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Tom & Katie


7/5/2012 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0705_tom_katie_Splash2Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes barely looked each other in the eyes on what we're told was their final meal together as a couple.

The photo was snapped on June 16th in Reykjavik, Iceland, where Tom was shooting his new movie. Katie filed for divorce in New York less than two weeks later on June 28th.

TMZ broke the story ... Tom and Katie were sleeping apart in the weeks leading up to the divorce filing. And according to her divorce docs, Katie insists her marriage had been "irretrievably broken" for at least 6 months before that.

As we reported, Tom was "blindsided" by Katie's decision to divorce -- but as you can see in the pic ... the writing was on the wall.


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Members of the Church of Scientology turned Isabella and Connor Cruise against their mother Nicole Kidman following her split with their father Tom Cruise, according to a shocking new report.

Cruise, 50, is just beginning his custody battle with his last wife, Katie Holmes over their daughter together, Suri Cruise, but according to ex-high ranking Scientologist Marty Rathbun, Scientologists campaigned heavily against second wife, Nicole to cut her out of the lives of Isabella and Connor.
Rathbun claims he saw a Celebrity Center member giving “false information” to Bella and Connor and said he told them their mother is a "sociopath."

“[Redacted] told them over and over again their mother was a sociopath, and after a while they believed him," Rathbun told The Hollywood Reporter.
"They had daily sessions with [redacted]. I was there. I saw it."

Following Tom and Nicole’s divorce he won custody of their children and their daughter Isabella recently said that she has repaired her relationship with her mom.
“I love mom,” she told New Idea. “She’s my mom. She’s great. I see her sometimes [in Nashville] and I speak to her.”

Karen De La Carriere, the ex-wife of former Scientologist president Heber Jentzsch, told The Hollywood Reporter that Katie is not going to give up her child.
“By filing for sole custody of Suri, [Holmes is] making it very clear she's not going to let what happened with Nicole Kidman happen to her."
De La Carriere also claims that Katie “may be legitimately scared for her daughter,” and said “Scientology deliberately turned the two adopted children of Cruise and Kidman against Kidman during and after the divorce.”
An attorney for the Church of Scientology slammed the report, telling The Hollywood Reporter: "All of these people are excommunicated self-promoters who are sadly exploiting a private family matter for their own personal financial gain. . . . They cannot be believed given they have acquired no firsthand knowledge of the church for many years and have a record of making false and/or misleading statements about the church."
Katie has filed for divorce in New York and confirmed that Tom is planning to fight her for custody of their daughter.

777 days ago


Why oh why david beckman?

777 days ago


A picture of two people looking at menus. Gad, TMZ.

777 days ago

CJ, Oz    

I have always enjoyed Tom's films but:

1. The sofa thing was just off
2. The PDA's with Katie were off
3. The way Jett Travolta sadly died was way off
4. Cruise's reaction to Matt on TV - scary control freak
5. Cruise's reaction to be sprayed with water, don't get me wrong any person would be annoyed but he zoned in on the person in a really scary way
6. The way in which the head of this church's wife is missing is just frightening
7. For Murdoch to publicly condemn this church is a huge deal
8. For Kidman to lose custody & also clearly have her own children turned against her is vile
9. Travolta is clearly gay - and I don't mind one bit
10. Cruise is clearly bisexual or gay & using beards
11. I find this whole situation incredibly threatening & am relieved for Ms Holmes that the press are following her every move for her own safety
6. I've watched Cruise's movies for years but on the basis of everything that is coming out right now (except for him) I want nothing to do with his work again he has some major & very dark forces around him.

Finally good luck to his soon to be ex wife, she has nothing but my support & sympathy.

777 days ago


Who even knew who this gal was before she married him?

777 days ago


Katie Holms is trying to pull a Anna Nichole Smith she tried something similar. Anna went to LA and filed bankruptsy and told A LA bankruptsy judge her deceased husband in texas left her 400million dollars and the bankruptsy judge awarded that to ANNA before J Howard Marshal estate went to Probate court. then after appeal after appeal in LA and texas the case went to the US Supreme court and Anna Estate lost big. the same could happen to Katie filing a case in the wrong state.

777 days ago

billy cema    

The headline should be more accurate; It should be, Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes -- THEIR Last Supper!
5 yrs is a long time to act as a beard. She helped the public think Tom is a heterosexual. That's gotta be worth millions!
Fox News seems to be on Team Tom. Their reporter openly wondered why Tom, the biological father of Suri isn't sharing custody of Suri.

777 days ago


Enough Cruise bashing already. There are two sides to every story.

1.KH fears for her daughter's future. But she was happy enough to be called mom, by Tom's other kids. Why didn't she intervene then and encourage them to stay in touch with Kidman?

2.If a man treated a woman like this, opting for sole custody and briefing against her, like Holmes' people have done, you'd all slaughter the man for his behaviour. You don't keep children from their parents, unless they're abusers.

3. TC is clearly an obsessive workaholic. But that's not news. The articles through the years have shown this to be true, so why is anyone surprised that he spends so much time away filming? There are bankers, lawyers, politicians, etc putting in the same hours.

4. As I've said before, KH had 18 months to see what life with Cruise would be like and yet she still married him.

5. Would anyone be talking about Katie Holmes at all if she hadn't married Cruise? Maybe this is why she did. To raise her profile and boost her career. It hasn't worked, audiences aren't flocking to the screens to watch her movies. That's not Cruise's fault.

6. I couldn't care less if Tom is gay/bisexual or straight. But the fact that so many people on these boards slate him for the possibility of being gay, makes me realise why it's so hard for high profile gay people to come out.

7. He's an actor. He's an actor. He's an actor. The films he stars in are entertaining make believe. That's his job. Why so much hatred because his wife chooses to leave him? What's it got to do with anyone, other than Holmes and Cruise?

777 days ago


TMZ , you guys are fools. You're either posting non stories or Pro Tommy girl stories because Scientology bought you off. Yuck, I'll be going to Radar Online now.

776 days ago


Tom isn't getting all that $ from movies. The money he makes from films are about equal to Adam Sandler, or less considering all of his recent movies have been flops. Majority of the $ he makes is from $cientology. Why? because the "church" uses Tom as it's biggest pawn. They pay him bucketloads to show up at co$ events. & they probably pay him even more to stick around in the cult. The "church" of Scientology is one of the biggest money making pyramid schemes.. the reason Tom is so rich? he's at the top of that pyramid with scam leader David Miscavidge.I guarantee that the Church is communicating with TMZ behind the scenes. They are either paying TMZ to begin posting things that boost Tom up, or threatening to SUE if they post anything else that puts him in a bad light, or post the truth about Tom's homosexuality.. and the truth about how much money Tom gets from the "church"Stalking is Scientology's big weapon. It is well known, and well do***ented that they use church recruit's $ to hire private investigators, computer techs, and even their own members to stalk, and dig and dig and dig. Once they find the littlest compromising thing about a detractor of the church, or anyone that has anything negative to say, they will BLOW it out of proportion. They have been known to file frivolous lawsuits to defame and suck every single penny out of people. They also like to publish nasty attacks in their "religious" publication, Freedom Magazine.Example; The XENU story, made popular by South Park, was brought to the public's attention by a long gone ex-member. They sued the sh!!t out of him!! because they made public "copyrighted material". They didn't want people to know the Xenu story.. not only because it was a batsh!!t insane fairytale written by a drugged-up science fiction writer.. but because it is a core belief of the"church" (SERIOUSLY!!) that Xenu infested humans with space aliens millions of years ago. "church" recruits pay upwards of $500,000 dollars, just to find out the B.S Xenu story.. and just to find out that there are "space aliens in your body" That's Scientology in a nutshell. The courses you pay tons of $ for, the auditing, is to "help control those aliens" They didn't want that belief out there because people would obviously think it's phony. But most importantly... because unsuspecting recruits pay the "church" TONS AND TONS OF MONEY TO FIND THAT OUT.

776 days ago


How could he have been blindsided? She looks miserable in every recent photograph with him. I don't believe a word his camp says. When will the rest of the disinformation be coming from his team? Oh yeah, after they invent it! Poor Katie!

776 days ago


I can't see the writing on the wall by the pic?

775 days ago


If I remember correctly, Nicole Kidman was "blindsided" by Tom Cruise when they got divorced. I'm relieved Katie is divorcing him - He's a jerk.

775 days ago


I am amazed to compare before and after pictures of Katie! She rarely smiled in the years with Tom. Was she being 'medicated' without her knowledge??

774 days ago


i dont think Tom believe that Tom is gay and I dont think thats the reason for his marital problems. I think he is probably really self centered and just can't be bothered. But who knows this dude has been a big rich movie star for decades he has his own rules. Just Saying

774 days ago
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