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Katie Holmes

Tom Treated Me

Like a Robot

7/6/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise controlled Katie Holmes like a puppetmaster ... making every major and even minor decision in her personal and professional life ... and in the end, she felt like she couldn't breathe without his permission ... this according to sources close to the actress.

Movie studio-connected sources tell us Tom executed an "Art Kill" way back when Katie was doing "Thank You for Smoking" in 2005 ... when the 2 first started dating.

Sources tell us Tom instructed producers to "kill" any promotional photos which showed Katie and Aaron Eckhart engaged in kissing or "anything else compromising."

We're told Tom also imposed his will during "Batman Begins" ... prohibiting Katie from flying with the rest of the cast. Instead, Katie would only travel on Tom's private jet. One source tells us Morgan Freeman was "disgusted" by the situation. On the other side, however, one source scoffed and said, "Wow, Tom offered her his private jet. How terrible for Katie."

Ultimately, our Katie sources say she grew sick and tired of playing Pinocchio to Tom's Geppetto ... and decided it was time to cut the strings.

Morgan Freeman tells us, claims he was "disgusted" by Tom and Katie's situation are "BS."



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I won't pay to see Tom Cruise films, the money he's paid supports Scientology. If you want to know how they operate, Google "Lisa McPherson Clearwater Florida". Lisa should have been taken to a hospital, instead, she was denied heath care and was starved to death.

757 days ago


Look, this is the way it goes. There will be tons of he said, she said, and we will never know the real truth of it. But of course, it really is none of our business.
Me, I didn't care when they got married, and I sure don't care now that they are getting divorced. Sure, it's interesting to hear, and the surface story should be enough for us. Needing to know the deep facts, and the darkest parts of their personal lives, is really kind of creepy and certainly is lame.

757 days ago


Hey Tom Aint no fun when the rabbits got the gun!

757 days ago


Bottom line, Tom is an abusive husband.
The only way out is to escape.

Look at the pictures of her during their marriage, she was miserable

757 days ago


Isn't Morgan Freeman dating his granddaughter? I don't think he has any room to be disgusted by someone else's situation.

757 days ago


Katie nobody is blaming you for wanting a divorce, but the way you did it is going to backfire on you saying in your court papers that both of you lived in NY as a couple is a lie and the NY courts are going to have to send it back to california. Good Luck.

757 days ago


Is this a "you're with us or you are against us" group? Does one have to insult and condemn Scientology to not be accused of being a Scientologist with an agenda commenting here? What is wrong with questioning the extremity and one pointedness of the views that are being posted here on this topic?

757 days ago


Tom Cruise makes a ton of money, most of wich goes to the cult of Scientology. They don't want to loose that money.

Katie Holmes finially had enough. Scientology. She knows enough now and want's no part of this cult for her daughter. Ironically their daughter just so happens to be 6 years old. Primetime for the Scientology cult and SEC interrogation wich Holmes doesn't want never wanted for her little daughter

757 days ago


Another mysterious but key death was that of Flo Barnett,
Miscavige's mother-in-law. She died in 1985 of three shots to the
chest and one to the temple from a semi-automatic rifle. Two suicide
notes were found. Although she was only 5'3" tall (and weighed only
114 pounds), the examiner determined she shot herself three times in
the chest (with a rifle) before shooting herself through the head.
(See coroner's report attached as Exhibit V.) What the authorities
didn't know was that she had left Scientology and was associating with
apostates, to the anger of her son-in- law Miscavige.

757 days ago


Many women get fooled like this. The men are charming, caring, affection, understanding. The whole nine yards. But then the wedding ring goes on the finger and the man changes. It usually starts out slightly if the man is on his game. But then he will start to control things like how the woman dresses. Then he starts isolating her from her family and friends. Then one day she can't leave the house. It is possible that this is what happened with Ms. Holmes and she got sick of it. If a woman is accustomed to having a mind of her own this kind of relationship will not do. Now I don't believe that Tom Cruise is Darth Vader, but he could be a tad too controlling for women who are not trying to hear that. So I can buy that he was too controlling and it was getting to her.

757 days ago

Mrs. Gossip     

How is it everyone knew all about Tom and his controll issues and she didn't?

757 days ago


Someone ought to give her some cheese to go with her whine.

Gee he started controlling her when they were going together, and instead of running dumped the birth control, got pregnant and then married him? I thought she was supposed to be so smart. Exactaly where are her brains?

757 days ago


Enough already. Give the girl some cheese to go with her whine. He contolled her when they were dating and instead of breaking it off she went onto marry him. Thought she was supposed to be so smart. Wonder where her brains are, just in front of her a s s? .

757 days ago


Morgan Freeman's too classy to get in the middle of this mess. As for her being his puppet. I've been saying he prob treats his women like lil Stepford Wives, who do as they are told and keep their opinions to themselves. Surprises me that they manage to stay long enough to get married. Though he is an "Actor". He must put on a good show till they are married.

757 days ago


What comes next, what the maid saw when she peeped through the keyhole?? Now you're dredging up what you can from the past -- 2005, really?? - when they were only dating.

You've "reached out" to Morgan Freeman and "so far, no word back". On what???? What Katie ate while filming "Batman Begins?

Two people are getting a divorce. There's no need to speculate on why, that's their own business. There's certainly no need to examine every moment of their lives shared. These two people don't OWE anyone any explanations nor do they need anyone's approval to do what they obviously feel is right for them. Back off and back out of their lives.

If Katie or Tom make a movie, report on that. Their personal lives should be just that -- personal. And please don't drag out the "the people have a right to know". We don't have "a right" and we don't even have a desire -- we, the people say "enough" already. Leave them alone.

757 days ago
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