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Katie Holmes

Fires Security Team

They're Too Close to Tom

7/2/2012 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes
has fired her old security team because they were way too close to Tom Cruise ... TMZ has learned.

The team -- made up of a bodyguard and driver -- worked for Tom for years, before Tom even met Katie ... and when he and Katie hooked up, Tom assigned the duo to Katie full-time.

The security team worked directly for Katie for years -- but today, Katie appeared with a new security detail made up of 5-6 bodyguards. Neither the old bodyguard nor the driver was anywhere in sight.

Sources connected to the actress tell us, Katie let the old team go after filing for divorce last week -- because of their allegiance to Tom. It's unclear if the duo were Scientologists.

The last time Katie was seen with her old security team was last Tuesday. Katie filed for divorce on Thursday.



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She is in for a BIG fight! Escaping a cult can be dangerous and to make it worse she is escaping for the main money making mouthpiece of a cult!

841 days ago


She's being strong and taking her life back - not letting Tom control her in any way.

841 days ago


I wonder if there is any question of paternity in all this. Time will tell. Because she had been a Tom teeny

841 days ago


Smart move Katie! When it comes to Tom and his Scientology wacko fanatics you are NOT being paranoid. Those security guys might never hurt Katie or Suri but they sure as heck might be SPYING on her and tapping her phone and who knows what else. I bet Tom is well aware of all the spying technology out there. He was in several "Mission Impossible" movies after all.

Tom's a control freak and control freaks like to play God and spy on people. I'm sure Tom justifies it by telling himself he's only doing it for Katie and Suri's safety and well being or some other nonsense. Katy was smart to move to her own New York apartment. Tom probably had the other New York apartment bugged and secret video cameras and the whole enchilada.

A lot of people can easily be BOUGHT OFF by super rich guys like Tom Cruise and groups with money like Scientology. If America's Congressmen can easily be bought off then so can security guards who are just looking to make a lot of money for THEIR family if they can. Katie needs to find security people who can be trusted and aren't corrupt.

841 days ago


When she replaces Suri with an Olsen twin, we will all know she's looped!

841 days ago


I would be interested to know when she actually MOVED into the new apartment. If she did it before or after she told Tom to piss off. Honestly she needs to start from scratch with everthing from new furniture, new home, new security/staff and new toys for Suri. God only knows if he hid surveillence stuff inside a teddy bear. And if Suri sees her daddy, all tys he buys for her STAY AT DADDY'S HOUSE from here on out. But in all honesty, Cruise was able to brainwash his adopted kids, with Nicole, against her. They grew up calling her by her first name, not Mom. Tom certainly knows how to manipulate a situation, and I wouldn't take that lightly.

And, fyi, before you are even allowed to look around in their church, you have to sign a confidentiality agreement that's about 30+ pages long. You can NEVER discuss them to anyone. And, yes, I do have first hand knowledge on that.

841 days ago

John Mac    

She's going to need some security products

841 days ago


I bet if Tom Cruise, John Travolta and most of the other Scientology celebrities quit that "church" about half of everyone else in the "congregation" would quit too.

Like Michael Jordan used to say ... Just Do It! It ain't worth it celebs! You celebs are just making the wackos like David Miscavige and his cronies very rich while scamming and brainwashing thousands of the "little people" all around the world. When you hear that people like "Helter Skelter" mass murderer Charles Manson is attracted to Scientology and reading their books in jail you know it's time to quit ... fast.

841 days ago


Kate, check your home for bugs, the men in the cars outside yr apartment are spying on you...

841 days ago



841 days ago


Boycott his stupid movies so that he can be a thing of the past. I am so sick of this control freak running around like he above everyone else. Tom, you need to see a head doctor and while you are there jump off the couch and cry the blues. Maybe this time you will need some anti-depressants even though it is against your stupid religion or whatever it is you are a member of.

841 days ago


Hardly a news story. Anyone with half a brain would have done the same thing.

841 days ago


I like the way you get thrilled by bored people posting. Thrilled dammit!! Since you haven't stfu for 72 hours personally responding to every1 you must be well behind of your work flow! Following boring commentators day and night I mean. Oh that is your work. Sorry carry on boring mcboringster. And please keep the reply in your own delusional head.

841 days ago

Fat Mike    

Very good move! This girl isn't dumb

841 days ago


I am so sick and tired of hearing and seeing stuff about katie and tom. can't you guys find somebody else to talk about???? I love TMZ but getting tired of the only thing you guys are centered on right now is them. Who cares if the get a divorce. I got one and you didn't put me on your page.......

841 days ago
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