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Church of Scientology

Suri Is NOT a Candidate for Sea Org.

7/2/2012 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Church of Scientology is adamant ... nobody under the age of 16, including Suri Cruise, is allowed to join its elite Sea Organization.

The Church's lawyer has released a statement ... saying in addition to the minimum age requirement (16 years old), minors must have "consent of both parents and/or all legal guardians" in order to join.

The lawyer adds, "There are no exceptions to that policy."

As TMZ first reported, Katie Holmes is concerned Tom Cruise will put 6-year-old Suri in the Sea Org. in the very near future ... and she clearly does NOT want that to happen.

Nonetheless ... the Church is adamant ... no one under 16 can become part of Sea Org.


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the scientolojerks also claim they dont follow anyone their word means crap

821 days ago


..."The Church of Scientology is adamant ... nobody under the age of 16, including Suri Cruise, is allowed to join its elite Sea Organization. "....
Bahahaha! :D
What a bunch of *fools* you anti-Tom readers made of yourselves ;D
All your rants about Suri going to Sea Org...were for nothing! Haaahahahaha!
Like I said, none of you Tom-haters care about facts, can't reason, are uneducated, and behave like gossipy neighborhood meddlers ;)

821 days ago


I wonder if they JUST changed the policy about the children to make it appear as if Katie is lying and/or crazy?

821 days ago


Scientology, do not mess with Harvey, he is a member of the most powerful organization in the World! He's a Jew!

821 days ago


she should tell tiny(in more ways than one)tom to wear her ring on his pecker. it would most likely be a perfect fit and beckham would love it.

821 days ago

Home Skillet    

What else do you expect these clowns to say? Hey, CoS ... you're in the hot seat, and you're finally going to be exposed for the nightmarish cult that you are. Buckle up, buttercup!

821 days ago


Here are children at their Mecca in Florida who are obviously under 16:

821 days ago


this is interesting:

821 days ago


what was the original story here?

821 days ago


Sorry but she knew all of this when she married him.......if she did not then that is on her. If it is a concern for her then by all means she needs to leave the marriage but all of this brouhaha is only going to serve as a heads up to her husband and the ridiculous so called church they both belong to.
A public spectacle does not help a child either as she is young in years but they both appear to treat her as if she is not..........

821 days ago


Scientology lies once again. Many ex's can testify about what age they joined.

821 days ago


Cough cough cough.... BULL****!!!!

821 days ago

Read this book    

Check these out. I haven't read it in a while but as I recall the seaorg boat is a combination torture mind control chamber similar to brain washing techniques used by North Korea the classic break em down to nothing and rebuild them as you want them and some kind of sex cult pedophiles paradise. Well at leastw hen L Ron was on the lamb from the law which is where the boat thing started.
Anyway of you can find it its enlightening and will explain a lot of the oddities we see. Mainly L Ron's hero was Allistair Crowley self declared incarnation of the devil, Scientologists broke into FBI headquarters in Wa. DC to steal the file the FBI had on them. L Ron was a life long con artist, crook and sex criminal.,_Messiah_or_Madman%3F

821 days ago


Smart Lady. You have her back just by having been present and witnessing so much of her life. Nobody is getting close to her without you knowing.

821 days ago


TMZ, please keep this story alive. So many bad things have happened in this cult that have been squished. Enough is enough already! Please look up Heber many who cared about him are still looking for him!

Harvey, everyone knows you're gay and seriously, in this day and age...who cares!!! It's not a big deal. Please be the one source that they can't shut up:)

821 days ago
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