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Katie Holmes


Is Watching Me

7/1/2012 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0701_cars_splashKatie Holmes believes Scientology now views her as a threat to the organization and has put a team on her tail ... sources close to the actress tell TMZ.

We're told Katie believes in recent weeks -- as the discord between her and Tom Cruise grew -- Scientology has been following her moves, especially in New York City.

This does not appear to be the mind of a paranoid person. People who have photographed Katie multiple times tell TMZ there have been several "mysterious" men and vehicles around Katie's apartment and following her when she's out.

Specifically ... a white Cadillac Escalade and black Mercedes SUV (see above) have been seen near Katie's NYC apartment for the past week.

FYI -- there is a publication that has put a tail on Katie, but the people doing that are separate from the people Katie believes have been dispatched from Scientology.

It is unclear if the two vehicles that have been constantly spotted near Holmes' pad are from Scientology or from the publication.

If Katie is able to keep the divorce in New York -- where courts generally like to award sole legal custody to one parent or the other when there is conflict -- proof that she's being tailed could help her case.

We put in a call to Scientology ... so far, no word back.


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$cientology is about as dark and evil modern day cult out there, read the Village Voice open letter to Tom Cruse, child slavery, making kids work 100 hour weeks,sleep every other day, eat every other day, billion year contracts, thank the real God not Xenu the FBI is investigating that SeaOrg recruit s children, they break up families, force marriages then force abortions...the "auditing" is nothing more than forcing you to confess, taping your confession and then using it to threaten you, of course she is being followed, fear, intmidation and even killing people is not below...ANYONE INVOLVED IN THIS CULT IS TRULY INSANE!!!!

807 days ago


Tom set up a prenup for Katie to get $3,000,000 after divorce for every year she was married to him, leading up to Katie getting *half* of Tom's entire fortune even if she left him.
Katie...set up nothing for Tom.
Wonder which one is the giver and which one is the taker?

807 days ago


i used to manage a record store near the scientology hq in d.c.. one day one of my clerks went in to take a free personality/iq test not realizing what she was getting herself into. they deemed her a genius (even though she was not too bright where cults were concerned...) and for a full year after she had asked them to leave her alone, they harassed her on her cell phone and even began calling her at work. we had to threaten to call the police to stop them from coming into the store to "save her from her self!" their behavior was even a point of focus when chandra levy went missing from the area! it was so spooky that my clerk would not leave after her closing shifts alone - often going out of her way to cross very busy connecticut ave rather than walking past the sceintology building. katie is probably right and she should hire protection for herself and suri.

807 days ago


They are known for that, they do it ALL the time to ex-Scientologist, critics etc.

807 days ago


Anybody notice that the Mercedes has "NYPD" on the dashboard? :D

807 days ago


Well, if your are trying to scare someone not a bad way of doing it.

Don't think this is the pain in the butt paps. Scientology has always been a cult in the disguise of religion. Religion is always used for tax exemptions and write offs and to hide MONEY.

Cruise being so high up and close to the grand poohba this is not surprise.

807 days ago


I am sure Katie's lawyers already have investigators in place taking all sorts of photos and do***enting every bit of harassment she is receiving - as they should. I can't wait for the flurry of restraining order applications.

807 days ago


Why would she think otherwise??? This divorce can expose things about Tom's commitment to Scientology, and the tactics that they use, that their organization would prefer to remain private. It's certainly fair to expect that they will try to "persuade" her to be discrete about what she reveals concerning Tom's obsession with Scientology's beliefs and practices. Intimidation is a powerful tool and takes many forms to exert control. Hmmmm... I wonder why we haven't seen TMZ's customary display of divorce filings in this case??? What up Harvey, somebody got their thumb on you???

807 days ago

kade madison    

If she could only get that tracking chip out of her neck....

807 days ago


"People who have photographed Holmes multiple times tell TMZ there have been several men following her." I also often notice when I'm following someone that they are being followed.

807 days ago


Anybody notice that the Mercedes has NYPD on the dashboard? :D

807 days ago


Nothing surprises me about the cult of Scientology!! I suspect the freaky Tom will try to make her life miserable but she has been part of the inner circle and has tales to tell if she has too!!

807 days ago


"People who have photographed Katie multiple times tell TMZ there have been several "mysterious" men and vehicles around Katie's apartment and following her when she's out." I also often notice when I'm following someone that they are being followed.

807 days ago


@stevenb... I agree, I'm sure she has espically if she feels this is happening. She will protect her daughter at all costs.

If this is happening and Cruise has nothing to do with it he should be man enough and put a stop to it for his daughters sake and safty.

Cruise get over it. She want's a divorce, she's not cheating, doesn't want your money and your daughter IS NOT GROWING UP A SCIENTOLOGIST. AGAIN, GET OVER IT.

807 days ago


Or.. Maybe they aren't "following" her and they don't give a crap. I don't see how it would be in their advantage to follow her. There' no evidence of that one way or another that I can see. The publication is following her, what about them?

807 days ago
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