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Katie Holmes


Is Watching Me

7/1/2012 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0701_cars_splashKatie Holmes believes Scientology now views her as a threat to the organization and has put a team on her tail ... sources close to the actress tell TMZ.

We're told Katie believes in recent weeks -- as the discord between her and Tom Cruise grew -- Scientology has been following her moves, especially in New York City.

This does not appear to be the mind of a paranoid person. People who have photographed Katie multiple times tell TMZ there have been several "mysterious" men and vehicles around Katie's apartment and following her when she's out.

Specifically ... a white Cadillac Escalade and black Mercedes SUV (see above) have been seen near Katie's NYC apartment for the past week.

FYI -- there is a publication that has put a tail on Katie, but the people doing that are separate from the people Katie believes have been dispatched from Scientology.

It is unclear if the two vehicles that have been constantly spotted near Holmes' pad are from Scientology or from the publication.

If Katie is able to keep the divorce in New York -- where courts generally like to award sole legal custody to one parent or the other when there is conflict -- proof that she's being tailed could help her case.

We put in a call to Scientology ... so far, no word back.


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Check Youtube for *any* former member of *any* church including Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Jehovahs Witnesses etc'll find the same kind of rants from former members stating that their former church is evil.
I personally am not interested in being part of any organized religion including Scientology, but it's really funny to watch people try and set Scientology apart from the other organized religions and try and make it worse...all in the name of trying to make Tom Cruise look bad :D

844 days ago


Can Katie prove that is just not Paperazzi trying to get a photograph?

844 days ago


..."This does not appear to be the mind of a paranoid person..."
Nope, it doesn' appears to be a manipulative tactic by the media to cause bored people to sit around and create absurd theories then dramatize it, equaling profit to the media :D
...."There have been several "mysterious" men and vehicles around Katie's apartment and following her when she's out"...
Yes those "mysterious" men are called paparazzi :D

844 days ago


I told you! Katie watch your back. Dont underestimate how far they will go. Nicole is probably alive today because she gave up the kids. People have disappeared for "betraying" the cult. This is not a joke anymore.

844 days ago

Grant MacDonald

844 days ago


If I were Katie and Family, I would assume the worst and act with complete paranoia. Do not take chances or trust anyone. The Church, but especially Tom, don't like to lose, and will stop at nothing to save face.

844 days ago


I loved her on Dawson's Creek, was shocked when she fell in with Cruise and Scientology and now feel s sorry for her. She is going to have a hell of a time seperating herself from that cult. She is incredibly brave for leaving, knowing what she will go thrugh. Cruise is going to try and make her life a living hell. Good luck to her.

844 days ago


If she dies or he, Tom and "The Church" doesn't leave her alone his career is over! He needs to back away fast.

844 days ago


The theories are hilarious, if Scientology was more than an organized an undercover mafia operation....they'd be far too smart and too experienced to openly follow around a celebrity where paps could see them...particularly if the celeb they were following was extremely high profile :D
This is just anti-Tom manipulation, while Katie behaves like a controlling, vindictive dictator trying to take a child away from her father ;)

844 days ago


And you know this how? Are you a personal friend?

844 days ago


She thinks the cult is watching her?...DUH!

844 days ago


Katie should hire a platoon of heavily armed 300 pound bald black dudes to protect her and Suri, Scientology doesn't mess around and Tom is their Superstar!

844 days ago


Katie isn't paranoid...I have experienced Scientology, Inc.'s attempts to silence critics, but unfortunately for them, soldiers don't scare easily. Particularly soldiers trained in intel tactics. I knew all the games, so I was amused. I can see how regular folks would find it scary, though.

844 days ago

john johnson    

katie baby...thats the popo (in madea's voice)

844 days ago


Yeah, Harve they are going to get right back to you.

I'm not surprised. It could be Cruise himself who is having her watched and followed. Who knows. If it was from the publication Holmes would know about it.

Either way Cruise won't make this easy for her. She knows that. But she has a great family and friends and good support.

844 days ago
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