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Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise Divorce

The Great Divide

6/30/2012 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0629_katie_holmes_tom_getty_cruiseKatie Holmes is divorcing Tom Cruise because she fears Tom will force her into the Church of Scientology, hook, line and sinker.  So we gotta ask ...


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Is it realistic to go to a Tom Cruise...

And say I want *out* for reasons a, b and c.

And I want this, this and that?

And NOT to have him blow-up and say no/fight?


But he'll respect you to death for doing it.

And so will his people.

Do it with dignity - then take your chances -

Respect the-other-person at least THAT much...


-When he's shooting a film.


843 days ago


It's amazing how many people believe the Scientology rumor!

Tom is hooking up with Julianne Hough!! It is so obvious.

843 days ago


Tom is hooking with with Juianne Hough, It is so obvious!

843 days ago


Everyone knew this mariage would not last. Tom is too controlling and Katie finally wised up.. Smart move on her part to file for divorce in New York. I hope she gets custody of her daughter. Two other women got rid of Tom Cruise, so there must be something wrong with him.

843 days ago


Omg big shock all the closet Tom Cruise haters are coming on TMZ today? You can sway the polls to be on Katie's side, and you can thumb down anyone who supports Cruise, but that just proves how ignorant and biased your worthless opinions are. If you would actually take the time to read the articles on this site, you would see that the only thing Tom wants is joint custody while Katie is trying to screw him out of custody and money. She also blindsided him with the divorce so Katie is to blame for everything. So GTFO Katie Holmes trolls.

843 days ago


I don't believe Tom is the biological father. He never had kids with the other wives and when Nicole went ahead with getting pregnant via donor (then miscarried) that's when he diviorced her. Hope Katie can run far from him

843 days ago


God Dammit Maverick!!!

843 days ago


Hopefully, this divorce will expose Scientology for the cult it is. They kidnap people, separate them from their loved ones, make them work for little pay, make them sign contracts for 'A billion years" loyalty to Scientology. They're also secretive, corrupt and rich, thanks to morons like Tom Cruise who give it money. Thankfully, Katie escaped the cult and I would wan to keep my child as far away from Scientology as possible, like her. Hopefully, this will blow the lid on all of Scientology's abuses. They should finally be exposed for the cult they are. NO ONE likes Tom Cruise. He should quit making his stupid movies and just go away. He's scary, crazy, manipulative and smug. Finally, Katie (not "Kate" as Tom Cruise calls her) will be free and Suri protected.

843 days ago


"Mixed religion families - problem?"
This question sounds like TMZ really thinks that Scientology is a church or a religion.
Wake up. Scientology is a hard and merciless company out for the money of the weak, nothing else. What a relief that Katie is out of reach now.

843 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

how the heck does anyone know who is the better parent or what really went on???

843 days ago

Marie Jones    

I am not surprised Katie and Tom are divorcing. She has never looked happy since she hooked up with him! He thought he had met a woman young enough for him to control, and he has found out differently. Younger women of today do not stay in relationships, if they are not happy! Someone should play back the tape of that man jumping up and down on Oprah's couch about his new found love. Typical hollywood ending!!!

843 days ago


FYI - Google the newest Village Voice article about Scientology which written at about 1am of the same day Katie's lawyer announced the split.


David Miscavige's father and step-mother recently defected from the "church" and L Ron Hubbard's granddaughter just defected too.. very interesting that the Village voice wrote about it, then a few hours later - the split was announced..


It seems many things are shaking up within Scientology... Doesn't look so hot for the "church" -- all of this bad publicity slammed on them at once..

842 days ago


You are all nuts. I am eastern orthodox and you are not replying on what I wrote. Look at the kids of Michael Jackson. They love him and are great kids. Plenty of stars are followed by photographers and at the age of 6, their kids walk, but Mrs. Cruise makes her child dependent on her mommy and does the good parent presentation all the time.Mrs. Cruise, became Mrs. Cruise because she wanted to. She wasn't poor. At least, this will be a reason to sign a contract or whatever to get money. She decided to have a child with this man, and now, she is unhappy. I remember, she even met with Kidman, so she knew what she is getting with this union. I have no sympathy for her. And she is not a good actress at all. Never was.So, her career is what she is worth as an artist, nothing more.

842 days ago


You know, it's not like Tom hid the fact he was a scientologist from Katie. I'm pretty sure she knew about it when they married and that if they had a child that Tom would want to raise it in the same religion.

842 days ago


I'd love to drive Katie for a couple of hours, but she doesn't hold a candle to Nicole.

842 days ago
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