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Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise Divorce

The Great Divide

6/30/2012 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0629_katie_holmes_tom_getty_cruiseKatie Holmes is divorcing Tom Cruise because she fears Tom will force her into the Church of Scientology, hook, line and sinker.  So we gotta ask ...


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Tom may have intimacy issues with women. Many rumors have gone around that he has homosexual tendencies. If you look at his childhood he moved over 14 times during his childhood and was involved in the catholic church growing up. I wonder if there was some kind of abuse that ocurred to Tom while he was a child. At puberty he had considered becoming a priest. My question is did he have concerns about sexuality at that time? Many priests have orientation issues and attempt to solve it by becoming priests. Some can live a nonsexual life and many cannot. Tom also had a very abusive father, you can look it up on wikipedia. If anything happened to him while at any of the 15 catholic churches he attended as a child, having an abusive father would compound his issues.
Interestingly Tom is now a Scientologist. Scientology tries to help people who might have any kinds of sexual issues or imtimacy issues. Not that they can help, but one thing they feel they can change in you is sexual orientation. I have conmpassion for Tom and his intimacy issues with his wives, We do know there was a very abusive element in his home (his father). If he did have orientation issues and is trying to adjust himself using Scientology I completely can understand his distress and desire to change. I have no facts about any abuse by the Catholic Church, but they have so many cases and most of the ones that occured in the 60's and 70's did not ever get reported. Most of those priests are dead now or in nursing homes. I think we should have compassion for Tom and I personally am going to pray for him. Whatever he is fighting with spiritually and emotionally I hope he can find a peace. If scientology isn't helping people with intimacy issues he might consider becoming a Christian, non-catholic and see if Christ can comfort him and help him find a way to live in the light. No one has to be in a homosexual relationship or be considered homosexual if they wish to go to God for help. Its no ones business what his internal issues are with his spouse besides himself and the spouse. Even children don't have a right to know all the issues parents have. No one has to be married or in a relationship is sexualiy and/or intimacy causes distress and does not feel healthy to you. Some people might just want to have friends, children and family and people to be close to. Not everyone is spiritually in the right place for marriage. I think people should hope the best for him, for Katie and for the three children. It is sad if Tom is struggling with something deeply painful that he wants to correct. God bless you Tom and also Katie and Suri as they go through this transition

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Cause Tom and Kate are so into the same thing, men.

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Jenny Riley    

Tom would be the better parent. Katie drags that kid around all hours of the night, she was reported as saying Suri decides what she wants to do. Why have a mom if the kid does whatever she wants. I remember seeing her with the kid out at 1 in the morning in the winter in NY and no coat. Katie said she didn't want to force her to wear the coat, yet Katie was bundled up. That is not a good mom. I don''t think katie know how to take care of that kid on her own. The should be slit between the two.

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I don't know if either parent is doing a good job with that Suri!... High heals... lipstick!... inappropriate clothing... She is spoiled rotten!! A Paris Hilton in the making!.... Hopefully she isn't that dumb!

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you guys are horribly rude.
he may not have been successful as a husband, but that's not an excuse to bring his parenting into question.

didn't you ever learn to respect peoples religion and views? i think the only bad parents are the ones that raised you people.

i know it's the internet, and people are going to act like morons, and say offensive things... but even the questions on this news story are pretty offensive.

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Katie is afraid of Scientology, or so it seems, if anything I do not think she knew or realized JUST how deep it goes. I know for a fact that SURI calls the shots and Katie has to listen .

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Why Catholic?

841 days ago

Vicky Miller    

Why is this cult referred to as a religion? There is NOTHING religious about these loons! Working at a hotel where they met once a week was a JOKE!!
This should be banned and treated as a CULT!!

841 days ago


Oh my God!!! They divorced???!!! Who gives, probably not the starving people in Africa. Focus on what matters and not this tripe.

841 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Tom is weird but i don't think he is this bad person. Obviously everyone is going to vote positive for Katie she's the sympathetic one but it makes it look like Tom is this bad person. He's weird and they are a celebrity couple who spend a lot of time away from each other working so no one should be surprised this didn't work out.

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The thing is, it would appear at least to me that Katie has been trying her best to follow the rules of Scientology. Allowing the kid to stay up as late as she likes, and no doubt sleep in as late as she likes in the morning, letting the kid wear what she likes, however inappropriate (high heels, make up etc.) i.e. treating her as an adult. Then as Suri got older and had more and more tantrums, bought off with treats which just reinforces the misbehaviour, Katie finally woke up and realised that the Scientology rules are creating one of the worst spoiled brats on the planet and if she wants to do the best for her child that has to stop.
I first came across Scientology back in the early '70s and watched in horror as they gave false hope to a colleague dying of cancer whom they convinced could be save - in return for every last penny she had.
Do I think they are a cult? Yes. Dangerous? VERY. Is Tom gay, my gaydar hasn't been wrong yet and so I say YES. Was Katie naive and stupid? Given his track record, VERY but he is an actor (soap opera standard at best but enough to convince her before the marriage) and sues everyone at the drop of a hat. I also reckon that though Suri is a blood relative I don't think he did any fathering unless it was with a gay video , a cup and turkey baster close by.
Finally do I think Katie's life could be in danger? Princess Di anyone?

841 days ago


Sorry guys, couldn't avoid creating this fight

841 days ago


Of course he'll remarry-he needs a beard.

841 days ago
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