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Adrian Peterson Arrest

Club Says He Was WASTED

7/7/2012 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0707_tmz_adrian_peterson_arrestedAdrian Peterson was heavily intoxicated at the time of his arrest, which was very out of character for the NFL star ... this according to the club where he was busted early this morning.

Daniel Maher, general manager of Live at Bayou Place, tells TMZ that Peterson has been to the club before, but he has never known him to drink much. Last night, however, Maher said Peterson was ver drunk and was a difficult customer all night.

Maher says Peterson was throwing his ego around and making people mad, so they put him in the VIP area. Maher says when the club was closing, he rushed over to the bar to try and order one last drink and when he wouldn't Maher says Peterson "tried to intimidate the bartender" into selling it to him.

According to Maher, that's when he intervened, but Peterson continued to be "unreasonable." That's when Maher says the off-duty cop intervened, and, as TMZ first reported, Peterson proceeded to shove him.

Maher says during his confrontation with the officer, Peterson assumed a fight stance and looked "like he meant business." Maher says, "He looked really scary and I thought he was gonna attack the cops."

Maher says that once the officers subdued Peterson, the NFL star apologized for his behavior and told cops he doesn't usually drink.

Peterson was eventually booked into jail and charged with resisting arrest.

Calls to Peterson's rep were not returned.

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No Avatar


give the guy a break...he really doesnt seem like a bad guy

803 days ago


Harvey, please lay off stupid stories on the fatherless welfare garbage, will ya?? Sheesh.

803 days ago


Heyyy fer real though. He be lookin like Wanda from old skool Living Color and rock yo world!

803 days ago

Action Jackson    

Here's my take, Adrian is known as an all around good guy, and I won't argue that. he just had surgery, probably had a pain pill and a few drinks, was feeling good! Then, club was closing, got just a little lippy with the wrong Cop,! Bingo!!!! I still respect Adrian, he just had a bad night!

803 days ago


With those lips you could stick them to a b-ball back board

802 days ago

shafim alam    

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802 days ago

apple j    

Eh? What a joke. Dude wants some water and gets arrested for being black and famous. Now everybody looking for a dollar is giving their account and distorting the truth. Interesting how all OFF DUTY cops involved were white. . . cough* (RACISM). Thank God it Happened in front of People and not out in Bum F**K nowhere. I Believe there will be insufficient evidence and AP will be just fine, but the evidence still suggests, Don't mess with Texas.

802 days ago

Miss juicyfruit    

@ in Texas ok and why the hell they have to put your job description down every time they do something that's personal not business

802 days ago


An off duty cop dressed in a t shirt says so? Sounds like someone is looking for 15 minutes of fame.

802 days ago


If his pain meds lets say and the booze had him that aggressive then its a good thing they had cops on hand to chill him out because if he'd gone out in the street he was a train waiting to happen to him and others. A DUI is a Very Thing. That Drunk kills people,

802 days ago

Moni Halili    

Sounds like he's not a very good rolemodel.Drinking ,getting loud in public too,thats not cool,thats no bueno...

802 days ago


Wonderlic Champ!!! No ring for this.

802 days ago

Gustav LaFong    

I dig his pimpish chain.

801 days ago

Joltin Joe    

This is a very different version than the first one that appeared in the Houston Chronicle. In that first version, AP was asked to leave by the bouncer who also happens to be an off-duty cop. And he got into a scuffle with three bouncers who were off-duty cops. No mention was made that he was drunk. This version appears to be inflated to protect the interest of the dive where this occurred.

799 days ago

Joltin Joe    

Remember kids. If you are in a nightclub in Houston at closing time, that bar bouncer who is pushing you to get out can arrest you if you push back.

799 days ago
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