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Katie Holmes

May Have SCREWED Tom

By Filing in NYC

6/30/2012 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes
' master plan to file for divorce in New York may have created HUGE tax problems for Tom Cruise ... sources connected with the couple tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... Katie filed divorce docs in NYC, in large part because she wants sole legal custody of Suri and New York courts are way more likely to grant Katie sole legal custody and control over child-rearing decisions than California courts.

But here's the problem ... sources connected with the couple tell us ... Tom has been trying to do everything legally within his power to avoid strong ties to New York City because the tax rates are ridiculously high ... and he does not want any appearance that he or Katie have been living there.

But here's the thing ... TMZ has obtained documents which show Tom deeded their NYC apartment to Katie last August and our sources say it was done specifically for tax purposes. Point of fact ... the deed lists a transfer to a trust, but TMZ has confirmed it's a trust established for the benefit of Katie.

Sources say Katie is using the apartment to establish residency in New York for the purpose of the divorce -- something we're told can screw Tom tax-wise.

It's pretty clear ... Tom is not gonna let Katie dictate New York as the venue for the divorce. He clearly thinks Cal-i-for-ni-a's the place he outta be.


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I think most of America was wondering when Katie would get to this point. Tom has 3 marriages and 3 divorces. At some point, he might want to wonder why.

842 days ago


Am I the only one that thinks its a little messed up that he doesn't wanna pay a lot of taxes, yet he'll pay sh*t loads to that damn cult. The man is worth over 250 mill (which I think is bull - you know he has way more stashed somewhere) and he claims to be some sort of 'chosen one' who is here to save the world. Well a$$ hole, if you're soo concerned about the well-being of humanity, don't be such a greedy p.r.i.c.k and avoid having to pay taxes. Your country is in an economic crisis, YOU PAYING TAXES (even if they are high in NY), will help the well-fare of society far more than the millions beyond millions you waste in that f-ing cult.

FYI, this wouldn't bother me so much, if he didn't go on and on like he is some 'holier than thou' moral god!!!

842 days ago


Atta Girl Katie. Isn't this the same thing Tom did to Nicole.........

842 days ago


Everyone's going to tune in for this freak show sorry Usher there goes your time to shine on poor daddy tv.

842 days ago


Welcome back Katie and Suri to the real world.

842 days ago


Katie made a big mistake marrying this little scientology freak!! Hopefully things will go her way but I expect Tom is ready to do battle!!

842 days ago


It doesn't matter - she's going to end up dead or missing!

842 days ago


She's squeezing his balls. Oh, wait...

842 days ago


Why can't they just do the right thing and pay their taxes? It's not like he's going to go broke.

842 days ago


Katie definatly did the right thing. Cruise had no idea which is why she was able to file without Cruise trying to stop it by retaining every top divorce attorney so Katie couldn't retain them. She thought about this for a long time.

Espically when 6-12 years old is primetime Scientology brainwashing for kids.

Why doesn't Cruise just go out with a cult member.

842 days ago


The guy (Tom Cruise) is 50, he looks freaking fantastic, people love his movies and flock to see them for the most part, he oozes integrity and a good work ethic. All the losers who jump on the hater bandwagon and blah blah blah about his choice of religion ( as if all other so called "religions" are not batty sounding when taken out of context ).

I am going to guess that most people who comment on Tom Cruises life have nothing to brag about in their own sad lives. So they are getting divorced - woopdidoo! BEING SINGLE ROCKS half the time.

842 days ago


Oh well...
These rich Hollywood liberals are eager to pay more in taxes (their "fair" share as they say) so Cruise needs to put his check book where his mouth is!!

842 days ago


I would put Harvey Levin and his goons with cameras in jail so fast it would make their heads spin. How they are permitted to exist and talk about others and post manipulated pictures of others and present themselves as a kind of "news" source is shocking. Why don't the A-list actors all get together and sue this Levin creep into oblivion?

842 days ago


C'mon, Cruise was going to divorce Holmes right before the 10 year mark. Anything after 10 years is automatic Community Property in CA. That's exactly what he did to Kidman, Holmes just beat him to the punch.

842 days ago


She must have a great support from friends and family..or she thought of this on her own..Rock on Katie!

842 days ago
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