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Tom Cruise

Tops Everyone ...

In the Money Department

7/3/2012 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Tom Cruise
may not be numero uno with Katie Holmes anymore, but he's # 1 in the money department.

Forbes just came out with a list of the highest paid actors in Hollywood -- and Tom is tops at $75 mil for the period between May 2011 and May 2012. 

As we first reported, Tom won't be sharing that money with Katie, because their prenup cuts her out of his fortune.  Of course, she can challenge the prenup ... a definite possibility.

FYI ... Tom pulled in more than twice what the #2 raked in -- and that would be Leo DiCaprio and Adam Sandler at $37 mil each.


No Avatar


how much of that belongs to xenu?

788 days ago


Small hands, small feet, short = big bank account.

788 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

With so many suffering from money problems in America, that is disgusting! We The People need to stop supporting these overpaid entertainers and athletes for that matter. The rich are getting richer and the middle working class are going to the poor house. The Country is burning.

788 days ago


I think the reason Sandler came in 3rd is because he makes at least 5 crappy movies a year.

788 days ago


I haven't seen one of sandler's movies in years. Is he charging $100,000 per ticket now. Based on the last one i saw, he must be, to make 37 million.

788 days ago

Joy Kincaid    

I doubt if I'll ever watch anything with Tom Cruise in it, ever again. Here's a guy who is filthy rich and doesn't want his ex-wife to walk away with any money, after putting up with his sorry, controlling, ass, for five years, and giving him his only "natural" child. How pathetic he is.

788 days ago


the thing that gets me is: adam sandler 37 million? wow....he sucks.

788 days ago


I had no idea that's what the 75 Million Dollar Bill looked like. Huh.

788 days ago


He hasn't even starred in anything worthwhile in a long time.

788 days ago


BFD! The man owns United Artists, he can pay himself whatever he wants. It doesn't change the fact that he's a complete and utter nut job and his movies STINK! By the way, never ever ever found him attractive. Not even in Risky Business.

788 days ago


Dirty stinking Scientology money!

788 days ago


Tom isn't getting all that $ from movies. The money he makes from films are about equal to Adam Sandler, or less considering all of his recent movies have been flops. Majority of the $ he makes is from $cientology. Why? because the "church" uses Tom as it's biggest pawn. They pay him bucketloads to show up at co$ events. & they probably pay him even more to stick around in the cult. The "church" of Scientology is one of the biggest money making pyramid schemes.. the reason Tom is so rich? he's at the top of that pyramid with scam leader David Miscavidge.

I guarantee that the Church is communicating with TMZ behind the scenes. They are either paying TMZ to begin posting things that boost Tom up, or threatening to SUE if they post anything else that puts him in a bad light, or post the truth about Tom's homosexuality.. and the truth about how much money Tom gets from the "church"

Stalking is Scientology's big weapon. It is well known, and well do***ented that they use church recruit's $ to hire private investigators, computer techs, and even their own members to stalk, and dig and dig and dig. Once they find the littlest compromising thing about a detractor of the church, or anyone that has anything negative to say, they will BLOW it out of proportion. They have been known to file frivolous lawsuits to defame and suck every single penny out of people. They also like to publish nasty attacks in their "religious" publication, Freedom Magazine.

Example; The XENU story, made popular by South Park, was brought to the public's attention by a long gone ex-member. They sued the sh!!t out of him!! because they made public "copyrighted material". They didn't want people to know the Xenu story.. not only because it was a batsh!!t insane fairytale written by a drugged-up science fiction writer.. but because it is a core belief of the"church" (SERIOUSLY!!) that Xenu infested humans with space aliens millions of years ago. "church" recruits pay upwards of $500,000 dollars, just to find out the B.S Xenu story.. and just to find out that there are "space aliens in your body" That's Scientology in a nutshell. The courses you pay tons of $ for, the auditing, is to "help control those aliens" They didn't want that belief out there because people would obviously think it's phony. But most importantly... because unsuspecting recruits pay the "church" TONS AND TONS OF MONEY TO FIND THAT OUT.

788 days ago


meanwhile teachers who we count on to educate our youth get peanuts.yet this guy gets 75 mil just for acting in front of a camera

788 days ago


Let it keep him warm at night. Small man... small p....

788 days ago


Simple solution. Don't drop a DIME on ANYTHING related to Tom "Nutjob" Cruise. He's an awful actor - absolutely NO TALENT WHATSOEVER. If his box office numbers go limp as a eunich's equipment, then he disappears and we don't have to be bothered by his very presence. I'm so glad Katie has escaped and I hope she gets FULL custody...for that child's sake!

788 days ago
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