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Leonardo DiCaprio

New Summer

New Supermodel

7/5/2012 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In honor of Leonardo DiCaprio's latest supermodel conquest, Erin Heatherton -- and her bikini -- we're saluting all of his perfect 10 beachmates ... and there have been MANY!

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New Summer
New Supermodel
Much better than:

Michael Jackson
New Summer
New Pre-teen boy

837 days ago


She's not very cute. He's had better. But he is still lucky to get this one.

837 days ago

your own luck    

Well, I am glad he cleans up well when need be because he looks homeless in these photos. If he was a truck driver and looked like that, do you think any of these women would give him the time of day.

837 days ago

Action Jackson    

Somebody buy that skinny bitch a cheeseburger!

837 days ago

el polacko    

"dating a supermodel" is code for 'gay'. tobey maguire's mom (accidentally)spilled-the-beans, years ago, about her son and leo's relationship.

837 days ago


TMZ, you are making me tell you again!! She is not a SUPERMODEL!! that era is dead, over, done, kaput! caller what she really is, just a Victoria's Secret Model okay? These girls are not even close to doing the things that the super models did.

Max you must be writing these huh? Dude just stop it...

837 days ago


TMZ little hung boys, you are the only one's the idolize DiCaprio for his string of supermodels. If this was an ACTRESS going through men they way he does women, she'd be labeled Hollywood's biggest whore.'
TMZ's, little hung boys, can't get laid with the ladies so you constantly post pictures of SUPERMODELS. Have y'all realized yet, you must be closet gays because NOT ONE of these "SUPERMODEL"S" are sporting a SUPER BODY, they are all built like 12 year old boys, and y'all like this?

837 days ago


I actually crack up when TMZ posts about these "MODELS" then give you their measurements. I'm sorry 36-24-36, as Sir Mix A Lot says, only if she's 5 foot three. 36 in the chest doesn't mean a C cup, if her height it almost six foot which most models are VERY TALL that gives her hardly any boobs. 24 inch waist, yup she's got the small stuff and that 36 hips could entail 20 inches and 16 inches of BABY GOT BACK. Guys really, I appreciate a well tone female body, someone built right, takes care of herself and works out, handing me a "SUPERMODEL" that has a body less than my 26 year old son, just gives me the heebie jeebies.

837 days ago

Scott Levy    

She's just the latest in a long line of beards for Leo.

837 days ago


there is plenty of talk about this guy leo. he is turning more and more into the howard hughes character he played in the aviator.
word is that he showers like once a week because he thinks he's saving the environment and his mansion smells like an unkempt kennel and those who know him DO NOT want to go visit because of the smell.
alot of chicks will not put up with a dude who smells like 2 week-old, unchanged underwear.

837 days ago


It's gotta be the money...cause he's not exactly attractive, maybe in a boy like manner but definitely not manly. Tubber...

837 days ago


He obviously uses the fame and the money to score these gorgeous girls, because he is not handsome or fit.

837 days ago


Leo better find himself another "Arnie Grape" role to get his career back on track!

837 days ago


Yuck, he's just gross. His scraggly facial hair, beady, squinty eyes, he looks like a sociopath or something. Not enough money in the world would make me sleep with him. Yes, occasionally when he's clean cut and in a suit he is Johnny Depp, but otherwise those two are two peas in a pod.

837 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Leo to Erin: "Come on... let me rub this bottle of mustard all over you just this once. It'll be good for your skin."

837 days ago
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