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Kris Humphries' Ex GF


7/6/2012 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

070612-myla-v2-launch-3Increased appetite ... it's one of the clearest signs of pregnancy -- and earlier today,  Kris Humphries' ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj finally got some relief ... dropping by a Five Guys in New Jersey ... with her new baby bump-looking belly.

It's pretty funny -- considering Kris' dad reportedly owns several Five Guys locations.

On her way out, we asked Myla about her alleged pregnancy -- but she didn't say a word.

Thankfully, her ultra-tight dress -- which accentuated her gut region -- did all the talking for her.

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Wow I had a smaller belly at 3 months, that belly is either she had 10000 mcdonalds meals and letting it all hang out or is 7 months pregnant. yes.. something def isn't right with these stories when she was just skinny, and now an elephant.

839 days ago

Lynn M    


839 days ago


Somebody call Maury! Cuz I DO NOT believe that piece of gutter tra$h!!!

839 days ago


She looks like she's 5 months. Somebody doesn't know their math.

839 days ago

Fools Rush In    

Take a look at the pix from 5 June of her in a pink bikini, she was clearly heavier but the belly wasn't quite this size. The rest of this vid she doesn't seem to have quite as much "baby bump" as the one still, but still sizable. Jessica Simpson looked like this at three months during her world's longest pregnancy. If indeed she is pregnant, I suspect she told him but the sources are saying she didn't, just to turn the heat up on him.

839 days ago

Lynn M    

Who is she trying to kid?! She's at least 5-6 months along. In this video assuming she is preggers at all (maternity pad?). If she is pregnant, I'd insist on a paternity test before acknowledging anything with regard to this "pregnancy". I disagree that his potential involvement with this woman indicates he is not suffering over his marriage to Kim. If anything, it looks liket his woman took advantage of Kris on the rebound. People make stupid decisions when they are in emotional pain.

839 days ago


That ain't no baby bump, that's just one of those greasy gut bombs from 5 Guys...cr@p my gut looks the same after hittin' up that joint

839 days ago


It was burgers for two alway for her!

839 days ago


Myla Sinanaj, keep pulling the welfare scam.

839 days ago


Jesus KMZ....it's ok for skank Kim to be having sex with whoever she wants....I dont see you slamming her...and BTW....piggy Kim left him...not the other way around...so why shouldn't he be able to bang?..it doesn't change the facts....The Krapdashians use people to enrich their pockets....I wonder how much this girl is getting paid to make Kris look bad...guess what...it's not working..

839 days ago

two cents    

BS!! 33 days ago, TMZ has a photo of fatso frollicking in the ocean in a bikini. NO baby bump. Now, one month later, she's 6 months long? BS! It's either some sort of padding or she's fat. Either way, she's a B!TCH to spread lies like that implying he's a baby daddy. I hope his lawyers go after her with a vengeance.

839 days ago


I just looked at the picture she posted 4 days ago, she is SO faking

839 days ago


Interesting...she has a pics on her twitter page dated Jul 2 where her stomach is flat. Verrrrry strange.

839 days ago


I hate myself for doing this but...I looked at her Twitter pics too and saw something interesting. She was just at the BET award stuff which was LAST WEEKEND taking pics and she has NO BUMP whatsoever. A picture she took of herself on an elephant ride (ironic much) that was posted 2 DAYS AGO NO BUMP. Hmmmm......not that I needed proof that she was full of ****, but this pretty much confirms it.

839 days ago


Not his baby! This chick is insane. I don't think Kris would take a chance like this, in the middle of a divorce, he knows that it would ruin any chance he has of getting the Kartrashian divorce labled as fraud. Faker baby bump than beyawnce

839 days ago
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