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Katie Holmes


From Prenup

7/3/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes
will be getting virtually nothing from Tom Cruise by way of $$$$ because their prenup cuts her out of his fortune ... and sources connected with Katie tell us it's just fine with her.

We've learned the prenup Katie signed is long, tight and stacked in Tom's favor.  We're told reports that she'll walk away with $15-20 million are absurd.  Our sources say Katie will walk away with what she brought into the marriage ... and hardly anything else.

Our Katie sources tell us, "She's not about the money.  She's not that girl.  She loves to work."

We're told there's one thing Katie is insistent on -- she wants child support from Tom, and that could turn into a big ticket item.

As for whether Katie will challenge the prenup ... it's pretty common when a divorcing couple is in conflict, and our Katie sources are not ruling that out.  But they insist, "Money is not that important to her.  She makes plenty on her own."

One final point ... a well-placed source connected with the couple tells us, the prenup that basically gives Katie bupkis is proof the marriage is not a sham -- she didn't tie the knot for the loot.



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Katie,I'm just glad you have a new security team,I really have been concerned for you,lucky to have your Dad on top of things....tom let this lady's over ..we'l be watching tom and Katie better stay safe,because we can bring down your career pretty quick if we need to...that would not be mission impossible..GET THE PICTURE tommy ?

811 days ago

BB not bb    

I wouldn't push the child support because if she gets that, he could demand visitation which will leave him open to pushing this Scientology mess on Suri. If he is deep in a cult who is after Suri, any contact with him is dangerous. If he gets unsupervised visits, who knows what could happen to that girl? Maybe Tom was going to take her on the Sea Org. and leave her there. Who knows what was going on?

Katie can support that girl on her own. She has millions on her own and can make even more. She has supportive parents. She doesn't need Tom at all except like a whole in the head.

The smart thing to do would be to leave Tom and his money to the Scientologists and just get away with Suri and be safe.

811 days ago

two cents    

Remember when the beckhams and tom were really close? I wonder what happened, you never see them photographed together anymore. Imho, Tom was trying to brainwash a new power couple to join the cult and they wanted no part in it. So along comes will smith and jada and tada! A new partnership is born. Katie also used to take pride in her appearance, but she's been so drab lately. Amazing to see the change in her. I figured something was going on but had no idea it was this big. I wish her well. Just leave tom along with the crazy and be grateful you get out alive! Other ex-members weren't so lucky.

811 days ago

The King    

I reckon Katie Holmes is the crazy one. Find out why at: She's got a few screws loose.

811 days ago


Of Course! Gotta keep little princess living in the "manner to which she is accustomed." Which is fancy high-heeled shoes, frilly dresses, etc. (and I'm talking about SURI) Katie should dress her like a Kid..but then again I guess if I had the money, I"d maybe do the same...

811 days ago


Of all the rumors about Tom Cruise, one has stuck harder than all the rest.

In 2005, four years after splitting from actress Nicole Kidman, the world's biggest movie star supposedly approached several young Hollywood actresses with an offer of a five-year marriage contract. Among those approached, the rumor goes, were Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson and Katie Holmes, who would go on to become Cruise's third wife. In exchange for marrying Cruise, the bride would receive a career boost and saddles of cash, plus a bonus if she gave birth to a child. For Tom, the marriage would provide him with a child, rehabilitate his increasingly eccentric public image, and finally quash all of those pesky gay rumors.

Now that Holmes has filed for divorce from Cruise, the story has resurfaced with a vengeance. So how true is it? And where did these rumors come from?

"That urban legend probably grew out of a misunderstanding of what actually did occur," said Tony Ortega, editor-in-chief of the Village Voice, in an email to The Huffington Post. Ortega claimed that "several young women were vetted by the church and 'tried out' as Tom's next wife before Katie Holmes was chosen" and that each was required to sign multiple nondisclosure agreements before they dated Cruise -- a "standard procedure in the church."

"The church was being very careful as it helped Tom find a new wife. Although Cruise and the church were successful keeping that quiet at the time, it was only after he and Nicole split up in 2000 that Cruise gradually began getting back into Scientology in a big way," he said.

"By 2004, he was very gung-ho, and the process for finding him a new wife, this one approved by the church, was under way," he said.

Ortega, who has been covering Scientology since 1995, said he has interviewed hundreds of people about the history of the church -- an institution where Cruise ranks second or third in command, according to celebrity biographer Andrew Morton, author of "Tom Cruise: An Authorized Biography."

Morton has reported several details that support Ortega's version of events. In an article published today on the gossip website Celebuzz, Morton claims that, before settling on Holmes, Cruise was smitten with "Modern Family" star Vergara and arranged for an introduction by fellow Scientologist Will Smith. Cruise, Morton writes, had "casually suggested that Vergara join him on a trip to the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood," but the actress balked at the religion, finding it "cloying and suffocating." One could argue that Vergara failed her audition.

With other actresses, Cruise needed no such personal introductions. Cruise reportedly met both Johansson and Holmes on a different sort of audition -- when they tried out for a role in "Mission Impossible III," which Cruise produced. Johansson was initially slated to co-star in the film, but she dropped out after Cruise allegedly forced Scientology literature on her. Holmes didn't get the role (which eventually went to Michelle Monaghan), but began dating Cruise -- whom she had admired for years -- shortly thereafter. Unlike the other actresses Cruise had approached, Holmes seemed to embrace Scientology. In 2006, she delivered the couple's daughter, Suri, in a "silent birth," a church practice that encourages minimal noise to avoid negatively affecting the mother and child.

As bizarre as Cruise's dating tactics may seem, a source who knows the couple said Cruise was "completely in love with Katie" and that his intentions were well-meaning.

"Does [Cruise] have people who date him sign nondisclosure agreements? I don't know for a fact, but it wouldn't surprise me, as I'm sure a lot of high-profile celebrities do this," said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "Does that mean it’s a marriage contract? Absolutely not. Do I think Katie is legally bound not to tell certain things? Probably."

Holmes understood from the beginning that Scientology would always be Cruise's top priority, according to the insider. "The church is very involved in their lives and has been from the beginning. Katie was aware of this and she willingly went into this marriage, so to act like she’s some kind of victim is somewhat insincere."

Though Holmes, 33, and Cruise, 49, are likely to remain mum as their divorce unfolds, one convincing argument against the contract rumor has come from Holmes herself. In her divorce filing, the actress asked for sole custody of 6-year-old Suri. Surely, any pre-existing contract would have prevented Holmes from taking Suri away from Cruise altogether.

811 days ago

Bill Dakota    

If she filed in New York, wouldn't the California pre-nup be over with too? Maybe she can make money by exposing Tom for what he has been hiding all of these years-smile!

811 days ago

Bill Dakota    

Scientology brain washes their members. But, anyone with brains knows that. They get the weak minded persons, with money, and brain wash them into their religion, when they oppose all religions themselves. Smart and wealthy organization that fooled the government for tax exemption. Money buys a lot of things but someday they will be caught in illegal activities behind those closed doors. Why do they wear blue uniforms? Do they have their own flag too. Sig Heil jerks!

811 days ago


If she threatens to tell everyone he's GAY he may pay her! Maybe, his deep secret will finally come out! How many women need to LEAVE him for it to come out!

811 days ago



811 days ago


It looks like Tom was never THAT in love after all, or he would have been more generous in the pre-nup, OR he thought that providing nothing would induce her to stay in the marriage until he was done with her. Either way that kind of pre-nup speaks volumes.

811 days ago


Come on Cruise is a certifable nutcase, but enough with saint Katie. What kind of money is she making, she hasn't really worked in ages and if she had her money why did she ask Cruise for a monthly allowance to buy clothes for herself and Suri. Thruth is Holmes married for fame and money and brought an innocent child into this mess.

811 days ago


Run Katie, run!

811 days ago


He was divorced twice . He had his reality check .
The Main question is what her Dad add to the pre nup to protect her and his grandchild . i mean Tom wanted a child badly , I am sure he also thought about to protect his rights as a father in the pre-nup
When do they get a decision in the custody war ?

811 days ago


i believe that she didn't marry for money and that she that she truly believed in this marriage. unfortunately she married a crazy person and at least she has the sense to get out before it got really bad. she is a beautiful girl and men will be lining up to date her (and doesn't tom know it). she has a bright future ahead.

811 days ago
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