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Adrian Peterson Arrest

Club Says He Was WASTED

7/7/2012 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0707_tmz_adrian_peterson_arrestedAdrian Peterson was heavily intoxicated at the time of his arrest, which was very out of character for the NFL star ... this according to the club where he was busted early this morning.

Daniel Maher, general manager of Live at Bayou Place, tells TMZ that Peterson has been to the club before, but he has never known him to drink much. Last night, however, Maher said Peterson was ver drunk and was a difficult customer all night.

Maher says Peterson was throwing his ego around and making people mad, so they put him in the VIP area. Maher says when the club was closing, he rushed over to the bar to try and order one last drink and when he wouldn't Maher says Peterson "tried to intimidate the bartender" into selling it to him.

According to Maher, that's when he intervened, but Peterson continued to be "unreasonable." That's when Maher says the off-duty cop intervened, and, as TMZ first reported, Peterson proceeded to shove him.

Maher says during his confrontation with the officer, Peterson assumed a fight stance and looked "like he meant business." Maher says, "He looked really scary and I thought he was gonna attack the cops."

Maher says that once the officers subdued Peterson, the NFL star apologized for his behavior and told cops he doesn't usually drink.

Peterson was eventually booked into jail and charged with resisting arrest.

Calls to Peterson's rep were not returned.

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Timothy Nelson    

The Minnesota Vikings have the highest arrest record in the entire NFL. Worse than Detroit and Wisconsin. That says something.

This clown getting arrested and adding to the list was a long time coming.

Go Team. Note sarcasm.

836 days ago


Might Prohibition Return!!!

Might Osteen's Great Local Church!

Descend on you -

Picket and protest you -

Bar future drunks from entering!

Summon forth DEMONS !!!

Might the Texans never reach the finals -

Of an NFL play-off game!

I can't stop, I can't stop, I can't stop, I can stop but I don't wantz to!!!

836 days ago


Sounds like a typical rent a cop trying to make himself all big and bad by arresting an NFL football player. No law against being drunk at a club where they serve alcohol.. It is a BAR, after all. And this has to be the worst bouncer/cop on the planet. They are supposed to know how to handle people who are intoxicated WITHOUT bringing in police and without making things worse. A massive FAIL on their part.

836 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

I bu it. With how ripped the dude is, I bet he does rarely drink. He's always been a ****y MF'er and probably can't handle his liquor. I'm sure it was terrifying and he deserved what happened, but probably not a big deal.

836 days ago


Bless his heart. The fact he doesn't drink much and isn't used to it probably partially explains a lot. People who are heavy drinkers can usually feel their tipping point and shut up or leave to continue somewhere private. But that in itself isn't necessarily a good thing. Just keep on drinking light, Adrian, and don't let it happen again. It has happened to a lot of people, it isn't that big of a deal if it is an isolated incident and resisting arrest is not a serious charge. Usually. Just nurse that hangover and learn. Alka seltzer and benadryl work wonders. That along with a banana smoothie and vitamins. Especially B complex vitamins.

836 days ago


Since AP is only charged with resisting arrest, why was he being arrested in the first place? You need reason to arrest someone before arresting them. Otherwise it is false arrest.
I am sure that the 2 cops, who apparently were not bouncers, that joined "the arrest" were not forced to take a breathalyzer or blood test to determine if they were fit to enforce the law.

836 days ago


Sounds like someone slip him a Mickey,

836 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Sounds like he's someone who doesn't normally drunk. Chalk it up as a bad night of getting drunk. That's what alcohol does to people. They get wasted and then they can't control themselves.

The club didn't seem to have a problem serving him all night even though they knew he was drunk.

If only he could just smoke some weed without it being illegal he would have never had this problem.

836 days ago


****ing pigs, AP is not a trouble maker. And shoving an off duty cop thjat hasnt produced a badge is not
an arrestable offense.

836 days ago


give him 10 years min

836 days ago


If he was so drunk, why didn't they charge him with disorderly conduct, too?

Something's not adding up here.

836 days ago


after reading this i think the intern writing the story was completely wasted "Maher says Peterson was throwing his ego around ", "he rushed over to the bar to try and order one last drink and when he wouldn't Maher says ""Maher said Peterson was ver drunk " - can't the just proof read at least once b4 they print???

836 days ago


TMZ why haven't you got the video yet - it's telling a different story

836 days ago

Jay W.     

Great running back... gotta lay off the booze Peterson.

836 days ago


WTH, is this Punks Acting Out weekend? First little Beib and his speeding disco ball antics and now this jackass. The funny thing is no one would recognize this NFL "star" if they passed him on the street, but he thinks he's a big shot and everyone should bow down. And the frickin' club said he was difficult all night, so they moved him to the VIP section! LOL Lame. Why didn't they move his ass to the sidewalk section? All these tools will wind up there sooner or later anyway.

836 days ago
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