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Chris Brown

Drops Diss Song

about Drake

6/30/2012 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown
has taken his beef with Drake out of the nightclub and put it where it belongs ... on record ... by dropping a new verse that rips his hip-hop adversary. 

The new song -- a remix track called "Game Don't Like" -- was released today on CB has a verse on the song, which mentions "throwin' bottles" but then takes a shot at Drake. Brown raps:

One on one, what you scared bruh?
Huh, matter of fact, "Take Care" bruh.
You're a pu**y ni**a.

"Take Care," for the uninitiated, is the name of Drake's most recent album.

Drake ... your move.


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Paul B    

U betch he gonna drop da song dissin my mutha fucckin boy! Ur times come CB. Next time u at Meat Packing district ur goin down..

662 days ago


How old is he? both of them are childish and Rhianna too!

662 days ago

Paul B    

Hey MIKE "TIN FOIL" TYSON... I challenge you to a 3 x 3 minute rounds in any gym in NYC. ARE YOU MAN enough to take me on? You'd be so scared you'd get you wife to front up for you...your a has been BUM!!

662 days ago


You kids know NOTHING about the Pac/Biggie Feud if this is of any comparison... It isn't the same, and unless someone catches bullets from an ordered gang hit, it will not ever be close to the same...

662 days ago


Drake is smooth and fly as he**, and Chris is a pu*k a$$ ni**a bi**h. Sorry, but true.

662 days ago


what a big pathetic baby.

662 days ago


This is why I'm not going to be surprised if one of these dudes eventually kills the other!

662 days ago


Dumb and Dumber.

662 days ago

Harvey's Gerbil    

Apparently, Drake is a "***** *****". As opposed to Brown's "manly" ways of beating on women like a silly little b1tch. Frankly, I could give a flying f*ck about either of them, though. I'm PRAYING for another Notorious F.A.T. and Tupac thing with these two. Both are untalented, it's just kids nowadays don;t know what the f*ck talent is. Drake especially, how the hell he ever got so famous is BEYOND ME. Total joke that one is.

662 days ago


Ah yes...isn't the hip-hop culture just great?! These "songs" are so uplifting, inspirational, etc... I am sure their fans can relate perfectly with the issues the "artists" have to deal with. You know...being minimally talented, uber-rich, limos, champagne, surrounded by hangers-on that will do anything for know, the real problems of the inner city residents who listen to this garbage.

662 days ago


So eloquent and profound. And what mastery of language he has. No doubt, Oprah will be doing a Master Class with him next.

662 days ago


"RAP IS CRAP!" Go to YouTube people and hear REAL MUSIC, about Love and Beauty, not Drugs and Booty! Chris Brown rhymes with ****-Brown and Drake is a fake! W
EVERYBODY still knows the words to "My Girl" or "Dock of the Bay,etc:" "Treat her like a Lady?" Today's THUG LULLABYS ? RAP IS CRAP, one big Dumbdown!

("NO", my dead grandma was not a" HO!!")
Romantic as a hernia...

662 days ago

Studying Pussyology !!    

You gotta be a true 'Btich' if an R&B singer is throwing shots at you haha

Drake do us all a favor and take your 'Custard Cream' ass back to Canada, where you belong.

662 days ago


Nothing to see here...move along. Wish they would be good little rappers and shoot each other.

662 days ago


this looks like the fight between BIG and Tupac

661 days ago
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