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Katie Holmes

My Marriage to Tom

Was Kaput in 2011

7/2/2012 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0702_katie_holmes_tom_cruise_articleTMZ has learned ... Katie Holmes says her marriage to Tom Cruise was "irretrievably" broken at least 6 months prior to her filing for divorce ... this according to divorce documents filed in New York.

Sources connected to Tom tell TMZ ... Katie's contention is baffling, because he had "no idea" she was about to file for divorce. As the sources told us last week, Tom was "blindsided" by the filing.

Indeed, take a look at the pic (below) of Tom and Katie strolling the streets of Iceland hand-in-hand a little more than 2 weeks ago.

But wait ... there's more.

0702_katie_holmes_tom_cruise_iceland_splashWe've also learned ... Katie claims in her divorce documents that both she and Tom have been residents of New York for "at least 2 years." Katie, who filed in NYC, must establish legal residency in NY in order for the court to have jurisdiction -- something she wants because New York courts are more likely to grant sole custody of Suri.

No doubt ... Tom -- who shared a home with Katie in Beverly Hills for years -- will fight the residency claim tooth and nail.



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I don't think it's odd at all that he was blindsided. With his colossal ego, and his "team" he surrounds himself with, he probably didn't even notice Katie's unhappiness. It's showed in her pictures for some time now.

843 days ago


HELLO! They're ACTORS! Kelly Preston & John Travolta are ACTORS! Nicole Kidman is an ACTOR! They're probably paid to be in their part and they are acting for their role. But I don't envy this one for being up against that Scientology church- worse than the mafia!

843 days ago


they may be holding hands in Iceland, but Katie sure DOES NOT look too happy about it!

843 days ago


Blindsided. Puhleeze. Maybe in that she filed and when but that's not a real marriage. And with those confidentiality agreements they all sign, we'll never know. I'd LOVE to know what Nicole K has to say about that 10 years. Her contract was up as well.

843 days ago


We don't know what went on behind closed doors. I guess he was not the dream guy she always thought he was when she was growing up. Plus Chris Klein is looking pretty good these days.

843 days ago


This is what happens when you put "religion" before your marriage and relationships. If you had you priorities straight Tom, this wouldn't have happened. Scientologydoes not work and it hurts people.

843 days ago


David Miscavidge is the reason for this marriage failing. Oh Hai OSA!
Now Scientology will claim the usual nonsense that ex-spouses claims have no credibility.

843 days ago


This is getting cray-cray. I doubt if Katie Holmes or anyone who would really know what went on or is going on is calling you about it. For the record, I think the only relationship that ever existed between these two was a quid pro quo; his fame coattails for her fertilized egg.

843 days ago


Seems to me that this shows how out of touch Tom is. If your spouse has been ready to split for 6 months or more and you have no idea there is a problem then you are clearly the source of the problem.

843 days ago


Any woman who feels she is not safe in her relationship and or that if/when she tries to leave her partner will shut it down and reassertion control will tell you, she probably did what she ad to by playing along for both Tom and in her case the cameras for him so as not to tip him off that she was planning to file and GET OUT. TMZ knows damn well he would have tried to shut down her plan and ale control of the always. One picture means nothing. As I predicted TMZ has now been contacted by Tom's team and the tone of their posts will most likely be more pro Tom. Too bad it's so obvious and we your readers are not naive or stupid.

843 days ago


It's as if the writers of this site have no concept of marriage. They keep showing this picture of them holding hands two weeks ago in Iceland as proof that "Tom was blindsided". Really? As if Tom wouldn't dare hold hands with her now after knowing of impending divorce. Quit picking a theory and then running with it with no evidence and 'sources' that are nothing more than backroom speculators.

843 days ago


I can only assume that your comment about the Iceland pic is sarcastic. She looks MISERABLE

843 days ago


So they're sticking with it being a real marriage with nothing weird about it...

843 days ago


In watching some of the Scientology do***ents like Secrets of Scientology, you can see the evil on the faces of those in the cult, demonic like, even Kirsti Ally's face, just creepy. The way they walk around all stiff and no emotion on their face, empty dark eyes, just can tell their souls have been sucked out from this demonic cult following.

I am glad Katie and her family are doing all they can to keep her and Suri out and away from this cult and from Tom Cruise, who also over the years has this evil empty eyed look to him, almost possessed, they all act the same, react the same, intimidate, talk in a weird speak, brainwashed, you can tell, brainwashed. Creepy.
If someone dares to leave the cult, they follow you, they intimidate, swear, use foul acronyms, complete insanity.

Watch for yourself, this is creepy. Especially half way and toward the end of this video, unreal what this cult has done and is doing. SeaOrg part of that cult sounds horrible against children.

843 days ago


That photo in Iceland looks like he quickly grabbed her hand when he saw a camera, to keep up the impression that their marriage was fine, look at her face, it says volumes that something is wrong, she looks in anguish.

Hope his film tanks, just like his recent one. I'd never support anything Tom Cruise, Kirsti Alley or John Travolta and Kelly are in, not after seeing what this cult is about, evil. Money and preying on the vulnerable with man made up BS and using control and intimidation, cult tactics to get the weak cult members to stay passive so they can control them.

843 days ago
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