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Jessica Simpson

I Have Not Reached

My Goal Weight Yet

7/3/2012 1:45 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0703_jessica_simpson_pcnNine weeks after giving birth to daughter Maxwell, Jessica Simpson once again showed off her voluptuous post-partum curves and nearly spilled out of her slimming black spandex fitness wear as she made her way to a gym in L.A. on Monday.

31-year-old Simpson -- who inked a $4 million deal with Weight Watchers -- has vowed to slim all the way down to 130 pounds.

Jess does not want to be an unfit mom.


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I dunno why Jessica was forever telling us about the piles and piles of junkfood she was eating while pregnant yet acts bashful when her post baby body gets photographed and seems to want sympathy because she's big now. What the hell was she expecting if she ate like that?

760 days ago


"Nearly spilled out"? Seriously TMZ? Not only is she pretty well covered up in a jacket plus pants plus a shirt - it actually looks like she is wearing TWO shirts. She's in NO WAY spilling out of anything. Good for her for taking the time to hit the gym and get back in shape. If anything, you should applauding her efforts instead of ridiculing her body.

760 days ago


This broad couldn't keep the lee-bees down when she wasn't pregnant. Dang! She looks like she's wearing a fat suit. Again, Nick Lachey, you dodged a serious bullet with this one. Being a young and stupid blonde may have been fun back in the day but being blonde and fat, now you're just like everyone else. Man and your husband has to have some serious regrets, yall. This is bad when Britney Spears looks better than you do..Again, Dang!

760 days ago


wow 9 weeks.... it takes 9 months to make a baby, why do people think it should take less than 1% of that time to lose the weight gained?
i gained 70 lbs with each of my pregnancies and not not a pound until i stopped breastfeeding, over a year later.....

every body is different, hollywood, stop making all women try to achieve the impossible....

760 days ago


Okay explain to me why Beyonce is considered fat but Jessica is voluptuous???
This is a big heifer.

760 days ago


I'd still hit it. Just sayin'.

760 days ago


She had a C-section! Recovery time for that is AT LEAST 6 is major surgery!!! So, yes, she may have been "dieting" (and all that depends on whether she is breastfeeding or not) for 9 weeks, but she hasn't been able to "exercise" but for 3 weeks ...and even then it is "taking it slow" at exercise while her body is recovering. Give her a break!

760 days ago


As an FYI out there for all of you, Jessica has some undergarments on under her clothes that make her look heavier than she really is. This is a ploy used by the WW to make the weight loss even more memorable.

760 days ago

average jane    

You are turning into bullies, TMZ. This type of "celebrity reporting" is a perfect example of why so many young girls have eating disorders. Ok...she gained weight. Anybody who has been pregnant has gained weight (yes, some more than others), however, she's on the right track. Give her a break!!

760 days ago


You mean she hasn't lost 70 lbs in 2 months??? Shocking. :-/ Give her a break.

760 days ago


Got Milk?

760 days ago


You know I get it, she just had a baby and it takes time to lose the weight that's not the issue for me but does she always have to look like she just rolled out of bed? Appearance wise, she sure has let herself go.

760 days ago


Jeeze, enough already with her weight gain during pregenacy, their daughter is healthy and thats all that counts.

760 days ago


I'm sorry, but I had a kid 5 months ago and NO ONE should gain that much weight when pregnant. This country needs to wake up and stop pretending it's healthy to gain over 40 pounds when pregnant. By 8 weeks I was back to my pre-baby weight with little to no effort since I actually took care of myself AND my child while pregnant.

760 days ago


Anna Nicole looks good..have some compassion. On another note...Nick Lacey made out big time pull a sweet matrix move to secure a much hotter chick with taking millions off the X. Congraulations my man!

760 days ago
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