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Katie Holmes

I Don't Want Scientology Interrogating Suri

7/4/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes
desperately wanted to save Suri from a form of interrogation practiced by the Church of Scientology that she was steadfastly against ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Katie tell TMZ, back in 2005 she had witnessed Tom's other kids participating in a Scientology ritual she found to be troubling ... and feared Tom would drag Suri through the same process.

Ex-Scientologists call the process "sec checking."  Here's the way it works.  The subject holds electrode handles on a device called an e-meter and is then asked a series of personal questions that help the Church locate "areas of spiritual distress."

Some ex-Scientologists claim the questions include:

-- What has somebody told you not to tell?
-- Have you ever decided you did not like some member of your family?
-- Have you ever bullied a smaller child?
-- Have you ever lied to a teacher?
-- Have you ever done something you were very much ashamed of?
-- Have you ever refused to obey an order from someone you should obey?
-- Have you ever gotten yourself dirty on purpose?

During the process, a person called an "auditor" collects e-meter readings.

Several ex-Scientologists have come out against "sec checking," claiming it's a mild form of psychological terrorism designed, in part, to get children to report on their parents.

We're told Katie would have none of it and it is one of the reasons she broke from the Church and ultimately Tom.


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Heather W    

When I first looked at the list I thought "well none of those questions are all so bad.." But then I thought "wait what the F is wrong with my mindset" oh right, it's my crazy Momon upbringing.

In comparaision the questions asked in Scientology are nothing compared to what is asked by a Mormon Bishop when he questions a mormon youth in yearly interviews. I used to be asked personal questions with eleborate details about my sex life. I was asked if I masturbated, if I was sexually active, how far exactly I had gone sexually, if I had allowed anyone to fondle my breasts or touch my vagina. The bishop wanted details like with who and how many times. I was then told I needed to repent of my sins and start having monthly councils with the Bishop to let him know how I was doing on my spritual progress.

This was not some random creeper Bishop who happened to be a total pervert. This is common practice amoung Mormon Bishops. The questions asked of me were questions asked of all mormon youth. I'll take scientology anyday. lol!

809 days ago


Se Org has also been proven to take young children on as cadets both in the US and in other countries such as Australia ...Thanks for the information and success.

809 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Any one who claims to be a Scientologist is IN "EXTREME" serious DISTRESS!!!! Their brains are caught into their "backsides"- Thats where Cruises brain is!!! Its an organization of Clowns and Idiots- stated by H Ron Hubbard who thought is was a JOKE then, but Stupid people didnt recognize that thats what it was--- They are the same kind of people who worship people like Charlie Sheen, Howard Stern, Joan Rivers as "intelligent" human beings?????? What a SAD society we live in--

809 days ago


I keep writing this, get Paris Hilton' Vegas guy. Nothing moves unless he moves.

809 days ago


I understand Katie's trying to prevent Suri from being tested. But what's to stop Tom from having it done when the kid is visiting him.

809 days ago

joe gillis    

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
HCO Policy Letter of 18 October 1967,
Issue IV
(Applies both Orgs and Sea Org)
LIABILITY Suspension of pay and a dirty grey rag on left arm and day
and night confinement to org premises.
TREASON Suspension of pay and deprivation of all uniforms and insignia,
a black mark on left cheek and confinement on org premises or
dismissal from post and debarment from premises.
DOUBT Debarment from premises. Not to be employed. Payment of fine
amounting to any sum may have cost org. Not to be trained or
processed. Not to be communicated or argue with.
ENEMY SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by
any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the
Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.
Copyright (c) 1967 Founder
by L. Ron Hubbard

809 days ago


Really I don't think religion should be shoved down a Childs throat, it should be a CHOICE. I mean I suffered with having to go to a French catholic church,weekly, I spoke english@ 5/6, my grand mother forced me to watch a do***entary on the burning of the Jews, not to mention having a priest for lunch 2 times a week. Harvey 2sides to a marriage/divorce .. Kate has been miserable, clearly, Tom has been a bully with HIS CHOICE of religion, Tom is a MOVIE STAR not a doctor, he should grab a bit of class, let Katie go, and let Suri have a choice of what religion she wants, kudos for her for having the guts to leave.. Harvey u need to back off, were u given a CHOICE, no u born to it. Your faith is kind and compassionate, not believing in mental torcher of people who don't conform???
Happy 4th of July , remember your & my soliders r fighting for the freedom of CHOICE, let's not in effect negate their suffering and loss of life, by supporting a hypocrite like Tom cruise

809 days ago


It is my theory that she got pregnant with Tom accidentally... He hadn't gotten anyone else pregnant after years of trying so Katie and Tom probably were not worried about pregnancy happening at all... SO, I think his "jumping on Oprah's couch" episode wasn't just a reaction to "being in love" but an over-the-moon reaction to learning he got Katie pregnant!! What a shock and surprise to all!!! He was ecstatic and jumped and jumped and jumped!!! Katie was blindsided both by dating her childhood crush and now with being pregnant by a guy who thought he couldn't get anyone pregnant. Suri WAS born earlier than what was put out in the press, but not because she wasn't Tom's, but because she was conceived early on in their dating. Too early... Couch jumping = Tom being happy about getting Katie pregnant. Katie had no time to process or make decisions about Scientology or this or that... she was swept away.

809 days ago


So she saw Tom;s kids doing this ritual in 2005 and she STILL married him? What a stupid woman!

I have no pity for her. She knew exactly what she was getting onto.

809 days ago


I'm completely on Katie's side with this and wish her and Suri the very best... but I have to wonder why Katie got involved with Tom in the first place knowing he was a hardcore Scientologist. I also wonder why it took her so many years to finally come to her senses. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad she's finally standing up for herself and Suri, but it just makes me wonder why she stayed so long in the first place. If I were her I would have ran and never looked back as soon as he tried to change my name to Kate and told me I couldn't make any sounds while giving birth. This guy is such a head case it's not even funny. You can just see the arrogance and self righteousness pouring off this guy. It also seems like he puts up a front with people and acts how he thinks THEY want him to act, but is a completely different person behind closed doors. Like I said, I wish Katie and Suri the very best. Honestly, when Katie and Tom first got together, I lost some respect for her... but what she's doing now is definitely respect worthy. Those Scientologists can be VERY evil and dangerous people. I hope Katie and Suri are kept safe and Katie gets custody of Suri. Scientology needs to be exposed for what it really is.... a cult!

809 days ago

Jonathan Hekmatian    

Like seriously, TMZ is turning me into a scientologist. Let's say if I filed a divorce and asked for sole custody of the child from my very rich husband because I did not want my child to be raised in the Jewish church when my husband wants to plan my child a Barmitzvah. Jesus Christ, or in this case, L. Ron Hubbard.

809 days ago


Scientology isn't a religion, it's a dangerous cult. Here in Germany Scientology is rightly observed by the protection of the constitution. And they must not call themselves officially church. Scientology is an inhuman cult to get power and influence in politics and making a lot of bucks by destroying people.

809 days ago


I'm so sick of Katie Holmes, She and her lawyer father knew all about these before she got married . She is a nasty woman wearing young innocent mask.
Katie lied and deceived Tom until last minute . She orchestrated this mischievously
and tricked her husband without trying to voice her concern if there was any in a communicative way.
She is using anti Scientology media to hide her hidden agenda. She is not trustworthy.
Tom on the other hand is "what you see what you get" , his children are very normal.
Katie could back out from the begining as Penelope Cruse did , but she played Tom
and and she is still on it. Nasty woman.

809 days ago


@your right lucas - i'm sure shelly is just hanging around the basement w/ l. ron ubbard

809 days ago

buzz kill    

Scientology is not a religon, its a cult. The only thing Scientologists worship is money and power.

809 days ago
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