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Katie Holmes

My Marriage to Tom

Was Kaput in 2011

7/2/2012 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0702_katie_holmes_tom_cruise_articleTMZ has learned ... Katie Holmes says her marriage to Tom Cruise was "irretrievably" broken at least 6 months prior to her filing for divorce ... this according to divorce documents filed in New York.

Sources connected to Tom tell TMZ ... Katie's contention is baffling, because he had "no idea" she was about to file for divorce. As the sources told us last week, Tom was "blindsided" by the filing.

Indeed, take a look at the pic (below) of Tom and Katie strolling the streets of Iceland hand-in-hand a little more than 2 weeks ago.

But wait ... there's more.

0702_katie_holmes_tom_cruise_iceland_splashWe've also learned ... Katie claims in her divorce documents that both she and Tom have been residents of New York for "at least 2 years." Katie, who filed in NYC, must establish legal residency in NY in order for the court to have jurisdiction -- something she wants because New York courts are more likely to grant sole custody of Suri.

No doubt ... Tom -- who shared a home with Katie in Beverly Hills for years -- will fight the residency claim tooth and nail.



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that holding hands picture looks like he's grabbing her hand and she's all - OMG - are you touching me right now?

813 days ago


She was playing her cards, right. She had to pretend everything was okay in order to get her family, attorneys, etc. in place. She had to do what she had to do.

813 days ago


The picture above pix of Tom & Katie holding hands is not that of Katie. It's Pippa Middleton. TMZ should get it right.

813 days ago

Philip Pines Pilatus    

Scientology did them in!

813 days ago


This is a true article about Sea Org from ex members. Trust even at 16 it is horrible. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE $CIENTOLOGY IS CRUMBLING,..crazy cruel this below!!

Recruits sign a billion-year contract in which they swear to work for Scientology in this life and millions of future lives.

The Sea Org’s motto is “revenimus”: we come back. There is even provision for a 21-year break at the start of each lifetime to allow time for loyal officers to grow up.

Sea Org members give up everything to devote their lives to Scientology. But life inside this supposedly elite cadre has little of the aristocratic about it.

Many former members have recalled working 14 hours a day or more, six or seven days a week for 50 dollars a week. Scientology provides meals and living quarters, which sometimes amount to little more than cramped dormitories.

But according to some former members, the military-style discipline is often gratuitously abusive.

Jeff Hawkins described something called Severe Reality Adjustments, or SRAs. “It means to forcibly get someone ‘with the programme’ by screaming at them, threatening them.”

Chuck Beatty, another former Base staffer, recalled overhearing someone being trained to deliver an SRA. “He was screaming and also slamming his hand on a table during the drilling I overheard,” he recalled. For a good 20 minutes the trainee bawled out his training partner.

And by the 1990s, former members recall, Scientologists were talking about delivering “face-ripping” SRAs.

Former Sea Org member Martin Ottmann was recruited into Scientology in his native Germany. But between August 1990 and July 1992, he served at Flag Base, in Clearwater, Florida, one of the movement’s biggest centres.

“We, the staff at the FSO [Flag Service Organization], worked the whole day and the whole week for $30 or less, and we got treated for that like we were criminals,” he wrote in an affidavit sworn out in April 19, 1996.

He recalled one incident in which an executive bawled out his junior in quite spectacular terms. “One day I saw her sitting at her desk and B___ standing directly in front of her.

“He was screaming at the top of his lungs directly in her face. I had never heard anyone scream like that. It sounded as if he wanted to blast her against the wall behind her.”

Just as Ottmann’s superiors screamed at him, so he screamed at his subordinates, he wrote. And he also described incidents in which Sea Org members physically attacked the people working under them – something he had done himself, he admitted.

In February 2002, Ottmann submitted a detailed citizen’s complaint about Scientology’s activities to the U.S. Attorneys Office. A letter acknowledging receipt was all the official response he got, he said.

More than 10 years on, the regime at Clearwater had not changed, according to two other former members. In 2005, Donna Shannon and her husband served briefly in the Sea Org there.

Shannon saw colleagues delivering SRAs on a regular basis. Four of five senior officers would gang up on one person, she recalled. “They’d get right in his face. This would last anywhere from five to ten minutes to half an hour.”

This kind of behaviour was the norm in the Sea Org, she said: “You get bullied, you bully the guy under you, who is supposed to bully the next guy down.”

Some people folded under the pressure, she said: but others thrived. “Some people take to it like a duck to water.” After a few months of that, she and her husband left the Sea Org – and Scientology – for good.

Bruce Hines, a former Sea Org member at the Hemet Base, recalled an incident involving David Miscavige. One summer in the early 1990s a storm caused a flash flood through the base. “Some of the buildings sustained some minor damage from water and mud,” he said.

Miscavige summoned all the personnel to a meeting and bawled out the staff responsible for maintaining the grounds.

“He said that they had not responded fast enough or well enough or something like that. He berated them for many, many minutes, his voice booming over the PA system in the meeting room. At one point he yelled at the top of his voice, "F___ you! F___ you!”

“Ranting and raving,” was how another witness described Miscavige’s behaviour. “That’s when I went – ‘No, this has gone too far,’” he added. He left soon afterwards.

Other punishments meted out at the Hemet base included being thrown, fully clothed, into the lake. This is a throwback to one of the punishments handed out by the movement’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard in the late 1960...s and early 70s. Back then, it was known as “over-boarding”.

813 days ago


"He was blindsidded" suddenly he's the victim?? more like he wasn't paying attention or didn't care that she was miserable.

813 days ago

Joan K    

Katie has aged in the few years she had to be his little slave. She never really looked happy in the past couple of years, good luck Katie, please watch your back.

813 days ago


Rooting for Katie but suggest she watch her back as Tom and his cult will be out for her!! Hopefully she has something on little Tom that he does not want aired!!

813 days ago


Umm I thought that they had a apt in NYC. So if they are homeowners, doesn't that apply as a resident, if they spend time their. Wasn't she on Broadway or something a couple of years ago, so I am assuming that they stayed there.
This does NOT look like a happy shot. He looks like he is dragging her down the street and she looks very hostile. Old and hostile.
Man, life with him must have sucked all the beauty and joy and happiness from her. She looks older than HIM. This was very clearly a staged photo. Now he knows exactly how Nicole felt when he did that to her. And it's appropriate that he used the same exact wording too. There was nothing shocking about this divorce. He continues to live in his fantasy/movie world.

813 days ago


...."The Church of Scientology is adamant ... nobody under the age of 16, including Suri Cruise, is allowed to join its elite Sea Organization. "....
Bahahaha! :D
What a bunch of *fools* you anti-Tom readers made of yourselves ;D
All your rants about Suri going to Sea Org...were for nothing! Haaahahahaha!
Like I said, none of you Tom-haters care about facts, can't reason, are uneducated, and behave like gossipy neighborhood meddlers ;)

813 days ago

Jeanne Tutt    

if you look back at your archives TMZ, you have a TON of pix of at least Katie in NYC over the last 2 years.

813 days ago


Tom -
Just me the word and I'll take care of this gold digger problem for you.

813 days ago


Looks like he sucked the life out of her face.

813 days ago


I know everyone is for Katie, but the way this was handled is wrong. Deceitful and wrong. You hold hands with someone one week, and the next week, you file for divorce. She had this planned for months apparently to have another apartment already. She is going to have hard time proving that this man is a bad father, he has a track record of being a good one. Sole custody means that you disapprove of the someone's parenting, and just because you do not like someone's belief system, that is no reason to deny them joint custody. She's going to have hard time proving they have lived in NYC for two years just because they have property there. They have lived out here for a long, and the "family home" is here and they have lived all over the world.

She got her five years in, and now she has millions, is a mediocre actress to start, got knocked up to a superstar, knew full well about scientology, and now she wants her cash. While I dislike Scientology, that is not a reason for divorce, sorry.

As a Catholic girl, she should have known she has made an agreement not just to another person but to God, for better or worse, means, work out your problems. Not take the money and run.

813 days ago


Scientology is outlawed in Germany. I never understand fighting over a child. Let the mother have the child. Tom Cruise has no business raising a child or having any say so. He didn't graduate from high school, isn't very smart, as evidenced by his allowing a cult to have control over his mind and money, and believe it, Scientology is all about money.

813 days ago
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