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Katie Holmes

I Don't Want Scientology Interrogating Suri

7/4/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes
desperately wanted to save Suri from a form of interrogation practiced by the Church of Scientology that she was steadfastly against ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Katie tell TMZ, back in 2005 she had witnessed Tom's other kids participating in a Scientology ritual she found to be troubling ... and feared Tom would drag Suri through the same process.

Ex-Scientologists call the process "sec checking."  Here's the way it works.  The subject holds electrode handles on a device called an e-meter and is then asked a series of personal questions that help the Church locate "areas of spiritual distress."

Some ex-Scientologists claim the questions include:

-- What has somebody told you not to tell?
-- Have you ever decided you did not like some member of your family?
-- Have you ever bullied a smaller child?
-- Have you ever lied to a teacher?
-- Have you ever done something you were very much ashamed of?
-- Have you ever refused to obey an order from someone you should obey?
-- Have you ever gotten yourself dirty on purpose?

During the process, a person called an "auditor" collects e-meter readings.

Several ex-Scientologists have come out against "sec checking," claiming it's a mild form of psychological terrorism designed, in part, to get children to report on their parents.

We're told Katie would have none of it and it is one of the reasons she broke from the Church and ultimately Tom.


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Is that the Fisher-Price My First E-Meter.
looks like a toy.
I wish these people would just drink the kool-aid already.

811 days ago


she has the right to do whatever she wants this is not a country that forces people to do whatever they want no church has to right to do any of that stuff to any one if she don't want to be a part of it its her right

811 days ago


what kind of inbred tards interrogate children? or adults for that matter - wtf kind of contraption is that....sickos are alll going to rot in hell...there are many beliefs in this world, which I respect, but this bunch of sci-fi freaks needs to be banished

810 days ago


Scientology is science fiction. TMZ and Harvey paying James Mee for Gibson's police report isn't fiction, it appears to be fact by their silence.

810 days ago


We did this at the mall for fun. Its bull. The aluminum cans detect changes in the hands and determine how you feel. Right. Keep on smoking that crack.

810 days ago


Good for her. She made a mistake, and instead of whining about it, she made a plan, stan!

810 days ago


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810 days ago


Isn't kind of funny how the 'founder' of Scientology was a Sci-Fi writer? Gee, no wonder he was able to 'make up' all kinds of things for this 'made up' so called religion. It amazes me how gullable some people are. It's a cult, plain and simple...a made up one at that! LOL

810 days ago


This is all something she should have thought about before getting involved with Tom. Was she living under a rock before she met him?

810 days ago


Tom shouldnt force little Suri into scientology.
Katie is doing the right thing!
But she should let Tom have visiting rights.

810 days ago


Katie Holmes the world of the sane has missed you deeply. Tom Cruise on the other hand yOU! MUST BE MADE TO DISAPPEAR AND THE CRAZIES IN YOUR RELIGION. SP'S RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

810 days ago

Ernest De Brew    

It seems like Suri is being preyed by child molesters or other predators. I don't blame Katie for protecting her. As much as the marriage to Tom had to end unfortunately, she did what was best for their daughter.

810 days ago


Pretty !!

810 days ago

What I Think    

I think I'll become a Moonie.

810 days ago


What happened to ...not entered into unadvisedly, but reverently, discreetly, soberly ....? Anyway, we all make mistakes. Wish her good luck.

810 days ago
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