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Justin Bieber ... Controversy

After 80 MPH Bust

7/6/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Justin Bieber or the paparazzi -- who's really to blame for a 100 mph chase on an LA freeway? City Councilman Dennis Zine witnessed the insanity and dialed 911. You gotta hear him explain why he thinks cops should've arrested Bieber!

Plus, Kris Humphries' ex girlfriend is showing what looks like a major baby bump. Kris and Myla Sinanaj have been at war, but we'll tell you about a BIG change in their relationship ... besides her getting knocked up, that is.

Also, everyone's fired up over Morgan Freeman's claim that Barack Obama is NOT the first Black president because his mom was white!

(0:00) Justin Bieber was busted today for driving at insane speeds on an L.A. highway. We talk the guy who called 911 on him -- Dennis Zine ... who happens to be an L.A. City Councilman and a former cop.
(10:00) Kris Humphries is going to be a daddy -- at least that's what his ex-girlfriend says. We'll tell you how this helps Kim Kardashian in their divorce proceedings.
(16:15) George Clooney and Stacy Keibler got food poisoning in Italy -- would Charles suffer the same fate to hang with the Cloon?
(17:00) Seal steps out with a hot new lady -- Max doesn't think his ex Heidi Klum cares because ... well ... she's Heidi Klum.
(21:00) The male porn star who's in an upcoming movie with Lindsay Lohan scored a few cool point with Harvey -- because the dude wasn't afraid to admit he can't wait to get back to his regular day job.
(24:00) Katie Holmes says Tom Cruise controlled her like a robot -- and Dax says he can prove just how weird it got.
(27:00) Morgan Freeman says Barack Obama is NOT our first Black president ... he's our first mixed-race president. Does he have a point?
(31:00) Star Jones thinks Anderson Cooper came out of the closet to get some ratings on his struggling talk show?
(35:00) New Jersey Governor Chris Christie loses his temper yet again -- and we have video of his giant hissy fit. Plus, Gary takes issue with the big man's fashion choices.
(38:10) How short is too short for shorts at The Grove -- not that short. And that's the long and short of it.
(40:10) We take your calls!

No Avatar


Arrest bieber? How about they arrest the suspect that was driving under the influence and.crashed head on into my car. The driver and his buddy took off. Los Angeles Pd has ton of evidence against the driver but they havent bothered arresting them yet. This was back in september 2011. Councilman needs a reality check and lapd sucks.

839 days ago

Flying Blind    

seal's deal looks worse than the old forumula one guy with the hot wife.

839 days ago


Damn, Kris, you have some baaaaad luck when it comes to women. First Kim K who would rather plan a great big wedding and be the center of attention than take her time and get to know the guy shes marrying so she dosent bail 72 days into the marriage, then this other chick who runs her mouth cause shes dating a pro basketball player and now ends up pregnant with your kid!!!! Better stick to the Minnesota girls dude, they are probably not so likely to be with you for your fame or to get pregnant and expect you to support her and the kid. Wise up Kris.

839 days ago


4,000 porn scenes?
How many hip thrusts is that?

839 days ago

Flying Blind    

anderson coopers ratings are in the tank, so who knows.

839 days ago

Flying Blind    

Ask my Republican golf buddies whether Obama is black or not ...... ha.
Don't hate me though, I voted for Obama and will vote for Obama again.

839 days ago


Katie was never a robot, it's insulting to her to assume she was stupid and unable to make her own decisions, and was "brainwashed" :D
Katie liked Tom's alleged art kill, protected her, like most of Tom's moves with his wife and daughter.
Tom's so-called controlling behavior is rare in Hollywood, where the studios and producers are *extremely* controlling and dictatorial with the actors.
When someone like Tom Cruise shows up who has the star power and presence to dictate to the producers and studios, and uses that power to safeguard himself and/or his family members....Hollywood gets mad and retaliates.
Too bad so sad.
Tom wins and stays on top ;)

839 days ago


I cannot stand this black chick on TMZ.

839 days ago


President Obama is a Black President just because he is mixed doesn't mean he is not Black....The majority of Blacks are of mixed heritage just as myself and we are considered Black.

839 days ago


I cannot stand this black chick on TMZ. She should be embarrassed at how ghetto she seems!

839 days ago


Let's see if they can get through the Christie segment without a weight comment or snickering like school kids (and then they'll cut to the segment of them all disgusted by the way those kids on the bus treated the bus monitor and bullied her. No irony there.)

839 days ago


Where's the video of Myla showing?

839 days ago


Little midget punk is at it again. Selena needs to drop him before he kills both of them driving that way.

839 days ago


Must have been a peter-puffing contest at tom cruises house.Justin didnt want to miss this chance to sperm-burp a cruise/Travolta ****tail.

839 days ago


you can not drive reckless period, and to avoid and try to speed up just to loose the paparrazzi, well, thats how we lost princess diana, her driver tried to shake off the paparazi right?

839 days ago
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