakin Nostradamus! Seriously, I do believe it and do believe her contract was up just like Nicole's was after 10 years. Blindsided by booty.

812 days ago


NY also awards child support to age 21, is incredibly pro-mom, and would have no problem giving her sole legal with incredibly limited visitation for Tom. Jackpot state for female custodial parents.

812 days ago

voting rocks    

The 5-year contract was up. All his wives and girlfriends are beards. Just ask Penelope Cruz....

812 days ago


Sorry, having had said that, I'm glad she is leaving Tom! He always struck me as a creepy little man. I just hope for the child's sake it's not going to be ugly...but I know it will be.

812 days ago


"Waring parents"?? Idiocracy in full effect @ TMZ obviously.

812 days ago


He sucked the life outta her already. MTO was on this first:

812 days ago


So... the new "I swear I'm not gay" woman should arrive on scene in about 4-6 months. I guess Katie's contract to hide his lust for men ran out.

812 days ago
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