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Tom Cruise

Katie is Using Suri as a Weapon

7/5/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have cut off all contact with each other, and her people are making it difficult for Tom to have contact with his daughter ... sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Although Tom now has "absolutely no contact with Katie," his people are negotiating/bickering with Katie's people over when and how Tom can talk to Suri. We're told Tom does speak with his daughter by phone at least once a day, but sources connected with Tom say it hasn't been easy. 

We're told when Tom's on the phone with Suri, there is one place he has not gone ... he has NOT discussed the breakup of his marriage with his daughter.

As for when Tom will attempt to see Suri ... sources say it's not going to happen for awhile. We're told Tom was in L.A. for the 4th but he's leaving before the weekend to shoot his new movie in the Rockies.

Our sources say things are "really bitter now" between Tom and Katie. He feels betrayed by her and thinks she is using Suri as a weapon.

And you don't need sources to know one thing -- if he's blocked from seeing Suri, his lawyers will make a beeline for court.


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she looks like the kid from The Grudge

807 days ago


No, TMZ, Suri is not being used as a weapon. Instead she is the main reason for the divorce. Katie has made it clear, and we all agree with her, that she has to be rescued from crazy Tom and the alien cult. That does not make her a weapon but instead the victim being rescued. Now who in their right mind believes a science fiction novel/religion written by a paranoid schizophrenic science fiction writer, Ron Hubbard, who said if you want to control people, invent a religion for them.

807 days ago


Katie has no right to keep Suri from her father. It's not like she didn't know what he was into before they married and had a child together. He deserves access to his child just as much as she does. I think it is a big mistake to deny him that right. As a mother of step kids I know what its like for a father trying to see his kids, but if a payment is late then he's an unfit father. A man is not just a wallet, it is really sad that she is using Suri like this Let's see who ends up paying for ALL the Lawyers, I'm sure she will have Tom pay for it all and just to see his own daughter, let her pay then she wouldn't fight to keep him away. Lawyers do end up so wealthy when it comes to divorce and custody. Her father I am sure is on the payroll as well. How many lawyers does she have and she is not a resident of NYC. She is a liar and to pretend she was still in love with him saying I love you in front of Suri and now keeping her away from Tom, the poor child must be so confused and she's worried about his religion, what she is doing is awful and tells a lot about her character.

807 days ago


Where exactly did you get that photo TMZ?

807 days ago


When you read how that freakazoid Scientologists spy on people & monitor them & have them cut off from their family so God forbid their family doesn't ask them what in the world are they doing, I don't know how she made it 5 yrs. She earned every dime she gets & Scientologists are worse than the mafia with intimidation, lawyers, threats to bully people. How in the hell does anyone join that Cult?

807 days ago


@brad...I agree. Who want's to live like that. You're every moved is watched, how to think what to feel, what you can and can not do. Enough already. Scientology shoved down your throat 24/7.

If Scientology would just go away from their daughter this divorce could be somewhat civil. Curise won't let that happen.

Sadly, Holmes will have to fight just as dirty as everyone knows Cruise will do. Difference is Katie is fighting for her daughters protection, Cruise is fighting for his ego.

No one does this to Tom Cruise.

If Cruise cares so much for his daughter and Scientology seems to be the major bulk for the split. Why not just say Ok no Scientlogy for Suri and have joint custody. Cruise won't do that.

807 days ago


Tom is too brainwashed to break free of sciencefictionology. Marry a scieno next time Tom.

If scientologists are so 'superior' (according to scientologists, that is), why would Tom dare marry someone who isn't a devout member of that cult in the first place? Isn't Kirstie Alley available?

807 days ago


Since Tom just played a 1980s rock star in the movie "Rock of Ages", he should listen to this old "38 Special" song called "Hold On Loosely". He should read the lyrics. This song will tell him why Katie is out of his life now and probably Suri too. It's a song that tells the guys out there that you better not be a control freak and try to smother and lock your girlfriend or wife away like she's your possession. That's a surefire way of losing her forever. Katie is probably a very independent minded woman with her set of beliefs about various things. She's nobody's possession or "trophy wife". She can handle life as a single parent just fine and continue to be successful in her career. She's also a typical very protective "momma bear" too. You mess with her cub too much and the claws come out and she's going to show him her fangs.

807 days ago


What a non-story. Tom talks to Suri every day on the phone and CHOOSES not to see her, as he is jetting all over the world making movies. Who are your "Sources"- the Co$ lawyers? We all saw how quick TMZ pulled that one article critical of the cult, and now all of a sudden we have these untrue stories trying to make Katie look bad. Bottom line, he talks to his kid every day and could see her if he wasn't in Iceland/the Rockies/whatever far away place he goes to that day.

807 days ago


Always thought Tom was a strange little man and I suspect he is a control freak!! Hope she and her daughter can get away from him but it will be a battle!! However I am sure Katie has stories she can tell and Tom won't want this to happen!!

807 days ago


To all those commenting as if they know the whole truth, STOP defending! FACT - She is a dumb **s to have a kid and marry him within a year of dating. Did she really think that baby was going to be Catholic? oh please people gimme a break. I personally suspect she has other critical reasons to leave him and now she is using his religion as a tool. For God's sake she married in a Scientology faith/cult church or whatever you wanna call it. She was never forced... and don't tell me she was too young to make decisions by herself... she comes across to me as a professional manipulative b****; she agreed to have a prenup and get paid $3mil each year of marriage in case they calculated! Who wants to bet that she'll never have a great career? FYI I'm not a fond of both crazy cult obsessed Tom and manipulative b**** Katie.

807 days ago


Why didn't this woman check out Tom's religion more closely before marrying and having a child with him? She knew he was a Scientologist, now she is going to punish him by keeping his daughter away from him based on that? Irregardless of how weird Scientology might be, it doesn't seem fair to do that to a six year old kid and her dad.

807 days ago


So TMZ, is your source Tom's PR person? Your coverage so far is ridiculously one sided. - Team Katie Holmes.

807 days ago


They almost 100% of the time use children as weapons of war, this alone should cost them custody. It is WAY past time that men started getting justice in divorce court. We have to provide for them after they leave, get TERRORIZED to see our children, the list goes on an on and unless the mother is on crack and has the kid listed on craigslist you dont stand a chance. Even then if she "gets clean" kid gets handed right back over. Fathers rights are trampled on daily.

807 days ago


Why is it that everyone in hollywood are to scare of those CRAZY people from Scientology??/ I thought TMZ was better than that!!! Tom Cruzre is a nut case sure hope Katie gets as far away as she can with the kid. Religion is NOT to be full of secrets like scientology is but what the hell do i know eh!! Sure hope TMZ reports the full picture & not the tom side we will see if you are affarid of them or not eh.....

807 days ago
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