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Tom & Katie

Holding Hands in Iceland


6/29/2012 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0629_tom_cruise_katie_holmes_splashTom Cruise really had NO CLUE Katie Holmes planned to file for divorce -- at least judging by this photo, showing what appears to be a blissfully ignorant Tom clinging to his soon-to-be ex-wife ... just two weeks ago.

The photo was snapped on June 16th in a city called Reykjavik -- where Tom's been filming his new movie -- and by the looks of it, Tom wasn't suspecting a thing as far as divorce was concerned ... walking around hand-in-hand with Katie.

And Katie didn't let on either.

The pic is even more proof Tom was "blindsided" by the divorce papers.

TMZ broke the story ... Katie filed divorce docs against Tom in New York yesterday, citing "irreconcilable differences."

The primary difference ... Scientology.


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Nice hairline Katy...Yikes. What was it like honey living a sham marriage to a gay man for 5 years who believed that aliens created the universe? You are as sad a sack of shyte as cruise. Lost people.

785 days ago


Good for her. Maybe now she'll actually smile again. Her face has gotten progressively unhappier over the past few years.

785 days ago


Katie, just because Tom is stuck in the 80's, doesn't mean you need to be, time to stop dressing from the 80's. Fire your fashion designer and get a new one and go shopping for fab and glam, stop with the Mom jean stuff, the 80's clothes, makes you look frumpy and older then you really are.

785 days ago


Still waiting for pics of Tom and John holding hams.

785 days ago


Of course they are holding hands: there is a camera

785 days ago


shocking! maybe she found a younger TC..

785 days ago


She's holding his hand, but she looks miserable as hell.

785 days ago


TWELVE...that's 12 fk'n stories about Tom Cruise and Katie on the front page.


785 days ago


SHE HAD to be sneaky about it because Scientology is so rediculously adamant about retaining it's members especially ones related to its highest profile members. If she had let on, this would have caused David Miscavidge and the Office of Special affairs goons (Kendrick Moxon) to spring in to action and squash it. Someone was wise to instruct her to act in a very covert "mission impossible" type way. Now, the papers are filed and Tom can't get the toothpaste back in the tube. If she ever chooses to speak out, it will be absolutely EPIC and very damaging to cult management who pull so many of the strings. Smart girl!

785 days ago


Uhh how is this proof that he was blindsided? Its more like, oh theres a camera, lets hold hands so no one knows were ending our marriage.

785 days ago


This is sad, because there is a child involved. I think Katie is a big draft if she did not know his involvement and the depth of his commitment to Scientology. How did she miss that? She knew this, and if she thought he would not involved their child in his religion, I am not sure how she missed that either. I do not believe for a second he is gay, that has never been proven, he had relationships and even affairs with the likes of Cher and other people, who have stated he was not gay, and I cannot imagine Nicole Kidman staying married to him if he had been gay. Kidman was blind-sided by Cruise for a divorce, she did not see it coming, so this swings both ways. I guess she just wanted out, and decided to make an escape and take the money and run. Rather stupid of her to commit to something with this many problems to begin with. The one who really suffers is Suri, who obviously loves her Dad.,

785 days ago


Now that they are divorcing is Tom Tom going to jump up and down on Oprah's big comfy stomach?

785 days ago


Tom's prenup with Katie:
- For every 3 years Katie is married to Tom...he gives her $3,000,000 per after divorce
- Up to 11 years, $33,000,000
- If they make it past 11 years, that prenup ends...and Tom gives her HALF OF HIS ENTIRE FORTUNE to her
Pretty lame for people to try and Tom look like the bad guy and Katie the good person :D
The man set up a prenup for Katie to take care of her the *rest of her life*, even up to half of everything he owns.
He didn't love her, you say?
He only married her to hide that he was gay, you say?
Yes because gay men who only get married to hide their gayness...go around agreeing to give the women $33,000,000 or *half of their entire fortune* upon divorce...right? :D
That's not even all of it..she gets houses too, along with other provisions.
Her thank you to Tom? She's trying to take his kid away from him.
Selfish. Cruel. Controlling..

785 days ago


So Tom is blindsided - you mean like Nicole Kidman was when he filed for divorce from her - I bet she is laughing her ass off.

785 days ago


This s*** bag, Toms best friend and leader of the cult, is the reason for the failure of the marriage. David Miscavidge. Oh hai OSA!

785 days ago
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