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Tom Cruise

Tops Everyone ...

In the Money Department

7/3/2012 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Tom Cruise
may not be numero uno with Katie Holmes anymore, but he's # 1 in the money department.

Forbes just came out with a list of the highest paid actors in Hollywood -- and Tom is tops at $75 mil for the period between May 2011 and May 2012. 

As we first reported, Tom won't be sharing that money with Katie, because their prenup cuts her out of his fortune.  Of course, she can challenge the prenup ... a definite possibility.

FYI ... Tom pulled in more than twice what the #2 raked in -- and that would be Leo DiCaprio and Adam Sandler at $37 mil each.


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You can inherit the world, all the while, losing your soul.

788 days ago


Fittingly, 75 million is exactly enough to buy a year's supply of Tom Cruise-strength crazy pills.

788 days ago


I'd be curious what the cult's cut is of it, tax free? Probably anywhere from 20% to half. No wonder they're sicking their goons on people night and day for trying to escape?

788 days ago


Tom the movie star is great. Tom the person is a nut case. Too bad the Scientologists don't have a way to put him in stasis between movies, pulling him out only for filming.

788 days ago


I find his per picture price strange since his openings stopped raking in big bucks years ago. I think it all started when he "blinsided" Nicole with divorce papers and then sank more when he jumped on a couch. Of course, maybe he's still big in the international market and that's why he's still paid so much.

788 days ago


I will not watch a movie if Tom Crusie is in it! He makes me sick when I look at him!

788 days ago


I bet a lot of the money Tom Cruise makes goes straight into the greedy little hands of the grand poo bah "schemer in chief" of Scientology ... David Miscavige.

He's the guy that kept Scientology going when it should have faded away after their madman founder L. Ron Hubbard died in the 80s. This 5'5" twerp with a Napoleon complex reminds me of the character "Rev. Steve Newlin" on that HBO series "True Blood" about vampires. Miscavige is like the most corrupt, money grabbing, hypocritical TV evangelist you can imagine except the dogfood he's putting under the noses of his brainwashed flock is science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard's made up "religion".

788 days ago


Marriage doesn't mean much anymore. Used to be marriage meant "two becoming one," sharing everything. "To thee all my worldly goods I endow." If I were getting married as a wealthy adult, with an existing family, I'd get a prenup, too, most likely. However, it's a real shame that's necessary. I think prenups contribute to divorce, because there is already an arranged "out."

788 days ago


If money could buy him some height, he'd be set. I don't understand why he doesn't fix that nose though... Oh well, I guess it's good enough for Rosie O'donnel and the rest of the baby boomers.

788 days ago

i said lesbians...    

He's only had what, one hit (mi:4) in the past 6 years and he gets 75 mil? wtf?!

788 days ago


Sandler and Leo are WAY SEXIER then crazy cruise. I would pay to see Adam. Toms an arogant egomaniacial evil cult 2nd in command, sceintology sucks toms balls...its not at all sexy. WHY is he even getting work who WANTS to watch Tom. He is short his nose is ****ed up and he is INSANE!

788 days ago


Im not done! Katies way younger then me but she looks older.....all that have the best skin care products, best food, best spas, best of it all and she looks OLD....old and with Tom doesnt look to sexy on her. I hope she recorvers and regains some of her lost youth it was only a few years but like a sucubuss Tom consumed her soul

788 days ago


Johnny Depp is the highest paid actor.
His contract for Pirates 5 included 20% of the GROSS earnings, he raked in $350 MILLION.
He was paid $500 MILLION for that crappy Alice and Wonderland movie.

788 days ago


EXCLUSIVE: Cousin of Katie Holmes reveals the REAL reason behind TomKat split

788 days ago


He may have all the money, but doesn't change the fact that he's alone and still creepy as ever.

788 days ago
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