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First Date Minus the Brood

(But Plus a Photographer)

6/30/2012 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's not easy to arrange a date with your boyfriend when you have 14 children ... but Octomom finally pulled it off this week and enjoyed her first real excursion with her new man. 

As TMZ first reported, Octo and Frankie G (a 23-year-old bodybuilder) have been dating for the past two months.

But the pair had not been able to partake in an outing on their own until this week, when Frankie surprised Octo by getting a friend to watch the kids so he could take her to Will Rogers Beach in Santa Monica.

The two worked out together on the beach as Frankie has been training her to get Octo in shape for her upcoming strip club appearance at The Playhouse in Hollywood, FL on July 13.

Training your girlfriend for her strip show ... does it get more romantic?


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Hilarious! The more the public shows we don't care..the more desperate she gets!!! People...please keep ignoring her! Whats next? She becomes lesbian?? (I called it first)

656 days ago


Definite publicity stunt on both of their parts.

656 days ago

There's a problem here    

I'm so glad she found a 23-year-old bodybuilder-pretty boy who loves her for herself and has no desire to cash in on the fame wagon. I'm sure he absolutely loves being with her 14 children too.

656 days ago


Wow... The thing(s) some people will do to get their 15 minutes... SMH

656 days ago


u know her tune sure has changed....on the dr. drew show she would never let anyone help her with kids or leave them with anyone....never say never...have not or want to see her video but when discussed on tmz she apparently has a flaw in her lady parts how does she have no shame i would of died that moment when it was mentioned on a tv show.....ugh

656 days ago


Pedo alert. A young creep is interested in 14 kids not the gross mom.

656 days ago


I'm not sure what this guy hopes to gain out of this. I don't believe for a second that the relationship is real. This guy is only 23, good looking, and in great shape. He could probably get any woman he wants if he is straight, and if he is gay (more likely) he could probably attract a lot of men.

I'm guessing that he thinks that somehow Octomom is a stepping stone into some sort of stardom. How wrong he is.

656 days ago


She grosses me out, yuk

656 days ago


What the f... is wrong with this guy?? Does he have rocks in his head?

656 days ago


My, no pocketbook, sunscreen drinks, picnic basket for this date? No shoes or sandles? Brand new matching wife beaters right out of the package?

656 days ago


Love the title of the article. Does anyone really think those pictures aren't staged? She even got a red, white, and blue bikini top for the ocassion. This is no bf. Frankie saw an opportunity to start his body building career and Nadya saw a way to keep her name in the news. Without Nadya, Frankie is a nobody.

She continues to sqaut in her house as she is making all this money. I'm sure Miss Gina is doing her job and sheltering it. Disgusting with all these hard working people out there trying to make ends meet.

According to this article Nadya plans on doing the stripping gig? Maybe all that nonsense was just another way to keep in the news. How dare Nadya criticize Kate Gosselin when she(Nadya) is living like she is and lying through her teeth every "opportunity" she gets.

656 days ago


His bodybuilding career is going no where and he want to be noticed. What a bunch of fools these two are.

656 days ago


Only if she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. The I'd be interested.

656 days ago


He looks like a "Rocket Scientist"

656 days ago


So according to TMZ Octomon leaves her 14 kids with an UNKNOWN MALE friend of a guy she has only known for a few weeks?


Hope CPS is taking notes.

656 days ago
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