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Katie Holmes

Tom Treated Me

Like a Robot

7/6/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise controlled Katie Holmes like a puppetmaster ... making every major and even minor decision in her personal and professional life ... and in the end, she felt like she couldn't breathe without his permission ... this according to sources close to the actress.

Movie studio-connected sources tell us Tom executed an "Art Kill" way back when Katie was doing "Thank You for Smoking" in 2005 ... when the 2 first started dating.

Sources tell us Tom instructed producers to "kill" any promotional photos which showed Katie and Aaron Eckhart engaged in kissing or "anything else compromising."

We're told Tom also imposed his will during "Batman Begins" ... prohibiting Katie from flying with the rest of the cast. Instead, Katie would only travel on Tom's private jet. One source tells us Morgan Freeman was "disgusted" by the situation. On the other side, however, one source scoffed and said, "Wow, Tom offered her his private jet. How terrible for Katie."

Ultimately, our Katie sources say she grew sick and tired of playing Pinocchio to Tom's Geppetto ... and decided it was time to cut the strings.

Morgan Freeman tells us, claims he was "disgusted" by Tom and Katie's situation are "BS."



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Pretty sick guy who thinks he needs to control and micromanage his own wife. Pretty telling about his character that he needs to control his wife and daughter in order to feel big and powerful.

This cult is so abusive.

808 days ago


For those people blaming Katie for Taking up Tom in the first place while knowing his devotion to Scientology freaking sorcery cult, I do agree that she made a mistake by hooking up with him but that doesn't mean she could continue with such mistake. She probably, even though ignorance is not an excuse, didn't know in depth about the cult practices until she became married to that freak! I think she stayed with him till the so called contract was finished so she can get as much proof of his violence and craziness toward her and their daughter. Her move now definitely needed lots of planning and from people around her who were willing to free her. That cult is based on sorcery and magic and these things are not joke or superstitions. They are very scary but definitely if she finds the right path she can be freed. I believe filing for suri's custody was a surprise but not the divorce itsel
I have also noticed that the most popular sit are filled with Tom's pr people trying to say that they have no sympathy towards Katie because she knew what she was getting into! The tone and the way many comments written by posters are clearly written by few people who seem instructed and organised. However, Katie pr team seem to have been very active in defending Katie on the same site which is a good thing. Nevertheless, I think the vast majority of gulag people posting are against Tom no matter how his pr. Team try to present the opposite. I wish she wins even if that affects Suri for a short time, because as they say one hour of headache is better than a lifetime pain, that is if she joins that cult.

808 days ago


hmmmmm? ~~~~~ Cruise was born in Syracuse, New York,[4] the son of Mary Lee (née Pfeiffer), a special education teacher, and Thomas Cruise Mapother III (died 1984),[5] an electrical engineer.[6] Cruise's surname originates from his great-grandfather, Thomas Cruise O'Mara, who was adopted by a Welsh immigrant and renamed "Thomas Cruise Mapother".[7][8][9] Cruise is of German, Irish, and English ancestry.[10] He grew up in near poverty, and had a Catholic upbringing. The family was dominated by his abusive father, whom Cruise has described as "a merchant of chaos".[11] He was beaten by his father, who Cruise has said was a bully and coward.
He was the kind of person where, if something goes wrong, they kick you. It was a great lesson in my life—how he’d lull you in, make you feel safe and then, bang! For me, it was like, 'There's something wrong with this guy. Don't trust him. Be careful around him.'[11]
Cruise's family spent part of his childhood in Canada, and Cruise attended Robert Hopkins Public School in Ottawa, Ontario, for grades three, four, and five. The Mapother family then moved to the suburb of Beacon Hill so Cruise's father could take a position as a defense consultant with the Canadian Armed Forces.[12] There, Cruise completed grade six at Henry Munro Middle School, part of the Carleton Board of Education,[13] where he was active in athletics, playing floor hockey almost every night, showing himself to be a ruthless player, and eventually chipping his front tooth. In the game British bulldogs, he then lost his newly capped tooth and hurt his knee.[14] Henry Munro was also where Cruise became involved in drama, under the tutelage of George Steinburg.[15] The first play he participated in was called IT, in which Cruise won the co-lead with Michael de Waal, one playing "Evil", the other playing "Good". The play met much acclaim, and toured with five other classmates to various schools around the Ottawa area, even being filmed at the local Ottawa TV station.[16] Cruise was bullied regularly in the 15 different schools he attended in 12 years.[11] When Cruise was twelve, his mother left his father, taking Cruise and his sister Lee Anne with her.[11]
He briefly attended a Franciscan seminary in Cincinnati (on a church scholarship) and aspired to become a Catholic priest.[17] In his senior year, he played football for the varsity team as a linebacker, but he was cut from the squad after getting caught drinking beer before a game.[18][19]

808 days ago


So now its not Scientology but Tom was controlling.

808 days ago


Something so dark, evil, sinister about this cult. Even see it in Tom's photos of his face, just something evil in his eyes and smirks, creepy.

Katie must feel like the joy has come back into her life now and that heavy darkness lifted off of her and Suri, away from that demonic crap.

It is obvious Satan has his grip on Tom Cruise. That brainwashing crap would make anyone's life miserable. We were not created to walk around like zombies and puppets controlled by those who abuse power and use cult mind games to try to control, intimidate, confuse, weaken someone.

Scientology = Satan's playground

808 days ago


What may of new than and knows now Scientology cult,

808 days ago


This is one reason why Katie's next boyfriend and husband should be close to the same age as she is. When a husband is SEVENTEEN years older than his wife he tends to think he's all worldly wise and can always make better decisions than the young wife. It's an ego thing. With Tom's ridiculous "control freak" tendencies it sounds like it was ten times worse for Katie. If Tom's next wife is some woman in her 20s, I feel sorry for her. He's going to treat her like a family pet ... kind of like Taliban husbands do their wives in Pakistan.

808 days ago


And, as usual, the tmz chimpanzees are using "sources close to Katie", which could be anything from the homeless guy she gave $5 to, to the starbucks employee she got her coffee from. Do the world a favor & stop writing stories you're just making up; it gets annoying...

808 days ago


I can see that happening with him. He is a control freak and I'm surprised the women he was married to stayed with him as long as they did. Katie has Suri, too bad Tom is the father. Tom is an idiot and thinks he's so much better than anyone else. When it all comes down to it, Katie is so much better off without this ***hole. In the end, we all put our pants on the same way, he's no better than anyone else, he just thinks he is.

808 days ago


Specifically what do the most outspoken here propose should happen here to Tom Cruise and all the non celebrity members and leaders at The Church of Scientology? Burned at the stake? Jailed? Hung in public square? Banished from society? Prohibited from practicing their religion and made to never speak of it again? Tard and feathered in the public square?

808 days ago


The wirlwind romance has been over for

808 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Dwarves like cruise usually have a Napoleon complex.

808 days ago


sounds slightly more reasonable than the scientology angle. The scientology was so commonly known that you'd have to be pretty much an idiot to start using it as an excuse now.

808 days ago


Give Katy a coke and a smile and send her on her smart ass way. She's not all that.

808 days ago


I would love to see most if not all of the top celebrities QUIT Scientology. This would likely damage their finances and the number of people showing up to their so called "church". Hopefully, the publicity gets so bad that people all over the world stop buying their ridiculously overpriced L. Ron Hubbard course books. Then Scientology would be kaput and their scheming, con man leaders like David Miscavige and Tommy Davis would have to get "real" jobs.

808 days ago
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