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Church of Scientology

We're NOT Tailing Katie

7/1/2012 6:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Church of Scientology has responded to TMZ’s story ... that Katie Holmes believes she is being followed by the Church -- they say it ain't so.

Gary Soter, lawyer for the Church, tells TMZ ... the Church of Scientology is not following Katie or conducting surveillance on her in the wake of her divorce with Tom Cruise.

As we previously reported, several vehicles have been on Katie’s tail in recent weeks, but again the lawyer says the Church is not behind it.


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What a crock of ****! They will lie, cheat and steal before David Miscavige will admit involvement. See, maybe they didn't order it but one of their attorneys have called out the PI companies to have her followed. So maybe Scientology directly didn't order it, their attorneys did! This is how it had always gone.
Welcome to Scientology everyone.Unless you have experienced it, you will never believe what is about to go down. The games have begun.

810 days ago


More likely she woke up and realized she was married to an old man.

810 days ago


Do these people think we actually gonna believe people who think humans have spirits from dead aliens or whatever inside of them...

810 days ago

Fat Mike    

It's amazing how many people commenting on the previous story telling of relatives who left the cult ended their story with "and then they died".
Look out Katie!

810 days ago

Tigers Wood    

And this place also does not have to pay taxes. All these churches like the Baptist, Mormon, Jewish, Islam, and many more are all exempt.

810 days ago


As if they would admit to it. They have a long, do***ent history of following and intimidating people who left or who they perceived to be threats. More than likely, they've hired a few thugs to handle it for them. There are tons of videos just on youtube of people who have taped themselves being followed by Scientology goons. They're creepy...and most of the time just stare you down or sit in cars.

810 days ago

Mary Ann McQueen    

Oh yeah.....I trust the Scientologists....AS IF!

810 days ago


That church needs to be shut down, they are a cult. Katie had opportunities before she met Tom. She was in Batman. Then for whatever reason she decided to do a string of flops. Guessing that Tom did not like seeing her career going so well. Just pure arrogance. I am the star of this family, mentality. God what a nutcase. She needs to put her foot down. At this point it is not about money or property. Bottom line Siri needs protection. And she needs to think about her. Full custody, and only supervised visitation for Tom. Also if the harassment continues, she needs to go after that church. Make it clear that they are not untouchable

810 days ago


What timing. I'm sitting here watching a do***entary in which the Scientology's ex-#2 guy is admitting that they lie about not following people. They follow anyone who they deem a threat. In nice cars like Range Rovers, Cadillacs, and Mercedes SUV's. #TRUTH

810 days ago


This is assuming according to "sources" that Katie said she was being following. Tired of sources. Let's hear names. I bet they won't step up, or don't even exist.

810 days ago


Scare tactics, stalking, libel, slander, framing her for something she hasn't done...
These whack jobs will do anything they can to make Katie look bad, to make her look like an unfit parent.
They will stop at nothing to silence her and to get their hands on Suri!
I hope Katie gets all the support she needs because she's in for the fight of her life.
Keep your eyes open and stay smart, Katie, we're rooting for you

810 days ago


if their lips are moving, they're lying.

if they're not moving, they're thinking up their next lie.

810 days ago


you know they are. I hope she has some body guards to protect her 24/7 -

810 days ago



810 days ago


Oh well, that settles that, then. DERP.

810 days ago
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