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Justin Bieber

Rogue Paparazzo

Nearly KILLED Me

7/8/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0706_justin_bieber_bauer_articleJustin Bieber has filed a harassment complaint against one of the paparazzi who chased him down an L.A. freeway Friday -- claiming the guy was a maniac on the road ... and put several lives in danger.

A CHP officer dropped by Justin's music video shoot downtown Friday (above) -- and law enforcement sources tell us, the officer was there to take Justin's statement after the singer filed the complaint.

We're told Justin originally reached out to police following Friday's high speed chase -- because the photog in question had been extremely aggressive on the road ... much worse than the other photogs.

As we reported, the highway chase reached speeds exceeding 100mph -- with some paps even riding the shoulder to keep up with Bieber.

Cops eventually stopped the 18-year-old singer, citing him for speeding -- and we're told, that's when the Biebs filed the complaint, giving police the offending pap's license plate number.

Funny enough -- the pap in question was at Bieber's music video shoot this afternoon when the CHP officer dropped by ... snapping away.

We're told cops took the pap's statement too -- and are now investigating him for harassment.


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She's a delicate little flower, sensitive and fragile, lol.

815 days ago

Miss Greta    

Better luck next time paps!

815 days ago


Filing a harassment complaint against a paparazzi (pap smear), is failed attempt to distract people from the real issue -- Bieber should not be driving. If you or I drove like he had, we would be posting bail and preparing for our arraignment.

815 days ago

Mr pro Dj    

Told ya !!! send that pap to prison, even if it is for a few days, that will scare the rest of these pests,

paps on a freeway ????? are you kidding me ???

815 days ago

Mr pro Dj    

can anyone with the pap chase on video post it on youtube ? i am sure someone recorded it from their car on their cell phone,

815 days ago

Cannabinol kid    

What kind of tool wears a winter hat in the middle of July in Kalifornia ? Letterman was right, this kid is really a nitwit.

815 days ago


First of all, that young man needs to take off that silly hat and those glasses before he speaks to authorities. His legal counsel needs to be replaced if they have not yet informed him of that. Second, he needs to take precautionary measures for the future...tiny little cameras are available for purchase that can be installed ANYWHERE. If the paps are really harassing you that heavily, time to show the public. If not, be prepared to be held responsible for your actions young man. That's that.

815 days ago


How many people called 911 to complain about the photographer's driving?

815 days ago


You've got to be f***ing kidding me. This little kid drives 100MPH weaving in and out of traffic and not only does he blame somebody else, but the cops buy it? Only in California.

815 days ago


This kid is a liar. Even so there is NO REASON to speed like he did. He was out trying to have fun, got caught and now he is lying.

815 days ago


HE THINKS WE'RE ALL STUPID........a paparazzi following you can't have a high speed chase going over 100 miles an hour IF YOU'RE NOT DRIVING OVER 100 MILES AN HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........***AND you can't sit there and tell people that you don't want your picture taken WHILE YOU'RE DRIVING A RARE CHROME FANCY SPORTS CAR THAT EVERYBODY IN AMERICA KNOWS IS YOURS.........***STFU and take some responsibility for your actions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Justin is starting to act like a Kardashian

815 days ago

Annie Tame    


815 days ago

Fat Mike    

Is it normal for the police to drop into someone's workplace to take a statement?

815 days ago


Just like a kid to think its better to endanger everyone around him than to allow som pop to take pictures. No excuse for driving that fast. Yank his license for reckless driving.

815 days ago


the paps are not going to kill you. there is no reason to drive this fast. he is taken a leaf out of the lindsay lohan school of denying every single thing she ever did or happened to her was not her fault. i was sticking up for him yesterday for everyone coming down so hard on him because he's young but i would have more respect for him if he owned up that he was messing around and that he was having some fun driving around like "a big man". unless someone has a gun to your head you don't have to drive fast and furious. this complaint is a complete red herring and he is wasting police time with this nonsense.

815 days ago
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