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Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Sleeping Apart in Weeks Leading Up to Divorce

7/1/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0630_tom_cruise_katy_holmes_gettyKatie Holmes and Tom Cruise were both in New York City in the weeks leading up to her filing for divorce, but they did NOT stay under the same roof ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, Tom was in town for a few days around June 10 to film a movie. We're told Tom did not stay in the apartment the couple has in NYC ... but rather at The Greenwich Hotel ... and never once stepped in or near the apartment.

Our sources say Katie, meanwhile, was going back and forth between the apartment she and Tom shared, and a new apartment she recently got. The two were both photographed during their time in NYC (see above) but never together.

We're told Katie did bring Suri to visit Tom at the hotel on two occasions for a few hours and that the visits were unplanned -- Tom's own security didn't even know they were coming.

According to the people we spoke to in Tom and Katie's building ... they couldn't remember the last time they had seen Tom. Our sources say that while they were clearly having problems, Tom had no idea this was coming and his entire team was caught flat-footed by the filing.



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"First-Strike" = M.A.D.


-Plus he does his own stunts.

815 days ago


Ok we got it they are getting a divorce. Scientology and Toms controlling is probally the major factors. Katie want's to go back to being able to have her own thoughts and make her own decisions espically with Scientology and Suri.

She doesn't like Scientology doesn't agree with it and want's no part of it for her daughter. She doesn't want tom shoving scientology down their daughters throat. She is protecting her daughter.

815 days ago


-Plus it takes advantage of this negative aura/vibe.

-Due to TC having his own rigidly-held beliefs.

-We're allowed to have any beliefs WE want.

-But not TC - different rules apply for TC.

-In a way this SPEAKS to that - thus s*cks.

Couldn't respect the dude more.

815 days ago


To all the people who think it's witty to make arrogant comments about someone who is fighting for their life, I think you all need serious therapy to figure out what Mommy and Daddy did to you when you were kids. Maybe dropped you on your heads in your double wide?
I would wish you the same misery of Cancer, but that would make me as disguisting as you are.

815 days ago


"I'm leaving TC for his controversial religious-views and for the sake of our daughter."

Like TC is going to send Suri to Planet L -

Every eleven months.

And for programming.

Give me a break.

815 days ago


"He's in a religion that supports taking 2 x 4's to children."


"...No, right-wing Christianity."

-Tom Cruise?!

"No - Efram Zimbalist Jr."

-Oh, and all gay people are to be hung.

815 days ago


he thought it was ok to blindside nicole so he shouldn't complain if he got blindsided.

815 days ago


...Personally, I find Tom Cruise very refreshing...

815 days ago

She's baaaack    

Sweet Mother of Jesus, this has just begun and I am already sick to death of Tom and Katie "news." I'm sure by the time this is over we will be informed of Katie's menstrual cycle or Tom's bathroom habits. I never thought I would begin to welcome Kardashian news but this is going to do it.

815 days ago


@meggie24...I saw that SEC CHECK also. Starts with kids 6-12 years old is primetime. Suri just so happens to be 6 years old. Did you see the size of that list. Hell, I was scared. Cruise being such a high ranking member...Holmes is doing the right thing. She doesn't want Scientology shoved down her daughters throat.

Nothing to do with Cruise being a bad father or her wanting his money. I think if Katie could be assured that Scientology in any shape way or form won't play any part in Suri's life joint custody may have been a possibility. It seems that Katie doesn't feel that would happen.

815 days ago


When they were first married, Katie had a major make-over. She looked great! Over time, she began to look like someone who doesn't take care of herself. With ALL that money! Maybe it was some sort of deal that they made, and she just couldn't do it.

815 days ago


She now realizes what a sham and con Scientology is. If you want to know what an organization or religion is like, look at it's founder. L. Ron Hubbard was a lush who thought people were stupid. Look up some of his more famous quotes in WikiQuotes. Mrs. Cruise is doing the right thing. WAKE UP TOM.

815 days ago


#8, Sam Sunshine, your post made me laugh! Awesome!

815 days ago


They carry Suri around, not because of the paparazzi, but because she's pampered and VERY spoiled. Has anyone not read any of the articles relating to her? SHE decides what she's doing or wearing, and because of Tom's foolish "no rules" crap, the kid thinks SHE'S the boss, not her parents. I mean, if her parent's had control over her, would they REALLY let a 6 year old wear high heels and red lipstick?? It's the same with my step-son. He's 4, weighs over 50lbs and his mother STILL carries him when he says "I don't WANNA walk." Lack of discipline=VERY spoiled and bossy child.

815 days ago


????whats the point, they already have a child?? it's all sin after that. or she just likes to slurp the results.

815 days ago
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