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Justin Bieber

L.A. Councilman Says

Arrest His Ass!

7/6/2012 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
just got cited for speeding on the freeway, and the witness who called 911 -- who happens to be an L.A. City Councilman -- tells TMZ, Bieber should have been cuffed, locked up, and stripped of his driving privileges.

L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine -- who ironically was an LAPD motor officer for 18 years -- was on the 101 Freeway when he saw Justin in his chrome Fisker Karma roaring down the freeway at speeds that Zine says exceeded 100 mph.

Zine tells us ... Bieber was trying to shake a team of paparazzi (NOT TMZ) that was on his tail. 

Zine says, "Bieber was driving like a maniac. He was weaving in and out of traffic. There was hardly any space between cars as he weaved from lane to lane."

Zine says, "If I was on patrol, I would have arrested him for reckless driving. I was going 60 and he drove by me like he was in a rocket ship. He was a maniac." Zine called in to "TMZ Live" moments ago to explain exactly why he thinks Bieber belongs behind bars.

070612_zine_tmzlive_v2_launchZine also says the paparazzi were incredibly irresponsible, driving on the shoulder of the freeway and causing an extreme hazard. After he was pulled over, at least 4 paps were swarming Bieb's car.

070612_bieber_ticket_v2_launchBieber's manager, Scooter Braun, tells TMZ, Zine "is just a councilman looking for a headline."  Braun says Justin was cited for going 80 mph and he was being chased by the paparazzi. Braun adds a short time after getting ticketed, the paparazzi resumed their pursuit and Justin called 911.

Law enforcement sources tell us, after Bieber called 911, police caught up to his car and pulled him over again ... along with the paparazzi following him. We're told the cops warned the paparazzi to behave themselves, and everyone was sent on their way.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the CHP is investigating the paparazzi for creating a hazardous situation.


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It's just a matter of time before this spoiled brat is just another splat on the statistic board of life. Unfortunately, he will probably take others with him.

841 days ago


He should have his ass locked up for reckless driving, driving to endanger, speeding, etc. If the paps are behind you and you're in your car, how are they possibly going to "get" you anyway. Speed kills Biebs.......and you're a moron for risking not only your life but the lives of others.

841 days ago


This situation reminds me when Princess Diana was killed. Justin Bieber needs to be reminded of that day when the paparazi was chasing the car that she was in and the results were not good.

Justin did put alot of people in harms way as well as himself, Miley and everyone else.

841 days ago


If TMZ wasn't following him how did they get the pics so fast?

841 days ago


But a Ford Fiesta you little twerp. If you don't want the Paparazzi bastards to find you, but a less conspicuos vehicle. Your mom should have swallowed.

841 days ago


Justin needs to learn he can't run from the paps he would need to change his entire lifestyle career to get away he needs to deal with thses issues they only get worse.
It's like allowing someone who is taunting you to get the best of you he needs to take a lesson from the book of karen klein. Yah i did!!!

841 days ago


The damn paparazzi's are to blame. The paps were following after justin bieber and, what do you want justin to do? let the paps smash in his car. I dont think so. The freakin' paps should end up in jail cause they are so disrespectful and everything.

841 days ago


The Part I love about all this? He's a SPOKESMODEL for SAFE DRIVING. It's Amazing the stuff he can get away with because of who he is. A NORMAL teenager would be stripped of their license for getting pulled over as many times as he has for reckless driving! If he were caught doing this in some place like New Orleans. NOPD would've had that **** locked up before he can say OPPS!

841 days ago


I can't stand this overrated piece of s**t! I wish he would just dissapear..........

841 days ago

Paul B    

His parents need to kick him fair up the ring...Its highly likely that the Beibs is financing them so they probably condone his pathetic little ways..

841 days ago


hey dumb*&^% do you like all that cash and fame?? well then don't bitch or run like a bitch from the same people that keep you in the "headlines"

841 days ago


This no talent moron, must have Lindsay Lohans lawyer.

841 days ago


Maybe Justin was just confused when he say the 101 Freeway sign he may have thought it was the speed limit. He is just a young man from Canada and may know know all the California signs a laws yet, ya know. It wasn't his fault if he had to keep passing cars that weren't doing what he thought was the speed limit, eh

841 days ago


they cant chase you if you dont run. try being a bit more discreet and get rid of that crappy looking attention magnet of a chrome car for something more mainstream. oh,wait. when the paps figure out who you who are you going to blame then?

841 days ago


Leave it to Beaver! If he doesn't want to be a target he shouldn't be driving around in that retarded looking chrome car.

841 days ago
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