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Former 'Idol' Star Corey Clark

Suing MTV for Defamation

And He Wants $40 MILLION

7/7/2012 5:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "American Idol" contestant Corey Clark -- who is more famous for being kicked off the show than actually being on it -- is suing MTV for defamation after he claims one of their reporters repeatedly badmouthed him ... and he wants a whopping $40 MILLION for his troubles.

Hard to believe, but it's been over nine years since Clark was booted from "Idol" after making the top 10 ... because producers claimed he failed to disclose a recent arrest. Two years later ... Clark claimed to have had an affair with "Idol" judge Paula Abdul.

But Clark claims that when it came to reporting on him, MTV News (and one writer in specific) referred to him as a "degenerate," accused him of lying about the charges against him, and even urged readers to boycott his music. Mission accomplished on that one.

Clark says he was ridiculed by MTV for his relationship with Abdul, accusing him of making it up. He still maintains it happened.

Clark describes MTV's practices as "abusing the constitutional privledges of 'freedom of the press' ... with the intent to permanently impair his state property rights and decimate his mental well-being."

He is suing MTV, Viacom, and the writer in question, Jim Cantiello, and is asking for the aforementioned $40 mil.


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this dipshyt again...he's got satan's eyebrows

836 days ago

Southern Belle    

Like someone else said earlier...remember when you hurt my feelings 9 years ago...well now I want you to pay me money cause that will make me feel better. First of all you probably wouldn't make $40 mil. in a lifetime so the amount is absurd! Get over it & move on! I was an avid AI watcher & the only thing I remember about this guy was that he came out (2 yrs after he got booted) & talked about his alleged thing w/ Paula & to be honest if he walked by me on the street I still wouldn't know who he was. You had your shot, you failed to disclose an arrest, you got caught, got the boot, then end.
Now if you don't mind I have someone from grade school that made fun of my pig tails that I believe owes me some money! HAHA!

836 days ago


What a joker?! Somebody get this crybaby a bottle!! Get a life loser!

836 days ago


Something funny. We were waiting outside the studio property to see American Idol at the CBS lot. He was out peddling his CD to the people waiting in line on the street and taking pictures with them. Not many people were asking for autographs except the young girls. Most everyone kind of made comments "Oh yeah, I remember him". and that was that. Quickly forgotten.

836 days ago


If MTV did this they should pay up! Screw that writer, they had no right to run their mouths about him.

836 days ago

Peter Boykin    

I hope he gets it too... and add another clause in there that makes MTV play some damn music for a change....

835 days ago


He's just a getto rat out for money

835 days ago

Cali Attorney    

That is the distinction here that I believe Clark is alleging, that what we the public think we know as facts, are indeed fictitious false statements made about Clark by Idol and Viacom to shed Clark in an unfavorable false light. "If" Clark is telling the truth, Viacom and anyone else who defamed Clark are going to be in trouble for this. Not only would that prove that what they did worked, it would also make Clark victorious in this lawsuit after enduring that many years of defamation. The kicker here according to the complaint on E! Online is that Clark made Viacom aware years ago that what they were broadcasting and publishing about him was indeed defamatory and they continued to disseminate knowingly false facts about Clark anyway with reckless disregard for the truth and facts to further whatever agenda the writer seemed to have on his crusade against Clark, without retracting their statements about him and the libelous information is still available online after being put on notice that it was defamatory. This doesn't look too good for Viacom. So many people are under the false impression that freedom of the press grants the press the uncontested right to say anything about anyone that they want to and that's not the fact it's abusive of the law and makes things worse for actual journalists with integrity, but I'm just a lowly attorney from California who isn't on this case so what do I know right?? ;o)

834 days ago


Hello Aholes around America, if you were intelligent enough or you had the knowledge of this case you would know immediately that Clark did not break the story about himself and Paula it was Fox. The New York Post if you check the facts broke the story about him and Paula Abdul and The New York Post is owned by Fox who aires the show American Idol.

829 days ago


And to top that he was voted and won by his peers the best R&B male vocalist of the year award 2012 at Hip Hop R&B Awards in da ville in Nashville Tennessee. Nashville is Music City USA with some of the top talents in the United States. So that award alone should let America know that he has talent. I would appreciate those of you that are putting him down talent wise, ability, vocally, and along with his writing ability and his work ethic give this young man a chance to do what he would like to do just musically . Yes he sells his music on street corners, at malls, at stores but for a fact people not only still remember him, they still want his autograph but they still buy his cd's in and out of stores. Check your facts before you de grate this man. I'll talk to Steve Harvey later! Blues man KD

829 days ago
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