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Tom Cruise

Tops Everyone ...

In the Money Department

7/3/2012 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Tom Cruise
may not be numero uno with Katie Holmes anymore, but he's # 1 in the money department.

Forbes just came out with a list of the highest paid actors in Hollywood -- and Tom is tops at $75 mil for the period between May 2011 and May 2012. 

As we first reported, Tom won't be sharing that money with Katie, because their prenup cuts her out of his fortune.  Of course, she can challenge the prenup ... a definite possibility.

FYI ... Tom pulled in more than twice what the #2 raked in -- and that would be Leo DiCaprio and Adam Sandler at $37 mil each.


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So what it goes stright to Scientology. I don't think Katie Holmes will dispute the pre-nup she has plenty of her own money. Child support yes, whatever that may be. Holmes getting out of 'Cruise Control ' (I just made that up) and keeping her daughter as far away from Scientology as she can.

844 days ago


" Now, Mama said there's only so much fortune a man really needs, and the rest is just for showing off. And I don't mean giving to Scientology.

844 days ago


Let's see how much he makes in 2013 after this entire mess -- how mahy will pay to watch his movies. Then again that kind of money goes a long way so he may not need to make any more money. ha!

844 days ago


There's a Mormon trying to become president and you're worried about the small cult of Scientology and what Tom Cruise believes in. NEWS FLASH! All religions/cults were started by science fiction writers. L Ron. Hubbard wasn't the first of his kind.

844 days ago


Well THANK GOODNESS!!! Those Scientology courses are expensive. Wouldn't want the poor guy to not be "clear".

Ugh...he makes me sick.

844 days ago


Say what you like about the guy he is a great actor ,but he is a religious fanatic.

844 days ago

The Real Victim    

How much is that from the PONZI SCHEME...

ya know, the one headed up by XENU?

844 days ago


$75M should buy him a dumb young bride

844 days ago


The bulk of his money is from overseas. Tom Cruise is not really a box office draw in the States. $75 million is very generic. What did he actually make in his pocket and sent to Scientology?

844 days ago


I wonder who the next coochie-mama will be?

844 days ago


Of course, 75 mil minus Scientology's cut. And I am sure you bozo's will be willing to pay $20.00 a ticket to see his next film. Do any of you do anything other than go to movies and watch TV?

844 days ago


LIKE if you think the Church of $cientology is paying TMZ to boost Tom's image. Either that, or they are threatening a frivolous lawsuit if TMZ posts anything else that points out the truth about Tom's homosexuality/How much $ Tom rakes in from the church, or anything else "defamatory" about TommmyGirl

844 days ago


WHO CARES!!!!! Hey Harvey, Scientology must have some really juicy pictures of you in compromising positions because since yesterday you have been one of the frontrunners in the "let's see high my nose will go up his crack" contest.

844 days ago


First off, Katie doesn't have to worry about money - she has plenty of her own. Second, I heard from a very reliable source that the prenup had certain stipulations, several of which Tom broke, so you can bet she will be getting some of his "fortune". It will likely be settled quickly and include some type of non-disclosure agreement between the two. I've also heard that Tom will not dispute the custody, either, for fear of what will come out, if he does. The tabloid media is making far too big of a deal out of this whole thing.

844 days ago


I bet most of the cash belongs to xenu.

844 days ago
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