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Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise Divorce

The Great Divide

6/30/2012 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0629_katie_holmes_tom_getty_cruiseKatie Holmes is divorcing Tom Cruise because she fears Tom will force her into the Church of Scientology, hook, line and sinker.  So we gotta ask ...


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Tom is cuckoo, Katie was dumb dumb for marrying him after knowing what Nicole went through. But still I hope Tom doesn't get Suri brainwashed like his other two kids. I still believe Suri was born way before they said she was, but don't know why they lied about her birthdate. I also think Tom's cousin William Mapother might be Suri's bio dad. Good luck Katie dealing with the cult.

854 days ago


If Scientology is part of her father's life then you can't stop it Katie! Sorry to break the news to you, but you chose to lay with a man who's religion you didn't like now deal with it. Unless Tom has been abusing his daughter you have absolutely no right to keep her away.

Can a Catholic mother keep her daughter away from her Christian father, hell no. No pity you chose the daddy now lay in the bed you made.

854 days ago

The Real JJ    

These ?'s are stupid as Fcuk! If you don't like tom then you don't like tom. I can understand that, thats your opinion. But dont make it look like katie had no responosibilty for any of this. She knew what she was banging when she let him hit. He didnt convert overnight. Now she wants to take away his kid. THE WOMAN IS ALWAYS THE GOOD GUY IN DIVORCES.

853 days ago


Scientology is the best religion in the world! It has Science in the name. Learn it!

they will rule this world!

853 days ago


I still think Katie was an idiot to marry Tom, look what happens to her career. She should have known how mad those hardcore Scientologist people are.

Tom should in first place marry somebody who is hardcore into Scientology then there would be no issues. I am sure there are plenty of insane chicks out there who he can safely marry without worries about divorce in future.

Lets pray hope Katie & Suri are able to get away.

853 days ago


You go Katie, we in Sweden vote for you. AND finally Mr. Tom could have the balls to get out of the closet and tell the world he's GAY.

853 days ago

Fat Mike    

Going by those results, I'd say at least 6% of the votes are from Scientlogists. They must have been up all night making new accounts. Weirdos!

853 days ago

Fat Mike    

I worked at a Scientology wedding held at my family's hotel about 10 years ago, and it was the most morose event I've ever seen in my life. Hardly anyone smiled, and those who did looked like they were chewing lemons. Was fun afterwards though, when all the staff got together and made fun of them.

853 days ago


Team Katie all the way Baby!!! I am sure when they first got together things were great, BUT Scientology is for the birds and I am willing ot bet Tom stays in character all the time..... Glad to see Katie pull her head out of her ass and get away from him before he ruins their child!

853 days ago


It's almost embarrassing how glad I am to read this! Katie Holmes was a lovely fresh-faced young woman who came off as an upbeat person at the beginning of this thing. Each year she's gotten more haggard & depressed looking, and not in a usual "I'm married & getting older" way. And her career has been absolute bollocks since marrying Mr. Wonderful. I wish them all well, for the child's sake.

853 days ago


Well jumping up and down on Oprah's couch ruined his career and Katie marrying him ruined her career, she became a weird stepford wife and then they had the alien baby, boy a bunch of weirdos. It just goes to show you every caged animal breaks free eventually.

853 days ago


TOM IS GAY! Katie needs some sex, and Tom thinks girls are gross...

853 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

"Hook, line, and sinker" TMZ, means when you fall for something, when you get scammed, conned, bamboozled.

853 days ago


Team Katie and Suri, get that little girl away from Scientology.

853 days ago


I hope Katie goes back to being her bubbly smiling happy self like she was during her Dawson Creek career.

This is the best move for her career too! To rid herself of Scientology and of Tom.

853 days ago
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