Heidi Klum I Don't Want to Get Married Again

7/7/2012 4:20 AM PDT

Heidi Klum -- I Don't Want to Get Married Again

Sorry guys, if your dream is to snag smokin hot Heidi Klum now that she's a single lady ... think again, because the super model says she doesn't plan on getting married again.

In a recent interview with Bild am Sonntag (a German newspaper, duh) ... Klum addressed her current divorce with Seal -- whom she was married to for 7 years -- and how it has changed her views on tying the knot.

Klum says, "I do not know if I would still get married. Although I really liked being married. I am a dreamer. I loved our annual fairytale weddings that were our big family gatherings. But then somehow it has unfortunately not worked."

Although the "Project Runway" guru isn't planning to settle down ... she did add, "I look forward, I concentrate on my family, and I must say, I'm happy."

You know what makes us happy ... her twit pics, like the one below.