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Church of Scientology

Suri Is NOT a Candidate for Sea Org.

7/2/2012 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Church of Scientology is adamant ... nobody under the age of 16, including Suri Cruise, is allowed to join its elite Sea Organization.

The Church's lawyer has released a statement ... saying in addition to the minimum age requirement (16 years old), minors must have "consent of both parents and/or all legal guardians" in order to join.

The lawyer adds, "There are no exceptions to that policy."

As TMZ first reported, Katie Holmes is concerned Tom Cruise will put 6-year-old Suri in the Sea Org. in the very near future ... and she clearly does NOT want that to happen.

Nonetheless ... the Church is adamant ... no one under 16 can become part of Sea Org.


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Wow ...    

Interesting video on the COS including defectors. I knew they were crazy, but wow! This is an hour long do***entary if you have the time.

813 days ago


lying lying lying lying lying lying lying lying lying lying lying lying lying lying lying

813 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    





You know how you can tell when a COS member is lying?

When their lips are moving.

813 days ago


Check out exscientologykids website, lots of horror stories and they do have young children in the Sea Org. SP stands for supressive person.

813 days ago


WTF TMZ are you siding with Tom? You have been using terms like "blindsiding" Tom and starting a rumour that Katie didn't want Suri in Sea Org and then dismissing her reason for divorce with this post. What's it to you HARVEY? You aren't f*ucking Katie(and evidently neither is Tom)so you have no idea what her reason is for divorcing Tom. And as for your legal knowledge, you are usually wrong when you speculate about celebrity's lives. Evidently, Katie has been planning her escape for some time since it takes one year to establish legal residency in New York to be able to file for a divorce. I can't picture her atty father and her own divorce atty not having proof of her residency status prior to filing. So it doesn't matter that poor "blindsided" and "saddened" Tom wants this moved to California. If Kate is now a New York resident, this case WILL NOT MOVE to California. This case will not be a no-fault divorce and joint custody crap that California has. Kate will get her divorce and have sole custody of Suri. What happened to Kidman(where she was blindsided) will not occur again! And you Harvey shouldn't want it to. Kidman shared joint custody with Tom and her children were eventually lost when they became teenagers. Shame on you Harvey for putting a biased slant in favor of Tom in your posts. I know you just want to incite/anger more people by being sympathetic to Tom so you can get more people to post a comment and thus get richer. But this is amoral and unethical and low even for you Harvey. So what if she held his hand 2 weeks ago in Iceland,wore her wedding ring in public mere days ago and acted like everything was fine while at the same time planned for over a year to escape? Has it ever occurred to you Harvey, that maybe she had to? Kidman didn't have the advantage of planning and look what she lost. Harvey, for once why don't you just stick with the facts and stop your arm chair legal advising...maybe there is still time to save your soul.

813 days ago


Yeah, ok. Sure, we believe that. LOL. Go to Youtube and enter "former Scientology members" and watch the videos of former members and the crap they have to say. You will understand why Katie is leaving. Not to mention other personal reasons we probably dont know.

813 days ago


The "Church" of Scientology lies a lot too...

813 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

What's this country coming to? Next thing you know, they'll be letting cult members run for president....oh, wait...

813 days ago


What the hell is this person's agenda?

813 days ago

BB not bb    

Whatever. They are a crazy cult and Tom is heavily involved in it, they are stalking Katie, and she wants out. I don't blame her one bit. They can quibble over words but even if this was true, Tom must be grooming Suri to eventually go be kidnapped on that stupid cult ship for life. Why in the world would Katie want that for her daughter? Why would her parents want that for their granddaughter?

Their whole come on is a psychological tests. That is about as reliable as horoscope. It is all witch doctor hocus pocus they throw around to try to impress peopel and get them to worship science fiction.

They think they can control people the way psychiatrists try to. Some people just can't be broken and brainwashed no matter what they threaten. Too bad, so sad, you lose freaks.

813 days ago

Billy Reynolds    

Yeah cos Scientologist are well known for being above board and honest about their intentions. It's blatantly obvious Suri would be indoctrinated into their tin foiled hatted ranks, although she obviously wouldn't be made into slave labour like the lower minions.

813 days ago


I think Tom should be watching out for COS, 'cause if they removed the cause, no secrets would ever get out and Katie would not have to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, to everyone and the courts. Strike 3 for good old Tommy. Something happens to Katie, the other 2 wives might break silence. Something happens to Tom, they shrug, heave a big sigh of relief and go on with their lives.
And as to that sudden age restriction... it don't mean squat when you think about what they can do to a young mind in 10 yrs. Suri would be a zombie and walk on board that boat without ever questioning why they were going on an extended cruise... for Suri Cruise. That's just scary.

813 days ago


More evidence that TMZ is just repeatedly speculating without foundation and acting like it's from a source close to Katie or Tom.

813 days ago


I wouldn't believe jack sheut that comes out of the mouth of the grand poo bahs of Scientology like David Miscavige. I'm sure these CON MEN are VERY good at lying, scheming, and manipulating people. They are especially good at swindling people out of their money. This PR statement is probably a HALF-TRUTH like politicians use all the time where they leave out some important facts and only mention what makes them look good. There might be a "Sea Org." group for 16+ year old kids AND a "JUNIOR Sea Org." group for the kids who are under 16 like Suri. I'm sure they start the brainwashing at very young ages a lot like the "Hitler Youth". I hear they make the kids like robots and try to turn them against their parents and all people that are in involved in Scientology. This is classic cult stuff. No doubt about it.

813 days ago


The Sea Org, as described in Lawrence Wright's The New Yorker article "The Apostate", (The New Yorker, February 14 & 21, 2011 issue) used small children drawn from Scientology families for what the article described as forced child labor. The article describes extremely inhumane conditions. Children spent years in the Org, sequestered from mainstream life.

813 days ago
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