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The Pregnant Beer Stroll

7/3/2012 6:53 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Snooki... just pushing a stroller full of beer.With her unborn baby due in a couple of months, "Jersey Shore" former party girl Snooki used a stroller to transport a case of Coors Light in Seaside Heights on Monday.

The pregnant 24-year-old is no stranger to nursing beers.


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Its a beer box filled with something else. If you look you can see it. Possibly soda

787 days ago


Her kid is going to have a SERIOUS case of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I feel so sorry for that baby. It's sad and pathetic that she doesn't want to take care of herself enough for the baby.
First she is dieting while pregnant because she "doesn't want to look like Jessica Simpson". Too late honey, you already do. And she is depriving the baby of much needed nourishment by depriving it of food.
Secondly, she said she is going to breast feed to "lose weight" yet still continue to get drunk and party because she said, and I quote" It was awesome". She also admitted to dumping off said child on her mother when she wants to party. So basically she is going to have her mom raise it.
Third, she takes a risk of a fall every time she wears those sky high shoes of her's and hurting the baby. This is the ONLY time I have EVER seen her in flats.
This woman just screams of irresponsibility and stupidity on so many different levels. Does she not know that if she drinks while breast feeding, the baby is also drinking, whether it wants too or not.???
This idiotic woman just makes me want to scream and claw my eyes out. I hope that the minute it pops out that the authorities take it or she gives it up for adoption. I don't see how she is going to have time to take care of a baby and do her hair and makeup and apply false eyelashes and go tanning. One good yank from the baby and off go the hair extensions and eyelashes. This is a massive disaster waiting to happen.

787 days ago


Poor thing - If she put some air in her back tires it would be alot easier to push - Gotta remember she's expecting !!!!

787 days ago


Well, now we know what her kid's name will be....

I am sure little "Coors" will be both adorable ... and refreshing!

787 days ago


Oh why...............

787 days ago

john johnson    

does this caption even deserve a statement?

787 days ago


So this is the person society deems more mature then the childfree because she is going to be a mom?

787 days ago


First let me express my embarrassment at even posting a comment in a story about this pathetic excuse for entertainment. Sadly, people buy into this overly scripted nonsense as "reality," when in fact, there is nothing "real" about it at all. Until the day comes when the public demands "art" from their artists, People like this will continue to take your money, in exchange for which they will behave like her. Very sad, a pity really.

787 days ago


i don't have a problem with her using the stroller as a shopping cart but those things are rated for a 7-15 lb child, not 50 lbs of pepsi. Of course her shoes are probably overloaded as well, so i guess you get what you get.

787 days ago


It should say, Look at the TROLL and her carrying a case for her New Born.. You can never start too early?

787 days ago

Mike W    

Ahhh yes the glamourus life of white trash

787 days ago


Can you say WHITE TRASH? That poor baby coming!

787 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

Can someone please give this bitch a bath ! She always looks dirty ! Ugh I hate looking at her ! I just want to throw her in hot steamy water with a big a bar of soap or laundry detergent and some bleach you can't forget the bleach !

787 days ago


She has ****ty taste in beer. Coors???? Blech!

787 days ago


Im so tired of everyone comming down on her have you ever thought that maybe shes buying it for the others in the jersey shore house or maybe her fiance notice she also has pepsi in the stroller! give it up people and grow up

786 days ago
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