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Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes


Talks Underway

7/7/2012 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise
and Katie Holmes have called a temporary truce while their lawyers try to negotiate a full divorce settlement ... TMZ has learned.

Sources very familiar with the situation tell us ... there are NO immediate plans for either side to go to court. There will be no court hearing Monday, Tuesday or in the foreseeable future, unless the negotiations fall apart.

Sources tell us the lawyers are negotiating child custody, visitation, child support and a property settlement.

We're also told the whole settlement could be ratified in New York if all goes well.  In other words, there may not be a move by Tom's camp to transfer the case to California, where judges are more likely to award joint custody.

One source described the emotional state of the negotiations as "calm."

Katie was spotted this morning in NYC, heading into her lawyer's office.


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It seems that Katie picked the right state, the right moment with the right legal advice. He has to be graceful about this or it will be a really dark mark on his career.
Details are always leaked by staff and friends so we will hear about this in the future.

805 days ago


Of course he'll be calm about this... now. He's got a new movie coming out soon. That's mo money for the $ci-freakshow.

805 days ago


I guess Tom's team were shocked by how much Tom is hated. Almost nobody on all the most visited entertainment blogs was on his side except for a few paid indeed can't buy you everything!

805 days ago


"Walk away there's more important stuff that stuff" in a deal there's always a winner and a looser. "Usually both don't walk away winners. "Good deal is where both walk away smilling, I think not" the law will provide support, although i think not having to keep putting up with a scientology freak would be reward enough!!

805 days ago


this was a done deal from the beginning I just think his church wanted to see if the public would be on his side and when the avalanche of negative publicity came out he took the high road..I know he loves that little girl and he is a good father but the religion is a cult and no child should be forced into we can go back to watching his movies...

805 days ago


Are the cultists afraid that Katie might be able to take them down? Ten bucks says there's a non disclosure agreement between them.

805 days ago


Scientology has spoken - they say jump and Tom says how high. Of course they told him to keep it out of court, they don't want their cult exposed on record. Once again, putting his 'religion' before anything and anyone else.

805 days ago



805 days ago


If we look at Nicole Kidman and her relationship with her children it tells you quite a bit. She must have been overwhelmed with fear to have let him take her children and not even see them. She does not seem the kind of woman who would have agreed to such terms but we have never heard her speak about Tom the divorce etc. never ever. I know nothing about this religion but it would seem that Katie does, and they want her to go away as quietly as possible. In most pictures after the filing of the divoce she has a smirk on her face, like the cat that swallowed the canary. It would seem she ambushed Tom and that is the only way she could do it. Without a doubt Suri is better off with Katie and family. All the best to her. I am sure he will have visitation but ONLY with her Nanny present of Katie's choice and never left alone with Tom.

805 days ago


Tom's career took a hit when he divorced Nicole, then again when he professed his love for Katie - that's 2 strikes. I would imagine his "team" has advised him this would be strike 3 and it would be in his best interest to "place nice". Time will tell.

805 days ago


I think Tom and his 'church' will want things kept very quiet...but I also think they are going to have a hard time letting go of a plum target/future zombie in the making... like we will see.

805 days ago


Ok let me see if I got his right.....

Allen Ridak, an established regular of this important comment section comments * "Tom Cruise you miserable piece of sh-t", basically talking to a person he does not know and has never met or just talking behind his back to other people and I am suppose to think there is something good and credible about Allen Ridak and something wrong with Tom Cruise?

I don't ever recall Tom Cruise talking publicly like that about Allen Ridak or anyone.

So, on the internet there is no code of decency or consideration or rules for you and you can rip and tear and talk like trash with no consequences but people who are wealthy or on TV or in the movies or who TMZ deems story worthy better be perfect and behave and talk in ways that make you happy and meet your standards or else they are fair game for your slings and arrows?

Your kidding me right?

805 days ago


Wouldn't it be lovely if this divorce was real clean, division of a home or two, the agreed upon pre-nup $, and occasionally visitation for Tom, and a reasonable amount of child support. It could be real simple.

805 days ago


It wont be long before Tom becomes insufferable and makes unreasonable demands, despite Scientology begging him not to.

805 days ago

joe gillis    

Sources very familiar with Anonymous have told me that the impending leakage of Tommy OT8's pre clear files onto the internet left him with no other choice but to back right the kcuf off, it's also believed Cult Of $atanology COB David Miscarriage had a big part to play in commanding him to do so due to plummeting Cult Of $atanology course sales since this whole fiasco began. People from Tom OT8's camp on board Freewinds have also reported Connor Cruise may also get a 2million year reduction in deck scrubbing duties which will mean that rather than having to do so for a billion years he may now only have to do it for 999 999 999 999 998 years.

805 days ago
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