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First Date Minus the Brood

(But Plus a Photographer)

6/30/2012 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's not easy to arrange a date with your boyfriend when you have 14 children ... but Octomom finally pulled it off this week and enjoyed her first real excursion with her new man. 

As TMZ first reported, Octo and Frankie G (a 23-year-old bodybuilder) have been dating for the past two months.

But the pair had not been able to partake in an outing on their own until this week, when Frankie surprised Octo by getting a friend to watch the kids so he could take her to Will Rogers Beach in Santa Monica.

The two worked out together on the beach as Frankie has been training her to get Octo in shape for her upcoming strip club appearance at The Playhouse in Hollywood, FL on July 13.

Training your girlfriend for her strip show ... does it get more romantic?


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She looks awkard in this photo.

809 days ago

Dan Del Aguaro    

Really TMZ? How many times are you going to re-post the same **** over and over again? 3 stories are the same thing on page 1 as is page 2, you REALLY SUCK AND FAIL AT LIFE

809 days ago


Hmmm I wonder what time of day this "date" was filmed? Doesn't seem to be too many people out enjoying the beach. Must be they didn't want any other photographer getting pictures. It kind of looks like first thing int he morning- you know the time you'd normally take your date to the beach.
Plan the Photo Op-Go out and buy patriotic themed clothing, including cover-ups for Nadya ( after all she is so shy), grab a blanket or buy one, make sure make up is on ( for the beach of course!),dash out of the house before the kids are out and about (Gina has arranged for sitting for her clients), Drive to the beach, wait for the TMZ photographer, decide on scenes, shoot footage, thank TMZ and go out to eat someplace or out to the gym to plan the next episode of photo op. Laugh about fooling (trying) to fool the public.

809 days ago


i just want to no where is this morons kids this woman is laying on the beach this goes to show what kind of mom she is to all those kids an we just saw her on the plane without the kids again whos watching them she needs to have those kids taken away this guy is only interesting in getting his picture out there then he will dump her

809 days ago


Just wondering has he watched her video already?

809 days ago


I was watching the movie Evita today and these lyrics to one of the songs sums up this relationship and SO MANY Hollywood hook ups....

There is no-one, no-one at all
Never has been and never will be a lover
Male or female
Who hasn't an eye on
In fact they rely on
Tricks they can try on
Their partner
They're hoping their lover will help them or keep them
Support them, promote them
Don't blame them
You're the same

808 days ago


Hey's a vagina not a clown car...

808 days ago


This guy is DESPERATE for attention.

808 days ago


Few can even tolerate a woman with ONE kid; this is, of course, bullsh* she's hideous

808 days ago



808 days ago



808 days ago


So now we find out Frankie G. is a fame whore just like Octoslut. He was on a dating show in May and won. TMZ has the latest scoop. Check it out.

808 days ago


after reading more recent articles, i am starting to feel terribly sorry for this girl. she is a human being. she's not making the best decisions - but, she is clearly dealing w some serious psychological issues. ...and now this loser is comin around to mess w her and jump on her coat tails? what a sleeze. boys aint worth sh!t until they hit 35 - and even then, u'll get a bad egg.

807 days ago


She deserves to be used as she used her children in trying to become famous/infamous.. She is totally gross looking in and out... BARF! 0.0

807 days ago


How is it that b!tch gets on welfare, yet can afford all that plastic surgery? WTF

806 days ago
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