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Katie Holmes

Afraid Tom Would Ship Suri To Radical Scientology Org

7/2/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0701_katie_suri_tom_scientology_gettyThe final straw in Katie Holmes' decision to file for divorce was that she was convinced Tom Cruise was going to send 6-year-old Suri away to a hardcore Scientology organization known as Sea Organization ... sources connected with Katie tell TMZ.

Sea Org, as it is known, is where the highest levels of Scientology are taught -- and according to the Church website, it is composed of adults and minors who have committed their lives to the volunteer service of their religion. Our sources say Tom is a big fan.

Our sources say Katie and Tom had been arguing over Suri's indoctrination into Scientology -- and we're told the Sea Org was the flashpoint.

The Sea Org has been often compared to a boot camp and several ex-Scientologists (including Oscar winner Paul Haggis) have been outspoken against its military-like conditions. The Freewinds, the massive Scientology boat that was the location of Cruise's infamous birthday party in 2004, is entirely staffed by Sea Org members.

0701_freewinds_scientologyAccording to the official Scientology website, members of Sea Org sign "a one-billion-year pledge to symbolize their eternal commitment to the religion and it is still signed by all members today."

Katie herself has first-hand knowledge of the Sea Org. When Holmes and Cruise first hooked up in 2005, Jessica Feshbach, a prominent Scientologist who had been with the Sea Org since 1994, was transferred and became Katie's assistant/Scientology chaperone. Feshbach, in one of Katie's first interviews after getting together with Cruise, was described by a writer for W magazine as "cold-eyed" and "a third-wheel." 

In the end ... we're told Katie felt the only way to save Suri from being shipped off to Sea Org was to file for divorce and seek sole legal custody.


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Sea Org. Come on! This stupid little cult program is just some BS thing that drug addict/madman/occultist L. Ron Hubbard thinks is great because he used to be in the Navy. Any parent that would turn their young kid over to these crackpots has got to be a certified nutcase too. Sea Org seems like the "Hitler Youth" to me where they put them in uniforms, brainwash them all day and have them working cleaning floors and toilets and everything else all day in scorching heat, freezing cold and often in dangerous, rough seas. I could easily visualize a little kid slipping on something and going overboard.

843 days ago


Cruise is just like Travolta... a closet homosexual who hates himself for it, so is trying to hide from himself in Scientology.

Kate, cut him loose and take your baby and run as far away as you can...

843 days ago


I am not supporting Katie or Cruise. Katie knew when she married Tom that he was a into scientology. She knew going into this marriage that any children born would be raised as scientologist. She new that!

843 days ago


Everyone instead of throwing stones at what someone should have done or known should look at themselves first. Through this relationship, she has the beautiful gift that lasts a lifetime, the bond she has with her daughter. I think Katie has the personal strength to persevere for herself, her child and her family. Anyone that has seen photos of her recently should have seen the looks of a battered woman even if only spiritually. When media outlets showed pictures of "stars without their makeup" I saw sadness only. She needs support, encouragement and love. I am pulling for her healing.

843 days ago


This is a repulsive story. Never come between a mother and her child -- hell hath no fury. Katie you move earth and sky and you do what you need to do. Your baby girl depends on you. God bless you and Suri.

843 days ago


lets face it,fame can brought by money and chances too.she knew what she did,she was not that young.and she took the risk.i hope the best for her though as i would for every other woman,who tries to escape a obviously dangerous situation.

843 days ago


TMZ... need a website that people can Help Katie and her Family .... WIN SURI ....

former scientology followers..
insiders in the Cult..
defectors of the Cult...
any evidence...

Lets Help Katie! take the web address tmz...

843 days ago


aww poor little girl... poor kids! that's insane children need their parents and not be taken away and brainwashed!!

843 days ago


That Scientnuutoly spokesman is one scary looking dude..just watch him on do***entarys about members trying to get kids out of seaorgre

843 days ago


For people comparing Christianity and Scientology - while there are some questionable Christian cults/sects out there I have never heard of any Christian church using military/CIA style interrogation techniques on someone who has decided to leave or speak out against them. Some churches have rules you might not agree with, like many will not allow you to be openly homosexual. However, although you might say this is unfair, it's really just a case of "no shirt, no shoes, no service!" If you decide to leave the church and announce you are homosexual, they're not then going to start following you and try to ruin your life, they'll just excommunicate you and let you get on with it.

843 days ago


Now If people would realize all religions are the same and do no good

843 days ago


Stop USA support of Scientology.

Demand the government stop the religious tax exemption for the cult Scientology .

843 days ago


It sure looks to me that Katie Holmes failed to DO HER HOMEWORK about the history of Scientology and she only saw the "tip of the iceberg" ... the good things that the A list celebrities see. She probably wasn't aware of the "dark underbelly", all the super strange stuff and L. Ron Hubbard's background. With all of Tom's money and charm you know that he rolled out the red carpet and treated her like a queen before they got married and maybe a year or so afterward. I can see LOTS of women overlook a lot of disturbing things in a super rich, super famous guy so that they could live a dream life of private jets, yachts, fancy cars, meeting VIPs, vacations anywhere they want, helping out their family financially, having some power as Ms. Tom Cruise, etc. Katie was a smart girl before she married him but she probably didn't see "the real Tom" very often. There's obviously several sides to Tom. She probably just in the last few years got glimpses of his very weird, crazy, dark side. It appears that Tom has been trying to create his own little world where he is some sort of all powerful "God on Earth" ruler or something who can do whatever the heck he wants no matter how weird it is. Like he's some sort of superhero in a comic book. He's probably somewhat like Michael Jackson. We all know about the extremely disturbing, madcap stuff he was involved in.

843 days ago


I feel so sorry for this woman. I can only imagine how helpless she must feel, protecting her child.

843 days ago


BRAVO! Thank you for reporting this. The Sea Org is the main thing wrong with Scientology. Forced abortions, child labor, 100 hour work weekd for $50 bucks a week, sleep deprivation, the works. Read "Blown for Good" by Mark Headley or "My Billion Year Contract".
Now, Suri would be handled very differently. Celebrities are given the best treatment. They get the best auditors and barely work at all. It is made sure thet they only see the positive stuff so they can become spokespeople and rave about how great it is. They don't ever get to see the dark side.... Tom included. They refuse to even take a look at or listen to the horror stories of those who have been in and had the courage to leave.

843 days ago
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