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Karen Klein

Bullies SLAPPED With

One-Year Suspension

6/30/2012 5:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The four hooligans who ruthlessly bullied school bus monitor Karen Klein have officially been served their punishment -- and it's a big, fat suspension.

In a statement released by the Greece Central School District ... the four seventh grade boys who taunted the 68-year-old grandmother were issued a one year suspension from school, a one year suspension from bus use, ordered to perform 50 hours of community service with the elderly and are required to participate in a bully prevention program.

The district added that the boys will be sent to the district Reengagement Center -- a special alternative education program -- since by the law they are required to provide an education.

If you recall ... Klein's story received national attention after a 10 minute YouTube video of the boys bullying her on the bus went viral. She has said from the beginning she did not want to press criminal charges.


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EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nasty little pr*cks.

846 days ago


Ms. Klien should have reported them a long ago. If this was happening to her, what chance does any of the other kids on the bus have. I believe she failed as a bus monitor, and I cannot believe people donated over $650,000 for not doing her job.

846 days ago


Okay these kids deserve to be punished and I do feel bad for the grandma monitor. BUT She was a school bus monitor. Why did she allow this?? They got caught because they posted the video. Her job was to ensure a safe ride for students. A safe enviorment and she was unable to do that. I'd beat the crap out of my kid if they did this to their monitor (which they don't have one so I'm jealous other schools do) but I'd be pissed at the school if I knew my child was riding a bus where this was allowed to go on.

846 days ago

Lady Di    

Oh SNAP!!!
How refreshing to see SOMEONE has STONES.

846 days ago


Effin' little brats deserve every bit of this punishment!!!!

846 days ago


What idiocy.
At most, they should have got some detention for mouthing off to a school authority.
People's reaction to a very common and normal mouthing off to teacher/ overblown and ridiculous.
She isn't qualified to be a school monitor, that is the reason...and the *only* reason...the situation happened.
People's solution to that is...."dur hur let's allow unqualified people to be monitors then severely punish any of the kids who take advantage of it, instead of putting qualified people in the job, dur hur duh huh"....:D
Scary part is a lot of people in the public will someday sit on a jury...possibly be jury members in a court case where one of us is falsely accused of something...imagine that...;D

846 days ago


Well, let's give her some more money then! Seems as though stupid people love doing that just because she got her itty-bitty feelings hurt.

846 days ago


While I'm VERY happy to see these kids punished most likely far more than their parents probably would have, it leaves me to wonder.....are we now saying that it is illegal to call someone a name?

While I have no problem with the school disciplining these idiot kids to the fullest extent, if it is the courts that are forcing them to do community service, then we are leading to people being cited and punished for name calling and thats scarry.

846 days ago


Perfect! I like it and think it's reasonable AND rehabilitative.

846 days ago


She's not a cop! It's time we ceased wondering why she didn't stop them.


An instrument or device used for observing, checking, or keeping a continuous record of a process or quantity: "a heart monitor".

Observe and check the progress or quality of (something) over a period of time; keep under systematic review.

846 days ago


Over-reaction! A summer of community service in a retirement community would have been enough. Suspension from school for a year is unwarranted. They did not physically harm anybody. Celebrities have done far, far worse than these 4 boys and got far, far less punishment. Total double standard based on wealth and fame! The "bus monitor" gets honored by the city of Boston for not doing her job and people make her rich for not doing her job, but hey, let's make the dumb kids further dregs on society by taking away their education.

846 days ago


Andy - I unlike the other poster..realize your in the suburb of comments still stand.. go shave your back you big fat hairy stink bomb....and now I bid you a good day....I said good day.

846 days ago


People need to get a clue. These kids didn't just call her fat or a little teasing. They went from sexually assaulting her to threatening to destory her house and stab her flaps.. they threatened to feed her to a pit bull etc. This is not normal teasing or hell bullying. this is beyond sick in the head..

If they are saying they are going to ejaculate in her mouth then what have they said to other girls at their school.. hell what have they done to them.

As a father the last thing I want to hear is my daughter come home and tell me some boys threatened to ... in her mouth.

This is so far beyond normal even for kids who are lacking real parents. These kids lack any sort of discipline to have the nerve to do this and film it and post it. The parents should have been punished too.

To blame the lady for being a victim is crap. It shows how people evolved to the point of letting kids do crap and then say its ok they are just kids.. When does it become not ok? When is to far? The law would be on the ladys side and it wouldn't shock me if they got time in the hall for this. People need to grow up and remember this kids are only two years from being charged as a adult in most states.

Monitors report. They are not cops nor can they really do anything. If there is no proof the kids said anything then they won't do anything and its not her fault. Punishment would be harsh so in one hand I want a kid punished I also know there needs to be something even if its reported to the point the school needs to record under cover.

As for the punishment. Its not that bad as all. People say going to the alternative school will harm the boys more and thats bull****. I went to one in Cali and it was the best school I went to. I didn't go because of problems. I went because I worked full time because I lived on my own at 15. I know make very good money working in a top 25 company. Fact is the kids will be screwed up more by their parents than anyone else unless someone rapes them.

Parents need to grow up and be a parent again. They need to stop this entitlement crap and being their bff4l crap. Kids are born with no fears and no hatred.. thats all learned..

To bad the parents can not be punished. Maybe they should thank her for not pressing charges.

846 days ago


and this should be a huge message and wake up call to other kids (and also to parents) that bullying will not be tolerated

846 days ago


She was well-compensated due to the generosity of good people, these kids needed some solid parenting that they obviously haven't received during their growth years.

846 days ago
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