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Justin Bieber


911 Calls

7/7/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine was not the only motorist who reported that Justin Bieber was flying down the freeway at breakneck speed ... TMZ has learned, a total of 10 drivers called 911.

We broke the story, Zine -- who was an LAPD motor cop for 18 years -- believes Bieber was traveling faster than 100 mph. Bieber's people dispute Zine's estimate, noting that the singer was cited for ONLY going 80.

But when Bieber was finally stopped by CHP officers, he was several miles from the point Zine spotted him, and Zine told us Friday night his100 mph estimate was "conservative."

And get this ... we're told someone from Bieber's security team was a passenger in his car and allowed Justin to put the pedal to the metal. Mind you, Justin was weaving in and out of traffic, baring squeezing in between moving vehicles.

As we reported, Bieber was being chased by paparazzi, but Zine maintains the 18-year-old jeopardized his life and the lives of others and he should have slowed down and pulled off the freeway.


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both Justin and his security need to be bitch slapped

806 days ago


Paparazzi should also be cited. Bieber was an unsafe driver, but so were the people chasing him. Two wrongs still don't make things right.

806 days ago


I am just like all of you..dont know why he is famous. Not that interesting to look at and not that talented. But 10 people reported him? obviously someone know who he is and wanted him to be in trouble. Yes he dig the hole and people buried him faster than he wanted. Good job people. you all deserve to be communists!

806 days ago


Well I don't have much to add; looks like pretty much everyone has come to the same conclusion. This kid is so full of himself now that he's decided he's untouchable; and law enforcement has proven this to be true. My crystal ball says that his fame will fade with his youth, just like all other teen idols. Then he'll be creating all kinds of trouble just trying to stay relevant and get a little press. Only a matter of time.

806 days ago


He needs to be shown the photos of Princess Diana and her car, driven by a professional driver, which crashed causing 3 fatalities as a result of so-called running from the paparazzi.

806 days ago


With Bieb's money, he could easily pay his was into a good open wheel racing team in Europe, or get begin club racing in the US. He's young, he could easily work his way up to LeMans in a few years.
If he started racing legit, I would be a fan.

806 days ago


Dumb azz want a be black boy.

806 days ago


You're a punk guy who drives a sports car if you don't believe the rules of the road have been so neglected for so long by so many, including the police and our justice system, that they are just a joke.

806 days ago

Hugo Z. Hackenbush    

You know what.... I saw that car speeding down the freeway in an incredible reckless way, it was doing at least 90-100..... there was NO-ONE following him/her/it...... I absolutley agree he should have been detained and inconvienanced....... I would have been, I guarantee it... I dont get why the Officer let him go... What if he hit someone, injured or killed... would the Pap defense flown then.... you want to be a with it, you schmuck, dont drive a car that can easily be spotted.... buy a honda.......

806 days ago

Corey Stuart    

They should've just let the little sh*t show crash and burn...then we'd not have to worry about Beaver Fever no more.

806 days ago


So maybe he should get a less gay looking car and fly more under the radar with the paps. He obviously bought the car to be noticed. Also, HE NEEDS JAIL IN HIS LIFE. he's getting away with too much.

806 days ago


There's a huge difference between "following" and "chasing". I'm sure the paparazzi were simply following this little puke and his immature drug controlled mind told him he was being chased. It's the same thing that occurred the night George Zimmerman plugged Thugvon Martin. GZ was following the hoodied brat, but Thugvon thought he was being chased. Thinking people know GZ was following, but most of the negroes say he was chasing the thug.

806 days ago


A car that is that intrusive by reflecting the sun onto others and maybe in their eyes obstructing their view...
well tone the car down JUSTIN..or just leave it parked and let fans take pics of themselves standing beside it at concerts maybe?
Stop taking that dangerous eye blinder car out on the road..unless you want to deliberately kill other drivers?

806 days ago


I just want to say that I completely agree with Karma's comment that said it is totally unsafe for him to be driving a car that blinds people. Like he or she said, it acts like a giant mirror and blinds other motorists. I don't even know why he's allowed to drive a car that endangers other drivers. Oh yeah, I forgot... he's famous, he's allowed to do whatever he wants. It really pisses me off that for the most part, celebrities are above the law. Totally unfair. This guy seems like an entitled, spoiled brat.

806 days ago


he needs to be arrested like any other normal person would be and being famous should not get you out of anything

806 days ago
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