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R. Kelly

'The Notebook' Inspired Me

... to Divorce My Wife

7/3/2012 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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11:43 PM PT --
Kellys' ex-wife Andrea tells TMZ ... she doesn't believe "The Notebook" truly caused their split ... telling TMZ, "[The movie] came out in 2004 and we saw it together.  Our divorce wasn’t finalized until 2009 so it’s impossible that the movie could have been the reason for our relationship ending. "

She adds, "We had been separated for 6 years at that point! The movie definitely did not end our relationship!”

R. Kelly
is blaming Ryan Gosling for ruining his marriage ... sorta ... and it's all because of R.G.'s performance in "The Notebook."

Kelly just revealed some incredibly personal secrets in his new memoir, "Soulacoaster" ... including an explanation about why he decided to divorce his former back up dancer Andrea Kelly back in 2009.

Long story short ... Kelly claims after watching the movie, he realized his own 12-year marriage couldn't stand up to the romance featured in the flick.

Here's the explanation in Kelly's own words:

"As the film credits started to roll, I couldn't move. I burst into tears. People walking past me patted me on the back, trying to console me. 'The Notebook' was beautiful, and I was crying because its hero and heroine had died together.

But I was also crying because I remembered a Valentine's Day -- when a helicopter dropped a rainfall of roses -- that had come and gone ... My marriage had died. And there was nothing I could do to bring it back."

Damn you, Gosling.


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"My marriage had died". What, do you think marriage is suppose to be all hot and heavy forever? it takes work. We live in America and that is the only reason these pathetic excuses for people are even allowed to get married in Hollywood.. What are they reaching our children that marriage is only suppose to be for 2-3-10 years and then you trade in for a newer model? Sick Sick twisted Hollywood.

809 days ago


What a bunch of BS. So get off your a** and put the romance back in your marriage. You don't give up and get divorced!

809 days ago


Jessica Simpson credited that movie for her divorce too.

809 days ago


wow..... just wow

809 days ago


What a dunce. If I was her, I'd actually be glad that this idiot divorced me.

This is probably most idiotic statement a celebrity has ever made.

809 days ago

Kris in NYC    

a MOVIE is not REALITY! people in the entertainment business I thought would understand this best...

809 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Is the title 'soulacoaster' an ironic take of a soulless and no talent low life?

809 days ago


What a complete moron. I always knew he was a complete loser but this just takes it to new levels. Just when you think you couldn’t have a lower opinion of him he surprises you...breaking up your marriage and blaming it on a crappy Nicholas Sparks novel/film is the stupidest excuse I have ever heard. At least this proves he could not have been the one in the video who urinated on the girl. I believe that guy had balls and clearly R. Kelley has none.

809 days ago


Makes sense, books and movies are usually just reflections of people's experience in life, so viewers relate all the time, I know what he means with the come and gone, sometimes we're in the middle of a relationship that we want to make work, but it's like blowing on a pile of ashes trying to get a fire going, not going to happen, time to build a new fire.

809 days ago


he just wants to be in the spot light again and dont blame a movie for your marriage conflicts

809 days ago

Throwback kid    

I cried in the notebook too, because of the bad acting! That lady would go into her memory loss on cue, those scenes were so poorly acted you never believe for one second that she can't remember anything. I have scene better performances from James garner in Rockford Files reruns. Those two ruined an otherwise good movie

809 days ago


I divorced my husband after reading the Twilight books, I realized how unhappy I was in my marriage and that I never had that "soul mate" feeling which ultimately made me realize that I was never really "in love" with my husband. A good story, even if it's fiction, can make you see the failings and triumphs in your own life and really can help your realize that maybe your current situation isn't necessarily the best or where you want to truly be.

809 days ago


I think you're confuse here Mr. Kelly, sir. Allie and Noah stays together even DIED together on the bed in that movie. Just stop. please.

809 days ago


he only left his wife cuz she peed on him

809 days ago

Bwoy dem    

Was it The Notebook or the smitten 14 year old girl you saw watching it perv?

809 days ago
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